Hotel remarketing

Hey Publisher! Say hello to this month’s unique and very attractive POM: Original Group!

Why did we choose Original Group to be this October’s POM?

Original Group is a Mexican chain with more than 35 years of experience in the hotel and cruise industry. It owns 3 exclusive resorts located in Cancun and Riviera Maya and offers one of a kind cruises in the best destinations worldwide.

Their uniqueness lies in the exclusive and distinct concept that they have created: Adults Only. The Original Group are specialists in offering memorable experiences generating the perfect atmosphere to enjoy a carefree and luxurious holiday!

What else makes Original Group the best candidate for October’s POM?

  • 10% commission on each validated sale, which can increase during specific periods.
  • The average basket is 2,621€!
  • High demand all year round.
  • No direct competition due to its unique concept, nobody else offers the same travel programs.
  • Its main markets are Mexico, the United States and Canada.
  • A constant update of promo codes and commissionable products.
  • Compared with last year, their sales have grown by 91% and revenue has increased by 83%.

This program ROCKS!

What does Original Group have to say to the publishers?

We started collaborating with Affilired, 5 years ago, we are really happy with the results we have achieved.
They constantly support us with different campaigns ideas to generate sales through our direct channel. The tools offered by their platform are very useful during our decision-making process; which campaigns to activate or which markets to target. Thanks to our Account Manager, Laura Buades, and her constant search for improvement, we have generated significant last-minute sales.
It is a commercial relationship that has benefited us greatly, we are constantly learning from each other.

Bertín Cortez, Affiliate Manager.



cruceros Original

Publishers, vosotros sabéis mejor que nadie lo importante que es promocionar un buen producto para atraer a tus usuarios y aumentar las ventas.

Así que, desde AffiliRed, nos gustaría destacar y recordarte el programa de afiliación Original Resorts. ¿Por qué? Porque es el único completamente diferente.

Originals es un Resort solo para adultos localizado en algunas de las mejores zonas de Méjico como son Cancún y la Riviera Maya. Ofrece 3 propiedades, todas ellas establecen unos estándares comunes y amenities exclusivas. También proporcionan la atmósfera ideal para parejas y solteros que buscan la combinación perfecta entre sol, diversión y relajación.

Además de los Resorts, Original ha lanzado una línea de crucero muy especial, porque continua con la misma filosofía que la del Resort y ofrece una ¡altísima comisión!

¿Qué hace al programa tan «original» y único?

  • Altas comisiones – hasta el 11.5%!
  • Resort con concepto único. Sin competencia.
  • Alto valor y buena conversión.
  • Promocodes periódicos y tarifas exclusivas.
  • Múltiples productos para diferentes nichos.
  • Baja estacionalidad. Ventas todo el año.
  • Pago rápido.
  • Account Mánager siempre disponible para resolver tus dudas.


Original and cruises resort

Publishers, you know how important is to promote really attractive programs to entice your users and boost your website sales.

So from AffiliRed, we would like to draw your attention to the Original Resorts affiliate program. Why? Because it really is quite unique!

Originals are adults only Resorts located in some of Mexico’s top beach locations such as Cancun and the Riviera Maya. They offer 3 properties each with their own concepts and exclusive amenities. They provide the ideal atmosphere for couples and singles looking for the perfect combination of sun, fun and relaxation.

In addition to the Resorts, Original has launched a very special Cruise line with same philosophy as the Resort hotels and very high commission!

What makes the program so «original» and unique?

  • High Commissions – Up to 11.5%!
  • Unique Resort Concepts – no competition.
  • High order value and good conversion rate.
  • Periodic promo codes and exclusive rates.
  • Multiple products for different niches.
  • Low seasonality. All year sales.
  • Fast payments.
  • Dedicated account manager from Affilired.