NH Hotels

Publishers! Enjoy the last POM of the year, NH Hotel Group!

Why did we select NH Hotel Group as the Program of December?

NH Hotels Group operates worldwide, with over 40 years of experience in the hotel industry, they are a highly renowned hotel chain. Over the years NH hotels have received multiple awards, which both recognize and guarantee the excellence of their services, such as the quality of their hotels and their environmental and sustainability credentials.

NH Hotel Group was founded in 1978, opening its first hotel in Pamplona, Spain. They own more than 350 properties in many of the top city destinations in 28 countries throughout Europe, the United States and Latin America. Recently, they have incorporated into their portfolio the brands Tivoli, Avani and Anantara, from the Minor Group.

Another interesting reason to promote this merchant, is that the Group has 6 different brands in Europe and America (NH Hotels, NH Collection, nhow, Tivoli, Anantara y Avani) providing different products and services for their wide variety of customers. So, no matter what your users are looking for NH hotels are guaranteed to have something to suit their tastes.

What else makes NH Hotel Group the best candidate for December’s POM?

  • 6% commission on each validated sale.
  • A proactive merchant with great offers and promotions. On these pre-Christmas dates, keep an eye on their winter and Early Booking promotions throughout their affiliate program.
  • Their main markets in Europe are Spain, Germany, Holland and the United Kingdom; while in Latin America are Mexico, Colombia, Chile and Argentina.
  • High demand tourist destinations throughout the year.
  • Their website is available in 7 languages: English, Spanish, Dutch, French, German, Italian and Portuguese.

“We started to collaborate with Affilired a few months ago, and in that short time, they have already become one of our high-valued partners within our Private Network. Their expertise and dynamic teamwork have been the key to enhancing our campaigns with qualified traffic, especially in the newer markets for our brands. We are thrilled to work with Affilired as our portfolio keeps growing and we look forward to a continued relationship.”

Daielis Rodriguez.



Hotel remarketing

Hey Publisher! Say hello to this month’s unique and very attractive POM: Original Group!

Why did we choose Original Group to be this October’s POM?

Original Group is a Mexican chain with more than 35 years of experience in the hotel and cruise industry. It owns 3 exclusive resorts located in Cancun and Riviera Maya and offers one of a kind cruises in the best destinations worldwide.

Their uniqueness lies in the exclusive and distinct concept that they have created: Adults Only. The Original Group are specialists in offering memorable experiences generating the perfect atmosphere to enjoy a carefree and luxurious holiday!

What else makes Original Group the best candidate for October’s POM?

  • 10% commission on each validated sale, which can increase during specific periods.
  • The average basket is 2,621€!
  • High demand all year round.
  • No direct competition due to its unique concept, nobody else offers the same travel programs.
  • Its main markets are Mexico, the United States and Canada.
  • A constant update of promo codes and commissionable products.
  • Compared with last year, their sales have grown by 91% and revenue has increased by 83%.

This program ROCKS!

What does Original Group have to say to the publishers?

We started collaborating with Affilired, 5 years ago, we are really happy with the results we have achieved.
They constantly support us with different campaigns ideas to generate sales through our direct channel. The tools offered by their platform are very useful during our decision-making process; which campaigns to activate or which markets to target. Thanks to our Account Manager, Laura Buades, and her constant search for improvement, we have generated significant last-minute sales.
It is a commercial relationship that has benefited us greatly, we are constantly learning from each other.

Bertín Cortez, Affiliate Manager.



Swiss Belhotel

Hey Publisher! This is Affilired’s best August deal: Swiss Belhotel International.

End your summer with a bang by promoting our August’s POM. Find out what’s in it for you!

Why did we choose them to be this month’s POM?

Swiss-Belhotel International was founded in 1987 in Hong Kong, currently manages a wide portfolio of hotels and resorts of which Affilired promotes 74 properties.

Since they started working with us in 2013, their affiliate program has been improving on a daily basis, meaning their sales performance has increased 34% in revenue compared with the previous year! In addition, the company has won the award as Indonesia’s Leading Global Hotel Chain for eight years running.

What else makes Swiss Belhotel the best candidate for August’s POM?

  • 6% commission on each validated sale.
  • 5-star and 5-star plus hotels and resorts.
  • Properties located in both major urban and resort destinations: Australia, China, Malaysia, Kuwait, Qatar, Indonesia.
  • The website is available in 8 languages: English, Bahasa Indonesian, Arabic, Vietnamese, Bulgarian, Chinese, French and German.
  • An active merchant who provides promotional material regularly, helping us to manage their campaign effectively.

What does Swiss Belhotel have to say to the publishers?

We have developed a great partnership with Affilired over the past 5 years. The Affilired team, services and especially their tools have helped us to achieve impressive results, more direct traffic and more conversions year after year! We couldn’t be happier with what Affilired has done for us.

Ayu Kartika Sari, E-commerce.



Baleària affiliate program

Hey Publisher! Are your sales going as well as you expected this summer?

We sincerely hope they are, but still there is no harm in giving them a little extra push with our Program of the Month: Baleària.

Why is this merchant interesting?

Baleària is the leading Spanish shipping passenger ferry service, with 31 ships and more than 1680 employees.

This company operates several passenger ferries a day connecting the Balearic Islands of Majorca, Ibiza, Menorca and Formentera, with the most prominent ports on the Spanish mainland such as: Barcelona, Denia and Valencia. The popular Algeciras-Tangier, Algeciras-Ceuta and Valencia-Algeria routes are also included in this program.

The company has recently launched a new website formenteraexpress which focuses on the fast ferries that run every 30 minutes between Ibiza and Formentera.

What else makes Baleària the best candidate for July’s POM?

  • 4% commission on every validated sale.
  • More than 3 million passengers annually, they are in high demand!
  • The website is available in 6 languages: English, Catalan, Spanish, French, Italian and German.
  • Over last year they have given out exclusive codes and promotions, and increased the commission for the best performing Affiliates, those who produced the strongest results throughout the year.
  • If your main users are mostly from Spain, Germany, UK and/or Italy, you’re in luck, because these regions use its services the most.

What does Baleària have to say to the publishers?

Affilired helps us to reach new and potential customers in more than 5 countries, optimizing our online investment and increasing the sale of ferry tickets in Europe. In addition, we consider the Affilired advisory team as if it were part of Baleària’s marketing team, they are constantly helping us to implement new actions that bring us closer to our sales objectives and also grow our E-Commerce.

Manuel Vieira, E-commerce.



MBK hotel & tourism

Hi Publisher! We are happy to introduce you to June’s best deal!

Why did we choose it?

MBK hotel & tourism is a Thai company which has more than 30 years of experience in the hospitality and tourism industry. The group is well known for providing outstanding comfort and excellent customer service.
By promoting MBK hotels & tourism you will offer your users the chance to choose among 5 incredible properties: Tinidee Bangkok, Tinidee Hotel Ranong, Tinidee Phuket, Layana Resorts & Spa and Pathumwan Princess Hotel, which are located in some of the most in-demand tourist destinations.

So, what is in it for you?

  • The average basket is around 600€, which is not to be sniffed at!
  • Get 5% commission on each validated sale.
  • Properties located in the most popular destinations of Thailand, so sales are constant throughout the year.
  • Its main markets are Spain, France and Russia.
  • They offer innovative Performance Marketing tools: mobile advertising, codes for special markets, flash sales…

What does MBK Hotel have to say to the publishers?

Affilired has a very specific software with many features to help us in how to increase traffic, the conversion rate and distribution channel for our direct brand. We’re seeing a double-digit improvement in percentage terms at every stage, something that we were never able to achieve before. Also, the Affilired team are able to give support with data analysis, technical issues etc.

Vorathep Anandhawanlert E-commerce.



Hipotels Hotels & Resorts

Hi Publisher! Your May’s deal is Hipotels Hotels & Resorts.

Why did we choose them?

A family run chain that, for more than 40 years, has been offering excellent service to its customers. Their values, consistency and high quality to price ratio have helped to consolidate their standing in the hotel industry as a brand you can trust.

Hipotels offers different types of hotels: all inclusive, for families and only adults, they also provide business and luxury services such as wellness & spa, golf…
So, whatever your type of user is, you can be sure that Hipotels has something for them.

So, what is in it for you?

  • The average basket is 1.800€, a good enough reason to start promoting it!
  • 6% on each validated sale. Considering they are one of our merchants whose sales remain constant throughout the year, it is a safe bet!
  • You have 27 properties to choose from, located in Mallorca, Cadiz, Lanzarote and Cancun. All very popular destinations and therefore, highly in demand.
  • Its main markets are Germany, the United Kingdom and Spain.
  • Hipotels is a very active advertiser throughout the year. For this Summer’s deals take a look at their affiliate program!

What does Hipotels have to say to the publishers?

Thanks to the knowledge and experience that Affilired has in the user’s online behaviour, they are able to offer a great variety of tools to improve conversions in our direct channel. For this reason, we trust them to manage our affiliation campaigns within the markets we are active.

Moisés Barbero E-commerce.



program of the month

Say hello to Spring with our latest POM, Hotels Viva.

Hotels Viva and Resorts is a hotel chain with 20 years of experience of hosting families, sports enthusiasts and anyone who enjoys relaxing surrounded by the fascinating Mallorcan landscape.
The chain has 4 types of hotels depending on the type of experience guests are looking for: family hotels, sports hotels, relax hotels and adults-only hotels.

Why have we choosen Hotels Viva & Resorts Program this month?

  • Get 6% Commission on each validated sale, which comes to a pretty penny when you consider that the average booking is around 2030€.
  • So far in 2019, sales have increased by 200% in comparison with 2018.
  • It is an active merchant throughout the year, the chain usually launches Seasonal Promotional Codes and Offers. With Easter fast approaching don’t forget to check out their Special Offers that you will find in its affiliate program.
  • The chain manages 7 properties targeting 4 types of guests: families, sports lovers, adults only and relaxed travellers.
  • You have the opportunity of promoting a new property Hotel Son Jaumell, a rural hotel that stands out both for its enviable surroundings and its restaurant run by a Michelin Star chef.
  • Their principal markets are Spain, Germany, Holland, U.S.A and the United Kingdom, useful information to keep in mind if your users are mainly from these countries.

What does Hotels Viva & Resorts have to say to the publishers?

When it comes to conducting affiliate marketing campaigns, Affilired is one of the best-established partners for Hotels VIVA. At Hotels Viva we especially value Affilired’s knowledge of their user’s digital behaviour, with their unique emphasis on holiday reservations, we entrust them with our affiliation campaigns in all our main issuing markets. Affilired offers us a wide variety of tools and technology to optimize sales results through our direct channel, allowing us to choose the tools which best suit the needs of the moment, it is the variety and flexibility that makes our relationship with Affilired stronger year after year.

Cati Cardell and Pilar Cladera. E-commerce of Hotels Viva.



Affiliate Program

Hello Publishers! Wondering what program to promote to keep this month’s sales growing? then take note:

DAMAC Hotels & Resorts is our choice for February’s POM.

Why is this merchant interesting?

Damac Hotels & Resorts is a luxurious hospitality brand located in the most emblematic places in Dubai. Their properties are some of the best family friendly hotels in Dubai, offering kids club, family attractions but with plenty for the adults to enjoy as well.

What else makes DAMAC Hotels & Resorts the best candidate for February’s POM?

  • 6% commission on every validated sale which comes to a tidy amount when you consider that your average booking is around the 700€ mark.
  • Since their program was launched in 2015, their sales have risen by 817%, and over the last 2 years they have shot up by 104%.
  • If your users are mostly from Asian regions such as China, Malaysia, Singapore, South Korea… or other areas like Germany and the UK, then this is the program for you, a huge number of reservations are from these regions.

What does DAMAC Hotels & Resorts have to say to the publishers?

Affilired is the perfect tool to increase brand awareness, as well as driving more direct traffic to the website. Furthermore, flexibility and professionalism are always kept to the highest level. Affilired continuously improves their services in order to satisfy the customer´s needs and what’s more, they keep on producing impressive revenue figures.

Anastasiia Solodovnyk, E-Commerce Manager.


Program of the month

We began 2019 debating which program should be the first POM of the year, finally deciding upon a program that will make your sales spread like wildfire!

Our choice for January’s POM is Lopesan Hotels & Resorts. Why?

It’s one of the Canary Island’s leading chains, thanks to its unique architecture, outstanding service and cutting-edge technology. It’s easy to understand how given all these great qualities that its Average Basket adds up to more than 1900€!

What else made us select Lopesan Hotels & Resorts as this month’s POM?

  • Over the last 12 months, the performance of the Lopesan Hotels & Resorts affiliate program has increased by more than 50%.
  • It is a proactive merchant, providing on average a high number of promotions throughout the year and irresistible discounts for your users.
  • If your main users are from Spain, Germany or the United Kingdom then this is the program for you, as these are the primary markets for Lopesan Hotels & Resorts.
  • Recently, this affiliate program launched onto the American market in one of the most emblematic areas in the Dominican Republic, a new 5-star property called Lopesan Costa Bavaro which will be officially opened in May 2019 but is already available for bookings!
  • Please note that this program is only available for the Canary Islands and the Dominican Republic properties, it excludes Lopesan’s German and Austrian Hotels.

What Lopesan Hotels & Resorts have to say to the publishers?

Affilired is a partner with vast experience in the international travel sector. We especially value their knowledge about user’s digital behaviour with regards to holiday bookings, which is why we entrusted Affilired with our affiliation campaigns in the European and American markets for our hotels in Punta Cana and the Canary Islands.

Eduardo Gómez.



best program of december zafiro

Hello publisher, Affilired is proud to announce the last POM of 2018!

The last outstanding program of the year is Zafiro Hotels.
The madness of November’s Black Friday and Cyber Monday may be over for another year, but December is still a very important month for sales. The tourism sector has benefited from the bookings for the December bank holiday break as well as for the Christmas holiday period. But this month also sees the more audacious hotel chains begin to roll out their «Early Bookings offers” which trigger sales every January.

A quick description of the program.

Zafiro Hotels consists of 12, 4* and 5* hotels located on the islands of Mallorca and Menorca. Apart from being ideally located in front of the best beaches on the islands they are also differentiated by the environments each hotel is able to offer to its guests.

By promoting Zafiro Hotels, your users have the option to enjoy tailor-made holidays, whether they travel as a couple or as a family, they will find plenty of places and amenities to choose from, Adults Only chill out areas with adult activities, and places ideal for families with areas specially designed with children in mind. Everyone can enjoy a holiday together at Zafiro Hotels but still have some time for themselves.

What features make Zafiro hotels the best candidate for the December POM?

  • Get a 6% Commission on every validated sale. That translates into a good slice of the pie if you consider that your average booking is around the €2.600.
  • Since the start of their program in spring 2017, sales have increased by 308%.
  • A very proactive advertiser that often sends out such special promotions as «Early Bookings».
  • If your users are mostly Spanish, Germans, Scandinavians, or English, then you’re in luck, as it is from these groups that the greatest number of reservations are made with Zafiro Hotels.

What does Zafiro Hotels have to say to the publishers?

Affilired offers us a wide variety of different tools to enhance our direct channel. This allows us to choose which tool matches the needs of the moment.
It is the variety and flexibility that makes our relationship with Affilired continue year after year.

María Serra, E-Commerce Manager.

If you would like more information about this program, please contact



Program of the month

Hi Publisher! Let us introduce you to November’s POM!

We are really excited about this month’s Program of the month Lebua Hotels & Resorts!
There are so many good things to say about this merchant, in fact, the list seems to be never-ending; such as its award-winning collection, its international luxury and exclusive properties, its fine restaurants and bars. The Sky Bar in Bangkok is regarded by the New York Times as “the most stunning rooftop bar you’ll ever see” and Mezzaluna at Tower Club by Lebua was awarded two Michelin Stars in the First Michelin Guide Bangkok 2018… We could go on more, but we won’t.
It cannot be denied that all of this should be a highly attractive proposition for your users, there are lots of great features which Lebua Hotels & Resorts offer publishers who join their program.

Why did we select Lebua Hotels & Resorts as the POM?

Ever since Lebua Hotels & Resorts affiliate program was launched, its sales have increased by up to 300%! A clear sign of the great potential of the program, the key selling points are:

  • You can get 5% commission on each validated booking, which is something to consider when the average basket is around 400€.
  • It’s a chain with numerous and prestigious awards such as Trip Advisor Certificate of Excellence and World’s Best Luxury Hotel Brand by World Hotel Luxury Awards, which just goes to show how much travellers love this brand.
  • It’s exotic locations: Thailand, New Zealand and India are very much in demand worldwide. However, if your users are based in Germany, the United States or Japan we are sure your promotional efforts will get even faster results, as these are the key markets for Lebua Hotels & Resorts!

What does Lebua Hotels have to say to the publishers?

Affilired’s partnership has been an important part of our direct business strategy for many years. The team is knowledgeable, cooperative and helpful when designing new campaigns to achieve the best results. Our business has continued to grow with Affilired, and we are looking forward to achieving even greater heights through this partnership.

Suwanna Lokchetthaworn, e-commerce.

If you would like more information about this program, please contact



the program of the month

Hi Publisher! Let us introduce you to this month’s POM!

As we mentioned in our previous POM posts, we know how hard it can be as a publisher to decide which of the travel programs managed by Affilired is perfect for you.
So, we thought we would lend a helping hand and introduce you to a different program every month.

This month we’ve hand-picked the Falkensteiner Hotels Affiliate program. Want to know why we chose it to be October’s POM? Then keep on reading.

A quick outline of Falkensteiner Hotels affiliate program.

With more than 60 years in the business, employing over 1700 people with 34 properties located throughout Austria, Italy, Serbia, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Croatia.
What began as a little family guesthouse has become a prestigious international hotel group thanks to its passion, commitment, strong values and roots.
“Welcome Home!” is more than a greeting at Falkensteiner Hotels, it’s their motto!

So, why have we selected Falkensteiner Hotels as this month’s POM?

  • As a publisher, you will earn 7.5% of commission from each validated sale, not bad considering the Average Basket Value is 1.400€!
  • Since the program was launched in 2015, their revenue has been steadily growing.
  • It is an internationally renowned hotel chain which over the years has received more than 30 awards.
  • Consistently achieves a high level of guest satisfaction due to their high standards of service.
  • Affilired Account Managers have highlighted how proactive and collaborative this merchant is, so if you have any suggestions to push Falkensteiner Hotels sales, we are ready to listen!

Read what the Head of Accounts has to say:

The Falkensteiner Hotels account is a really great affiliate program to promote. This campaign has seen its revenue increase throughout 2018, thanks to a very well-defined Promotional Planning and Strategy which they’ve shared with Affilired, it is this positive flow of information that has allowed us to jointly create a long-term plan of action which is currently being applied across several different campaigns.
Paola Walker.

A word from Falkensteiner:

It’s a great pleasure to work with AffiliRed. The whole team is very cooperative, flexible and always helpful in making the best out of any situations. We really appreciate their efforts and we are looking forward to a successful, long-term collaboration.
Sonja Fresacher.



Programme of the month

As a publisher, searching for the right travel program on our site, having more than 200 options to choose from can be a bit overwhelming.

There are thousands of excellent hotel chains and other travel online companies out there, and it is possible some are unknown to you. But that doesn’t mean that these programs aren’t interesting for you. As we work very closely with the advertisers, working hand in hand with the e-commerce to offer you the best promotions, deals, voucher codes… (depending on the client). We thought that it might be a good idea to introduce you to some of the best programs we manage on a monthly basis «POM», pointing out the essential data to help you decide whether or not to add them to your promotion.

So, this month’s program is: Xcaret Hotel!

Overview of this program

Hotel Xcaret Mexico resort is a new concept of All-Fun Inclusive at Riviera Maya, which includes unlimited access to their Parks: Xcaret, Xel-Ha, Xplor, Xplor Fuego, Xoximilco and Xenses, as well as deluxe tours to Xenotes and Xichen.
Awarded for its eco-integrated design inspired by Mexican traditions and hospitality. This brand focuses on high-level customer services, offering their guests nature and adventure experiences, a mystical sanctuary, beauty and relaxation treatments.
Since they began their program in January 2018, their sales have been notably increasing.

Why have we selected Xcaret Hotel as POM?

Commission: 6%
2,014€ Average Basket.
Very attractive set of banners.
A highly collaborative Merchant.
Highly Attractive services and location for your users.

What does Xcaret have to say to the publishers?

Your users will book an All-Inclusive resort, shuttle to the airport, full access to Experience Xcaret’s nature parks and exclusive online offers.
Affilired has the best implementation technology, management and performance marketing professionals with an easy implementation.
It has helped us to achieve our sales goals by sending qualified traffic.

Michel Cervantes. B2B E-Business.

If you would like more information about this program, please contact



AffiliRed launch Xcaret Hotel

Find out more about this spectacular travel program managed by AffiliRed.

Have you ever seen a hotel with its own Natural Sanctuary? Well, Hotel Xcaret MExico has it! This is just one of the many amazing features that this Hotel offers and the program is now live in SAS under the management of AffiliRed Team.

Hotel Xcaret Mexico is an original, singular and unique hotel located in one of the most exotic places in Mexico, the stunning Playa del Carmen (Cancún). Your website users will be captivated by its rooms with breathtaking views of the sea and a great range of restaurants, parks, tours and much more… They are also pioneers in redefining the All-Inclusive Concept. Their All-Fun Inclusive program includes day and night activities and full access to their Experience Xcaret’s nature parks and tours.

The Average basket value is more than $2,200 and as an affiliate, you will get 6% commission on each validated sale!

As Cancun is an all-year-round tourist destination, so by joining this program you will surely sell like crazy!

So have a look at the Hotels Xcaret  Mexico Affiliate Program profile and start PROMOTING IT today!

If you have questions about this program or want to send us your promoting proposals, please contact us!



Pestana Hotel Group

Portugal’s leading hotel company has developed a fresher and modern corporate image.

Today we unveil the new logo of Pestana Hotels Group and the update of their brand description. A fresher and renewed brand image which we are sure it will give the final nudge to turn your promotional efforts into sales!

Pestana has categorized all their properties under 4 brands, which are:

Pestana Hotels & Resorts – City Hotels & Paradise Resorts.
Worldwide gorgeous beach resort sites and smart urban locations.
A portfolio of 50 sophisticated 4 and 5-star hotels located across four continents: Europe, Africa and North & South America.

Pestana Pousadas de Portugal – Unique Portuguese Heritage hotels.
Castles, Palaces, Monasteries, Convents, Halls of Kings and Rooms of Queens…
Pestana Pousadas Portugal offers the ultimate immersive Portuguese experience in some of the country’s most historic and iconic properties – be those castles, palaces, forts, monasteries and convents.

Pestana Collection Hotels – The Deluxe Selection.
An award winning selection of 4 properties showcasing the very best in Portuguese hospitality. Located in Lisbon, Cascais and Porto, all properties are luxurious buildings and monuments, situated in prime locations. Hidden treasures in plain sight that offer unique and enriching experiences in astonishing historical properties.

Pestana CR7 Lifestyle Hotels – Vibrant. Exclusive. Urban. Unique.
The new lifestyle brand, the perfect match between Pestana’s hotelier expertise and Cristiano Ronaldo (CR7) lifestyle, targeting the millennial segment. Individual and stylish in exceptional locations, Funchal and Lisbon are the first two locations of the brand that will soon be followed by the opening of the Madrid and New York hotels as well.

Pestana Hotel Group is the perfect program for any publisher wanting to promote a quality brand. Our portfolio, which offers over 90 properties in 15 countries, has been segmented in new brands, such as the Lifestyle brand, offering Pestana’s excellence in hospitality in perfect combination with Cristiano Ronaldo’s (CR7) lifestyle, to target millennials. We believe that this new division will help to improve the final user segmentation. We are also confident in helping final users to have a better experience and to convert even more thanks to our efforts in applying continued updates in our website»

Ricardo Teixeria, Website Sales Manager for Pestana Hotel Group.

Publishers! If you are already promoting this great program:

  • Update your Pestana Hotel Group logos asap.
  • Start using the latest creatives which have already been uploaded to your network.

That’s all! If you need further information regarding this great program, please don’t hesitate and contact us.



nuevo programa de afiliación

Publishers! Estamos encantados de terminar la semana con un nuevo e interesante programa de afiliación: ¡Marco Polo Hotels!

El nombre encarna a la perfección el carácter aventurero y la filosofía de Marco Polo.

No importa si tus lectores suelen viajar por trabajo o por placer, este producto se adapta a ambos perfiles. Pero lo que sí tienen que tener en común es la pasión por explorar, por ser viajeros voraces, emprendedores y amantes de la cultura. Porque lo que hace al producto especial son estos valores, de los cuales han obtenido la inspiración para construir el reconocido grupo hotelero de Asia y el Pacífico. En realidad, son uno de los grupos líderes de esta región, gestionando 14 propiedades en los mejores destinos como son: Hong Kong, China y Filipinas.

El grupo posee dos marcas diferentes de hoteles: Marco Polo Hotels & Niccolo. Ambos comparten la misma filosofía, pero Niccolo es un hotel de estilo urbano-chic con espacios modernos y sofisticados.

¿Quieres más razones razonables para promocionarlo?

  • Consigue un 6% de comisión sobre cada venta validada.
  • Promueve una compañía ganadora de varios premios.
  • Materiales promocionales de calidad: Banners, ofertas, códigos descuento, text links…
  • Todas las propiedades son de 4 y 5 estrellas.
  • Únete al programa de afiliación con coste 0.




affiliate program

Publishers! We are delighted to end the week with a new and fascinating affiliate program: Marco Polo Hotels.

The name embodies the adventurous character and the philosophy of Marco Polo, whose ethos of discovery inspired the company to create this amazing group of hotels.

It doesn’t matter if your readers are business or leisure travellers; if they share a passion to explore, to be global travellers, entrepreneurs and connoisseurs of culture then this product is suitable for all of them. Marco Polo hotels is one of the leading hotel groups in the Asia Pacific region, managing 14 properties in the top asian destinations such as: Hong Kong, China and Philippines.

The group owns two different brands: Marco Polo Hotels & Niccolo; both share the same philosophy, but Niccolo brand is an urban chic hotels with modern sophisticated spaces.

Need more reasons to promote it?

  • 6% commission on any validated sales.
  • Promote an award winning company.
  • All properties are rated as 4 or 5 Star category accomodation
  • Best quality promotional materials: Banners, Offers, voucher codes, text link etc.
  • No cost to join affiliate program.


cruceros Original

Publishers, vosotros sabéis mejor que nadie lo importante que es promocionar un buen producto para atraer a tus usuarios y aumentar las ventas.

Así que, desde AffiliRed, nos gustaría destacar y recordarte el programa de afiliación Original Resorts. ¿Por qué? Porque es el único completamente diferente.

Originals es un Resort solo para adultos localizado en algunas de las mejores zonas de Méjico como son Cancún y la Riviera Maya. Ofrece 3 propiedades, todas ellas establecen unos estándares comunes y amenities exclusivas. También proporcionan la atmósfera ideal para parejas y solteros que buscan la combinación perfecta entre sol, diversión y relajación.

Además de los Resorts, Original ha lanzado una línea de crucero muy especial, porque continua con la misma filosofía que la del Resort y ofrece una ¡altísima comisión!

¿Qué hace al programa tan «original» y único?

  • Altas comisiones – hasta el 11.5%!
  • Resort con concepto único. Sin competencia.
  • Alto valor y buena conversión.
  • Promocodes periódicos y tarifas exclusivas.
  • Múltiples productos para diferentes nichos.
  • Baja estacionalidad. Ventas todo el año.
  • Pago rápido.
  • Account Mánager siempre disponible para resolver tus dudas.


Original and cruises resort

Publishers, you know how important is to promote really attractive programs to entice your users and boost your website sales.

So from AffiliRed, we would like to draw your attention to the Original Resorts affiliate program. Why? Because it really is quite unique!

Originals are adults only Resorts located in some of Mexico’s top beach locations such as Cancun and the Riviera Maya. They offer 3 properties each with their own concepts and exclusive amenities. They provide the ideal atmosphere for couples and singles looking for the perfect combination of sun, fun and relaxation.

In addition to the Resorts, Original has launched a very special Cruise line with same philosophy as the Resort hotels and very high commission!

What makes the program so «original» and unique?

  • High Commissions – Up to 11.5%!
  • Unique Resort Concepts – no competition.
  • High order value and good conversion rate.
  • Periodic promo codes and exclusive rates.
  • Multiple products for different niches.
  • Low seasonality. All year sales.
  • Fast payments.
  • Dedicated account manager from Affilired.


Hotel Regal

¡Hong Kong es un destino de lo más exótico!

Y ahora, vas a poder promoverlo a través del programa de afiliación Regal Hotels.
Regal es una conocida marca del sector servicios en el mercado asiático, ganadora de varios premios. Además, no solo eso, son internacionalmente reconocidos como el grupo hotelero conocido por sus programas de sostenibilidad. Actualmente puedes ofrecer a tus usuarios la posibilidad de escoger entre 8 propiedades diferentes de gran calidad, situadas en Hong Kong. Echa un vistazo a los puntos fuertes de este programa y empieza a promocionarlo ¡hoy mismo!

Qué más es interesante para ti?

  • Consigue 6% de comisión sobre cada venta validada.
  • Herramientas de promoción en constante actualización: banners, feeds de ofertas y códigos promocionales.
  • Propiedades de 5 estrellas de lujo.
  • Una de las cadenas más grandes en Hong Kong.
  • Público Objetivo: tanto viajeros de ocio como de negocio.


Regal Hotel

The exotic destination of Hong Kong can be promoted via the Regal Hotels affiliate program.

Regal is a well-known Asian hospitality brand and an award-winning company. What’s more, they are also an international recognized hotel group known for their sustainability programs. Currently you can let your users choose among 8 different high quality properties based in Hong Kong.

Take a look at their key selling points, and start promoting now!

What´s in it for you?

  • Get 6% commission on each validated sale.
  • Updated promotional tools such as banners, offer feeds and voucher codes.
  • 5 Star Luxury properties.
  • One of the largest Hotel Groups in Hong Kong.
  • Target: Business and leisure travellers.




2 nuevos programas en Glopss

Hola publishers, ¡tenemos 2 nuevos programas de afiliación disponibles para ti!

Únete a nuestro programa de afiliacion Meritus Hoteles hoy mismo! ¡Es fácil y sencillo! Y además una buena apuesta, porque Meritus Hoteles & Resorts es una compañía ubicada en Singapur, galardonada por sus más de 40 años de atención y cuidado a sus clientes. ¡Hablamos de un icono de la world-class en Asia!

Promocionando este interesante programa ofrecerás a tus usuarios la oportunidad de elegir entre 3 de sus excelentes propiedades localizadas en los destinos más demandados de Asia como son Malasia y Singapur. ¡No pierdas esta maravillosa oportunidad!

Necesitas más razones?

  • Gana un 6% de comisión sobre cada venta confirmada.
  • Consigue buenos paquetes promocionales durante el año.
  • Conviértete en nuestro afiliado sin coste.
  • Promociona una marca icónica en Singapur.

Ya está disponible en la red Glopss, ¡ve a por él!


El segundo es el programa de afiliación Tivoli Hotels & Resorts. Otra excelente oportunidad de ofrecer una alta calidad de producto y servicio. Consta de 14 propiedades, 12 se encuentran en Portugal, la mayoría de ellas en el Algarve, y otras 2 en Brasil. Con el que tendrás la oportunidad de promover entre tus usuarios, ¡un pedazo de verano durante todo el año!

Todavía se vuelve más atractivo si te fijas en los puntos clave de este programa:

  • 6% de comisión sobre cada venta validada.
  • Promueve hoteles de 4 y 5 estrellas.
  • Buenas ofertas, promociones y códigos descuento ofrecidos al usuario final.
  • Algarve es uno de los destinos más demandados por las familias y amantes del golf en Inglaterra.

¿Has decidido ya cuál de los dos vas a promocionar? Si tienes alguna duda, nuestro equipo de operaciones ¡estará encantado de solucionártela!



2 new programs in GLopss

Hi Publishers, we have 2 new affiliate programs available now for you!

Join our Meritus Hotels affiliate program today! It’s easy and free! And what’s more, it’s a fantastic deal as Meritus Hotels & Resorts is an award-winning company based in Singapore. It’s considered to be an icon of world-class Asian hospitality. Meritus has been providing grace, warmth and care to their guests for over 40 years.

By promoting this program you can offer your users the chance to choose from 3 excellent properties located in top destinations such as Malaysia and Singapore. Don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity!

Want more reasons?

  • Earn 6% commission on each validated sale.
  • Great promotional packages throughout the year.
  • Become our affiliate at no cost.
  • Promote Singapore’s most iconic hotel brand.

It’s already available on Glopss network, go for it now!

The second one is Tivoli Hotels & Resorts affiliate program. Another excellent opportunity to offer a high quality product and service. 14 properties, 12 in Portugal, several of which can be found in the Algarve, and with 2 in Brazil you get the chance to promote throughout the year a slice of summer to your users.

It even becomes more attractive if you look at their key points:

  • 6% commission on each validated sale.
  • Four and Five star category accommodation.
  • Great Offers, Promotions and Voucher Codes offered to end users.
  • Promote properties being city breaks and beach holidays.
  • Algarve is a popular UK’s destination for Families and Golfing Holidays.

So have you decided which one are you going to promote? If you have any queries, don’t hesitate to ask our Operations Team!



Mama Shelter Hotel

You have too many programs from which to choose, but why do we recommend Mama Shelter affiliate program? Because this is an exceptional product and completely different. You will be promoting the coolest French hotel chain ever! With 5 properties located in Paris, Bordeaux, Lyon, Marseille and Los Angeles. Soon there will be another one in Rio de Janeiro too.

Mama Shelter LogoIf you have a look at their website, you will discover a new world perspective through their stunning design. And that the best French chef, who has 3 Michelin stars, is in their kitchen. If you are already feeling the attraction, imagine how your users are going to feel!  Trust us, It’s a safe bet!

The benefits that you will get are just the icing on the cake:

  • 6% Commission.
  • Website in 5 languages.
  • 5 properties in: Paris, Bordeaux, Lyon, Marseille and Los Angeles.
  • Best rate guaranteed.
  • Generic and exclusive voucher codes on request.


New program: plaza premium lounge

AffiliRed launches the first ever affiliate program specialized in providing Premium Airport Services!

Plaza Premium Lounge program is a different yet very interesting product to promote! Plaza Premium Group is the pioneer and industry leader in providing Premium Airport Services. If your users are looking for a great holiday, why don’t you offer them this extra to make their travel exceptional? When booking in Plaza Premium Lounge your users will benefit of: Airport Lounge, Airport Transit Hotel, Airport Meet & Greet Service, and Airport Dining in 35 different airports around the world.

Would you like to get more? Here you have 5 reasons why you should choose this program:

  • You will get 6% commission on each sale.
  • Renowned group in offering Airport Services.
  • 130 locations in 35 airports around the globe.
  • Dedicated Account Manager to assist you in the promotion of this program.
  • Lounge in Glopss, but coming soon to, AWIN USA and some UK networks.

Get the most from our Plaza Lounge Affiliate program!


Our news

MArketing AffiliRed Awards

We are proud to announce that this year we have celebrated the 1st edition of the AffiliRed Awards in Asia!

As many of you might already know, Asia-Pacific is a key market for AffiliRed. Year after year we have been increasing our client portfolio in this part of the world, reaching agreements with leading travel companies on this side of the world.

It was only last year that Asia-Pacific Best Seller Award category was included in the overall AffiliRed Awards list, reflecting the increase of the performance of the campaigns of this side of the world.

The AffiliRed Awards are the way we thank all of our clients for their loyalty, great attitude and hard work in improving their Performance Marketing Campaigns Results.

The 1st edition of the AffiliRed Asia-Pacific Big Night took place at the lofty Medinii Restaurant, located on the impressive 35th floor of The Continental Hotel Bangkok. The host of this first an emotive event was Manoj K. Sheoran, our Asia Pacific Director, together with Diego Gomila, AffiliRed CEO & Founder and Eladio Gálvez and Nacho Jacobo as business partners.

This year, the Asia Pacific Awards recognized 2015 Best Sellers Advertisers. The shortlist was as follows:

  • Minor Hotel Group.

  • Dussit International.

  • Compass Hospitality.

The undisputed winner was: Minor Hotel Group, and the Group Director of Electronic Distribution, Mr. Marcus Cadena was there to receive this well deserved award.

But presenting these awards wasn’t the only purpose of the night. It was also organised to create a unique and interesting networking event, to enjoy and chill with some of the most important influencers of the travel industry on this side of the world.

If you want to know more about what happened last Friday, please visit the AffiliRed Awards site:

The AffiliRed Team wants to thank everyone who attended the night and to encourage everyone to keep on working hard to get your best results this year. We can only say that 2017 will come with a new Asia Pacific AffiliRedAwards Edition and fresh categories will be added to honour your efforts!

In addition, we want to extend our thanks to all the attendees who shared such a special night with us. We hope that you enjoyed as much as we did and hope to see you again next year!

Do not forget that next 9 of June we will be celebrating V Edition Europe AffiliRed Awards!



Arena camp program

Publishers, we have fresh and good news for you!

Stop wondering how can you boost your site and save some money for this Summer. The answer is easy: choose Arena Turist AffiliRed program! Available from now on in AffiliRed.

Arena turist program

What makes this program special and attractive for affiliates looking for top travel programs is that Arena Turist offers accommodation in Croatia, one of the most popular destinations this Summer.

You will have the chance to promote two award winning vacational resorts in Croatia’s coast: Arena Turist & Arena Camps, earning 6% commission on every confirmed sale. Voucher codes for Arena Camps are available under request, so don’t be afraid and ask our AffiliRed Operations Team for one!

You could join the Arena Turist  today or tomorrow, but don’t take any longer as this Summer the Mediterranean is highly demanded and global hotel availability is running out!


Publishers,Our news

This week all Trade Tracker Spain publsihers are invited to join a brand new program, as Ferrer Hotels Affiliate Program is already live.

Introducing a Hotel Chain offering all publishers 5 properties located in some of the most popular tourist destinations in the island of Majorca (Spain) such as Port of Alcudia, Ca’n Picafort or Cala Bona. All the hotels follow the «Fresh & Friendly» concept and have focused in offering sports-oriented hotels.

These are some key selling points of the Ferrer Hotels Affiliate Program:

  • No seasonality sales. Hotels remain open 10 months/year.
  • Sports Hotels specialists.
  • Website available in Spanish, English, German, French, Italian & Russian.
  • Set of banners in multiple languages and in constant rotation.
  • 6% commission over validated sales (average basket £554).

This is a great program for those publishers wanting to incorporate to their website fresh offers suitable to multiple markets.

Join the Ferrer Hotels Affiliate Program now and start earning commissions before the Summer Season is here!