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Onyx Hospitality Onyx Hospitality


Onyx Hospitality is a leading hotel management company in Thailand. The company currently owns 31 properties across this country with 4 different brands: Amari, The Mosaic Collection, Ozo and Shama. The group targets both leisure and business markets offering a wide range of properties in Thailand, China, Qatar and Sri Lanka.

Why promote ONYX Hospitality Program?

  • Interesting average basket value.
  • Highly demanded brand in Asia.
  • Leisure and business target.
  • Hotels placed in highly demanded locations.
  • Best quality promotional materials: Banners, Offers, Voucher Codes, Text Link etc.


It is not allowed to do direct PPC in Google.
Its not allowed to do direct PPC in Yahoo and Bing in Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore.

Buying domains including the brand name and misspellings is not allowed.
Affiliates must NOT register, buy or use domains including the brand name and missspellings that may create the appearance that they are part of the ONYX Hospitality Group.

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