Top publishers

In a previous post, we highlighted the top publishers, based on the sales generated by our merchants, within the European tourism sector.

In this post, we will be taking a look at the best-selling publishers, with whom Affilired collaborate, but this time concentrating upon the Asia Pacific market.

Cashback / Reward Publishers:

letyshops publisher

Letyshops was founded in 2014, it has offices in Ukraine and Hungary. Within the last 5 years, it has become the largest cashback service in Ukraine and the CIS. Recently, expanding internationally, branching out into the markets of Spain, Germany, Poland and into several Latin American countries. Nevertheless, it remains the most popular cashback service used by our Asia Pacific customers.

Interesting Facts:

1. To date, it has processed almost 40 million cashback purchases.
2. Over 5 million website visits each month.
3. More than 10 million users.
4. More than 2000 merchants use its platform.

Why we like it:

Letyshops provides different facilities aimed at enhancing the user’s purchase experience. Users can download the app, use the Letyshops extension on their computer and can even recommend Letyshops to a friend and obtain an extra 15% cashback.

shopback publisher

Founded in 2014, is a digital reward platform with a presence in 7 APAC countries and offices in 8 different countries.

Interesting Facts:

1. More than 2.000 merchants use its platform.
2. Over 600.000 monthly visits.
3. More than 8 million users.
4. On its platform, an order is processed every 3 seconds.
5. Users have received up to 30% cashback.

Why we like it: has created a simplified shopping experience, its primary focus is on enhancing the conversion. Another advantage for advertisers, you only pay a previously agreed commission once you have obtained the sale.

cashrewards publisher

Cashrewards, founded in 2014, is Australia’s number 1 cashback site. Its main goal is to help everyday Aussies cope with the increasing cost of living as well as supporting charities.

Interesting Facts:

1. Over 1.200 merchants on its platform.
2. Almost a million visits per month.
3. It generates approximately 500 million of Australian dollars per annum for its merchants.
4. It has given back over 75 million in Australian dollars to its users.
5. The company has won several awards and accolades.

Why we like it:

Cashrewards differentiates itself from the rest of cashback publishers because it is the first platform that aims to benefit the consumer while contributing to charitable organisations.
Currently, each time a user receives a cash reward, 1% is donated to the Starlight Children’s Foundation.

Offer / Voucher codes Publishers:

Rezeem publisher

Rezeem, based in the Philippines, is the leading coupons & offers platform in the Middle East and Southeast Asia.

Interesting Facts:

  1. More than 500 merchants.
  2. Over 200.000 monthly visits.
  3. The coupons on its home page are carefully selected by a team of experts from a wide pool of deals available.
  4. It has a coupon verification system.

Why we like it:

Rezeem’s focus on its user interface makes them unique, the website is very easy to navigate, supports advanced features, is highly flexible and its coupons verified system is a bonus!

Picodi publisher

Picodi, launched in Poland in 2010 is an international coupons website that now operates in more than 40 countries worldwide.

Interesting Facts:

  1. 1. More than 25.288 merchants.
  2. Over 400.000 monthly visits.
  3. 118.724 promo codes and deals available for its users.
  4. More than 7 million registered members.

Why we like it:

Picodi’s website has an exclusive page for promo codes, coupons or promotions that are about to expire. As an added plus, it has another page, where its team have handpicked the materials for specific campaigns such as Black Friday, for example.

Paylesesr publisher

Paylesser is a coupon and discount e-commerce platform founded in 2010 by Shoogloo Group. Currently, it operates in 24 countries, providing money-saving deals to a wide audience.

Interesting Facts:

  1. 1. It collaborates with over 5000 merchants globally.
  2. 2. More than 100.000 deals are usually available.
  3. Paylesser won The CMO Asia’s best website awards in coupons, deals and offers in 2016.

Why we like it:

Paylesser operates in various regions such as India, Singapore, Australia, the United Kingdom and Hong Kong, with an excellent SEO position on various search engines.

Content / Review Publishers:

readme publisher was established by Blue House Travel over 10 years ago, it is a website where travel bloggers can share their adventures with an international audience.

Interesting Facts:

  1. 1. It has more than 700.000 monthly visits.
  2. Almost a million followers on Facebook.
  3. The reviews are translated into various languages such as English, Chinese, Japanese, French, German among others.
  4. It promotes all the reviews via social networks.

Why we like it:’s website offers great credibility, travellers themselves author the content based upon their own experiences. In return, they receive rewards such as coupons and earn the opportunity to work with potential sponsors such as hotels, restaurants and airlines.

runhotel publisher

Runhotel is one of the most popular content websites in Hong Kong, it publishes blog posts about hotels and generates fantastic sales volumes.

Interesting Facts:

  1. More than 500.000 monthly visits.
  2. A large Facebook community with more than 250.000 followers.
  3. It generates high level of sales.

Why we like it:

Runhotel’s website has great credibility among its user base, proven by the fantastic engagement generated within social networks.

friendtellpro publisher

Friendtellpro, is a Thai content and review website that collects promotional news and reviews on airfares and hotels.

Interesting Facts:

  1. 1. Huge onsite monthly traffic: 43,000.
  2. Massive Facebook community of followers that exceeds the million.
  3. Close to 10.000 followers on Instagram.

Why we like it:

Friendtellpro is a highly trusted website among its users, it has great levels of exposure via social media, so it is a strong ally for any merchants operating or looking for enter within the Thai market.



NH Hotels

Publishers! Enjoy the last POM of the year, NH Hotel Group!

Why did we select NH Hotel Group as the Program of December?

NH Hotels Group operates worldwide, with over 40 years of experience in the hotel industry, they are a highly renowned hotel chain. Over the years NH hotels have received multiple awards, which both recognize and guarantee the excellence of their services, such as the quality of their hotels and their environmental and sustainability credentials.

NH Hotel Group was founded in 1978, opening its first hotel in Pamplona, Spain. They own more than 350 properties in many of the top city destinations in 28 countries throughout Europe, the United States and Latin America. Recently, they have incorporated into their portfolio the brands Tivoli, Avani and Anantara, from the Minor Group.

Another interesting reason to promote this merchant, is that the Group has 6 different brands in Europe and America (NH Hotels, NH Collection, nhow, Tivoli, Anantara y Avani) providing different products and services for their wide variety of customers. So, no matter what your users are looking for NH hotels are guaranteed to have something to suit their tastes.

What else makes NH Hotel Group the best candidate for December’s POM?

  • 6% commission on each validated sale.
  • A proactive merchant with great offers and promotions. On these pre-Christmas dates, keep an eye on their winter and Early Booking promotions throughout their affiliate program.
  • Their main markets in Europe are Spain, Germany, Holland and the United Kingdom; while in Latin America are Mexico, Colombia, Chile and Argentina.
  • High demand tourist destinations throughout the year.
  • Their website is available in 7 languages: English, Spanish, Dutch, French, German, Italian and Portuguese.

“We started to collaborate with Affilired a few months ago, and in that short time, they have already become one of our high-valued partners within our Private Network. Their expertise and dynamic teamwork have been the key to enhancing our campaigns with qualified traffic, especially in the newer markets for our brands. We are thrilled to work with Affilired as our portfolio keeps growing and we look forward to a continued relationship.”

Daielis Rodriguez.



Artificial Intelligence Marketing.

Broadly speaking, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the simulation of human behaviour by machines.

It is present in virtually every aspect of our daily lives, but what interests us most about AI, is how can we apply it to Performance marketing?

The impact AI has on digital marketing is, above all, the power to process the enormous amount of data collected on a daily basis much faster and more accurately than a human ever could. In addition, the information is perfectly organized and segmented allowing us to take full advantage of the data gathered.

This said, the question for us now is how can we apply Artificial Intelligence to Performance Marketing?

  • Chatbots

Currently, chatbots are the most popular website application. Many companies have integrated chatbots into their websites due to their ability to interact in real time with the user. In many cases chatbots are the first contact between the user and the brand.

Integrating chatbots into an online business is now synonymous with offering quality customer service 24 hours a day. The chatbot´s response is instantaneous and simultaneous; interacting with multiple users concurrently.

Although chatbots still have limitations, thanks to deep learning, the more information they process, the more they learn about consumer behaviour, allowing them to predict the consumer´s needs to the point of recommending relevant products to them based on their interests.

Performance marketing can take great advantage of chatbots, their ability to learn and predict human behaviour allows them to offer or suggest appropriate products or services to the user in a cost-effective manner.

In the case of an affiliate, for example, when a potential customer visits their website and interacts with the chatbot, depending on the questions posed and the answers received, the bot can decide which affiliate program link to send to the user thus facilitating the user´s search process and creating a strong user engagement.

  • Programmatic advertising

Artificial intelligence plays a big part in programmatic advertising by automating the purchase of advertising audiences, the user is impacted with highly segmented ads, which are applicable to them, thus helping to facilitate the conversion.

If, for example, the user makes a reservation at a hotel, the deep learning algorithms analyse each step that the user has made along the way and will then offer the user related ads that complement the purchase made, such as car rental from the location where they made the reservation. Moreover, as we have previously said, the more data obtained, the smarter the programmatic advertising becomes over time, thus increasing the optimization and ROI.

In short, AI brings to our industry :

  • The ability to know the tastes, desires and expectations of the consumer.
  • To offer the users what they desire on the most effective channel and at the ideal moment.


Affilired ffinedays

Affilired’s #ffinedays are here and they are global!

#ffinedays are, as we explained in a previous post, the successors to the Affilired Awards. They are a new concept in events and networking. Small intimate gatherings where we have the highest concentration of our clients, giving us a chance to meet with everyone in a more informal setting and a touch of that personal ambience.

We already have the dates and cities for the first 3 ffinedays:

We start in Bangkok!

Our first ffinedays is the perfect excuse to ESCAPE your routine for a few hours. Unwind and relax «a la carte»!

  • When?
    19th September.
  • Where?
    ESCAPE Bangkok.
  • Time?
    From 7:00 p.m.

We continue in Palma de Mallorca!

The second ffinedays is exactly 49 steps above sea level with some incredible views!

  • When?
    26th September.
  • Where?
  • Time?
    From 7:30 p.m.

And to end 2019, we jump to Cancun!

For a warm finish to the first year of ffinedays, we will be surrounded by water and a tropical breeze. What more could you ask for?

  • When?
    28th November.
  • Where?
    Hotel Sandos Cancun.
  • Time?
    From 7:00 p.m.

Although these are the confirmed dates for 2019, ffinedays will continue in 2020. So stay tuned and remember, if you want a ffineday in your city, just go to the ffinedays website and fill in the form “We bring the # ffinedays to your city!”



performance marketing infographic

Do you want to know more about Performance Marketing?

Yes, Performance Marketing may seem complicated, so that’s why Affilired has created a simple infographic to help you to understand who is who in Performance Marketing and how it works.

If you still need further information, contact us.
We will be happy to assist you!

performance marketing infographic




ITB Asia 2018

ITB Asia is on from 17th to 19th October in Singapore.

Affilired has been attending Asia’s leading travel trade show since 2010. For the 2018 edition of ITB Asia, they have announced an impressive list of speakers who will be providing us insights into the industry’s key aspects and the newest trends.

Affilired won’t be missing the chance to see what this show has to offer, as we have never been disappointed in the 8 years we have been attending ITB Asia. This year our special envoys are our CEO, Diego Gomila and our Director Asia Pacific, Manoj K. Sheoran. They will be there from 18th to 19th October.

Would you like to arrange an appointment with them?
You can do it now by sending an email to:
This event is the ideal place and time to ask any burning questions you may have or get up to speed with the latest news from Affilired.

Remember! The sooner you contact us, the more chance we have to synchronize our agendas and the more time we will have to spend with you.

See you soon!



Affilired shortlist 2018

The nominees list for the AffiliRed Awards 2018.

It’s time to reveal the finalists of the AffiliRed Awards 2018.

Let’s get the motors running for the AffiliRed Awards 2018 by making the best guarded secret public: The finalists!!
This year the event has 5 categories and a total of 31 nominees, among which are the winners, who will be revealed on the night of June 7th, 2018 at the Varadero in Palma de Mallorca.

The awards play homage to best Travel Performance Marketing campaigns managed by AffiliRed, but at the same time are the ideal excuse for a much needed catch up with friends.
We are proud to say that the ambience is created by the awards means that the night usually goes on a lot longer than anticipated!

We won’t keep you hanging on any longer! Here’s the nominees list for 2018:

Top Selling Product Award

Atlantis Hotels & Resorts – Gran Hotel Atlantis Bahía Real
Baleària – Ruta Barcelona-Palma
Lopesan Hotel Group – Costa Meloneras Resort, Spa & Casino
db Hotels & Resort – Seabank Resort + Spa
Oceania Hotels – Hôtel Oceania**** Saint-Malo

AffiliRed Team Award

BH Mallorca
Bahia Principe Hotels & Resorts
NN Hotels
Lopesan Hotel Group
Pestana Hotel Group
Zafiro Hotels

Best Campaign Management Award

Autos Valls Rent a Car
db Hotels & Resorts
Ferrer Hotels

Mar Hotels

Best Rookie Award

Alua Hotels & Resorts
HM Hotels
Port Blue Hotels & Resorts
Hotel Xcaret Mexico

Best Seller Award

Barceló Hotel Group
H10 Hotels
Iberostar Hotels & Resorts
Lopesan Hotel Group
Melià Hotels & Resorts
Pestana Hotel Group
Viva Hotels Viva & Resorts
Zafiro Hotels

Congratulations to all nominees and good luck!

Remember you can find out all you need to know about the AffiliRed Awards 2018 on our official website!

Here you will find everything you want to know, except the names of the winners, for that important piece of information you will have to wait until the morning after the awards. 😉



Performance Marketing Trends

 Promote your 2018 sales with 4 simple tips.

Discussing trends can be an exceptionally tricky thing to do, especially since most of them change within a very short time, however, some trends do appear to be here to stay. So, with that in mind, AffiliRed recommends that before launching your digital marketing strategy, you take a careful look at the following trends, that at least during 2018 aren’t going to go out of fashion! 😉


Agencies and/or advertisers are increasingly investing more and more in data, gathering information about users to help them implement more effective business strategies.
This practice has been refined over time and it is now common practice to combine First Data with Second and Third Data to obtain a more comprehensive and detailed profile of those users of interest.

Data Management Platforms (DMP) have been designed to manage large amounts of data; helping both the publisher to collect the data from their audience and the advertiser by allowing them to predefine their target audience, ensuring their message reaches the user of interest. Simply put, Data Management Platforms allow for different creativity strategies depending on the objectives and business segments.

But DMP´s can have their limitations, the primary challenge for a company is to ensure both the quality and provenance of the data. At present, probabilistic segmentation analysis means taking a small sample of the data collected via browsers IDs, locations…and extrapolating the rest, the result is that you sacrifice quality of data for the amount of data…. To counterbalance the shortcomings of the probabilistic data, there is deterministic data, this is using data which is known to be to 100% genuine and correct; the data is verified by ID of the user, the phone number, email and so on.

In the future, which seems to be moving closer all the time, Artificial Intelligence (AI) will bring a change that will be even more sophisticated, aiding the process of gathering high quality data in ever increasing volumes.


For the consumer, the mobile phone is already an essential element in the purchase process, especially in the so-called «up in the funnel» or the initial part of the process. In the tourism sector, it has become the key tool for gathering information: hotel prices, opinions, search for restaurants, activities… In this process, the use of mobile phone exceeds the use of PC and tablet, but not all of these searches end in purchase or reservation through mobile. In fact, the multidevice is constant throughout the funnel, and for the end of the funnel, the conversion, the mobile is still below the PC or tablet.

Although the mobile conversion ratio is still lower than the rest, a study done by IAB Spain shows that the most purchases services done with Smartphones during 2017 were trips and transports.
As more resources are invested in improving the user experience, the ratio is likely to increase. Therefore, keeping this information in mind, it is basic to think that the advertisers of the sector should start to take into account certain aspects for the improvement of the user experience such as the loading speed. Less than 3 seconds is acceptable. More than this means that you are losing users at any point of the funnel.

Next you need to consider the design, usability and last but not least, trust:  Is the purchasing process and/or booking procedure safe and secure? All these points are important as the entire online experience is also the user’s opinion of your company, your brand experience is at stake; the smoother and hassle free the booking or purchase, the more highly the brand is regarded!


In comparison to the excess of banners, e-mail marketing, videos and other types of online advertising that bombards the users day in and day out, the influencers are a revelation for both advertising and performance marketing.
A study of Marketing Influencers in the tourism industry during 2017 showed that 74% of consumers use social networks to help them make purchase decisions compared to 33% who relied on sponsored ads.

Which all goes to prove that Influencers are an ideal choice for those brands who find it difficult to connect with their audience. Influencers have a great ability to arouse admiration and build trust among their followers.

It is a known fact that consumers would rather rely more on the word of an unfamiliar person than an advert, this means that the ROI is higher with accepted Influencers than with traditional digital marketing.

Micro Influencers:

In our opinion, the Micro Influencer will play a key part in 2018, depending upon objectives or budget you have, they could prove to be the most interesting of our tips.
These are atypical Influencers, since they are neither famous nor have many followers.
But they are experts in their fields, providing valuable advice and demonstrating great passion for their subject; thus, building loyalty among their followers and winning their trust.

Although they are only small scale, these Micro Influencers can provide a great deal of value to brands, they offer:

  • High ratios of engagement.
  • Greater segmentation of the audience.
  • They offer great value for money.

There is no doubt that, and these last 2 points show it, Influencers and Micro Influencers are on the up and up and will be strong force going into 2018. If you are interested in either of these, then do not miss this post: 5 points to consider before working with Influencers or Micro Influencers.



Black friday and Cyber monday 2017

Before launching your BLACK FRIDAY and CYBER MONDAY campaigns, check out our tips first.

If the dates 24th and 27th November are marked in gold on your calendar then, congratulations, you are a very forward-looking advertiser! Why? Because this is the first step in making the most out of what is already known to many as Cyber Weekend, where users like to «shop until they drop».

You still have time to optimize your strategy to sell as much as you can.
How? Follow these tips and you will soon label your product SOLD!


Early October is the ideal time to study the calendar and tag important dates like when to pass on offers to the networks, so that publishers can get everything ready in time and therefore are able to promote your offers or promotional codes as they deserve to be.
It is also important that you keep in mind which products to promote, in what media and what kind of creativity to use. All this will depend on the audience you are wanting to target, your interests …

Our suggestion: If you are a veteran of Black Friday or Cyber Monday, check your data from the previous year. Look at what worked best, what kind of traffic made it a success…
This information will help you to define an improved strategy for this year, giving you an advantage over your competitors.


Perhaps this point should have been the first one, as no matter how much you plan, no strategy will work if you do not offer your customers a compelling reason to choose your product over your competitors.
Offer advantageous and competitive discounts, which are not available during the rest of the year. Why? Because if your customers believe that the discounts are not significant enough, they will just think you are simply teasing them and you will lose sales… and worst of all, your competitor could gain the sale instead.

Our suggestion: The perfect discount for this promotion must be at least 30%. We have seen some up to 70%. Even better!


When your users visit your web on Black Friday or Cyber Monday, they need to see immediately that it is a special day. You need to create a sense of urgency and brevity, making the user wanting to purchase instantly.

How to it?
Firstly, it is imperative that you limit the campaign exclusively to these days. Sometimes we have seen these exclusive campaigns for Black Friday extended until Christmas. BIG mistake, as you will not see any considerable sales spike in the subsequent sales analysis.

Our suggestion: be direct and aggressive with your message. Let it be known that is an exclusive promotion for this special period only.


Thanks to Cross-Channel Marketing, the range of possibilities to increase the engagement with your customers has opened remarkably. It is important to build upon this opportunity and be present in all the different platforms your customers use. The ideal campaign is to carry out an integrated and coherent strategy throughout all the different channels.

Step by step guide to a successful Cyber Weekend:
Optimize your web site, in its PC version, tablet or mobile. Have it ready to respond smoothly to the expected flood of visitors. Plus check your logistics can cope, foresee shipments, parcels …

  • The warm up:

If you have an app, post reminders about Black Friday and Cyber Monday to create and build up the excitement and making sure potential customers are ready for the event. Do the same with your social networks.

  • On the big days themselves:

Communicate with lots of hype your exclusive offers and discounts via your social networks, on your website, create digital marketing campaigns …
Whether you opt for email marketing, retargeting or display, make an attractive design with all products and promotions and a Call to Action button that entices the user to purchase. Look at our post on creating the perfect banner.
Use the advantage of email marketing as it can give you a great boost. Remember that affiliates that have extensive databases, giving you access to a large number of markets and potential customers.
If we are talking about SEM or discount coupons, make sure that the text and discounts are in line with the previous ones and that the offers are the same as well.
Communicate everything on social networks as they are your greatest ally, even create a special campaign for Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Our suggestion: you do not have to use all these means mentioned above, as it depends on your objective, budget and strategy. Simply focus on those which you believe will give you the best results.


Never forgot any action without measuring the efficiency of the actions developed. Let the ROI be the light that guides you. The analysis of the results data from this year will show you how to improve on future actions.

During the Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2016 AffiliRed sales increased by 40%!

Blackfriday sales index 2016

So we recommend you start with a checklist of the steps you still have left to do. Take advantage of the tips above and get those sales!



Selección de publishers.

En AffiliRed el “Affiliate Screening” o selección de publishers es un meticuloso proceso realizado por personas.

Si existe un factor clave para el éxito de tu campaña de marketing de resultados, ese es el tráfico de calidad. Porque de él dependerá la tasa de conversión y por tanto las ventas.

¿Y cómo se consigue algo tan esencial para el marketing de resultados?
Seleccionando a los publishers adecuados, ya que son los que te harán llegar a tu público objetivo.

En AffiliRed trabajamos con muchas y variadas redes de afiliación, gracias a las cuales tenemos acceso a miles de publishers con los que podemos colaborar a nivel internacional. Si bien las redes de afiliación realizan un filtrado inicial, no todos son los que, desde AffiliRed, consideramos que tienen los criterios de calidad necesarios para promocionar nuestros programas.

Tras más de 10 años gestionando campañas del sector travel, hemos desarrollado un proceso de filtrado aún más estricto y adaptado a las necesidades del sector, con el fin de asegurar a nuestros anunciantes, publishers especializados y de calidad.
Este proceso, denominado “Affiliate Screening”, es una meticulosa labor que se realiza de forma manual y periódica desde el departamento de operaciones. Consiste en evaluar por fases a cada publisher con el fin de realizar un cómputo final y determinar si son aptos para trabajar con nosotros.

Fase 1. Pre-Selección:

Si bien todo publisher que se adscriba a alguno de los programas tiene que pertecener al sector travel, también hemos comprobado que existen otras categorías como por ejemplo los especialistas en códigos promocionales o los cashback, que aportan valor al incremento de reconocimiento de marca y al aumento de ventas directas.
Cuando un publisher no pertenece a alguna de las categorías relevantes al anunciante procedemos a suspender su aplicación o a reclamar información adicional para aprobarlos.

Fase 2. Quality check:

Los publishers que superan el requisito anterior pasan por esta segunda fase en la que se realiza un control de calidad. De ese modo nos aseguramos que los publishers tengan la calidad exigida y que cumplan con los términos y condiciones establecidos por los anunciantes.

El Quality Check consta de los siguientes puntos de control:

1. Histórico
Un factor muy importante durante la fase aprobación es su histórico de relaciones y actividades. En AffiliRed tenemos una base de datos de los publishers y sus relaciones con los anunciantes. Esto nos ayuda a determinar cuándo estamos ante publishers ya conocidos y de confianza, lo que nos permite agilizar el proceso.

2. Tráfico
Para valorar el potencial de los publishers que estamos analizando es esencial valorar el tráfico mensual que tienen, así como también el número de suscriptores y/o seguidores en redes sociales. Si los datos concluyentes de este análisis no supera unos mínimos, el publisher no será aprobado.

3. Calidad de la página
El layout es el escaparate del negocio, lo que potencia la venta de los productos. Tiene que transmitir confianza. Por ello es imprescindible que tenga un diseño llamativo, con la distribución correcta de los elementos y la información necesaria para que el usuario encuentre lo que esté buscando sin dificultad. Aquel publisher que haya creado una página con un layout pobre, con poca usabilidad y con fallos graves tales como la inclusión de enlaces rotos, problablemente no será un publisher que vaya a realizar esfuerzos promocionales destacables para los anunciantes y por tanto, no será aceptado.

4. Contenidos
Contenido, contenido, contenido. ¿Qué sería del marketing digital sin contenido? Pero, ¿vale todo tipo de contenido? No, es el equipo de operaciones el encargado de discernir el que es de calidad del que no. Y ¿qué entendemos por contenido de calidad? No sólo aquellos textos que sean únicos, de carácter original y acordes a la temática, sino que también se requiere que lo sean los productos que promocionan en su sitio web.

5. Información adicional
En algún momento podemos tener ciertas dudas. ¡Es normal!
En estos casos nos ponemos en contacto con los publishers o con la red para solicitarles más información, intentando aclarar nuestras dudas sobre su sitio web o actividades de promoción.

Todos estos puntos muestran la relevancia de un site, por tanto son decisivos para su aprobación final y acceder a promocionar la campaña.

Fase 3. Monitorización

El proceso no termina una vez aprobados. Si bien se monitorizan todas las actividades de los publishers, los recién llegados éstos reciben un seguimiento mucho más estrecho:

1. Monitorizar el tráfico
Semanalmente se verifica el volumen del tráfico que envía el publisher a la web del anunciante. Si el flujo es muy elevado en cierto momento se comprueba que no se trate de un tráfico comprado o conseguido de manera fraudulenta. Así mismo, comprobamos los CTR y los ratios de conversión.

2. Monitorización de las ventas
Se controla que las ventas que ha obtenido el publisher sean lícitas, es decir, que no haya recurrido a campañas de Adwords u otras acciones no permitidas para conseguir mayor volumen.

3. Referral
Comprobamos que el origen del tráfico que el publisher envía al anunciante venga de los sitios web declarados. Si es necesario, contactamos con el publisher para solicitar información.

A partir de cierto momento, y una vez hemos recibido un volumen de datos suficiente y realizado las comprobaciones pertinentes, el afiliado pasa a nuestro base de datos y gana el sello de confianza.

Fase 4. Revisión:

La confianza no basta con ganársela, hay que mantenerla. Los afiliados son sometidos a análisis periódicos tanto por los Account Managers como por nuestro equipo de Affiliate Managers.
Durante estos análisis se revisan varios puntos, incluidos todos los anteriores.
Con esto nos aseguramos no solo un control de calidad, sino que además nos ayuda a detectar sinergias con los distintos publishers que nos permiten desarrollar nuevas oportunidades de venta.

Fase 5. Data:

Después de 10 años gestionando campañas hemos recopilado información suficiente sobre los patrones de tráfico como para desarrollar un algoritmo que nos ayude con esta tediosa tarea.
Estos datos alimentan nuestra herramienta de fraude, que de forma diaria procesa la información recibidos, detecta patrones anormales en el tráfico o conversiones y nos alerta en caso de anomalía.

Nuestro sistema monitoriza elementos tales como las IP’s, el navegador, los ratios de conversión, el tráfico… y nos avisa automáticamente cuando estos patrones coinciden con los de otros publishers de baja calidad.

Esto es lo que a rasgos generales significa el Affiliate Screening. Un proceso exclusivo desarrollado por AffiliRed con el único objetivo de filtrar y por tanto, de mejorar el funcionamiento de nuestras campañas de marketing de resultados.



Affiliate Screening Process.

At AffiliRed, selection of publishers or “affiliate screening“ is meticulously done by humans, not machines.

If there is one key factor for the success of your performance marketing campaign, then that factor is the quality of your traffic. Why? Because quality traffic increases the conversion rate and therefore sales.

And how do you get that illusive quality traffic that is so essential for performance marketing? By choosing the right publishers who will help you reach your target audience.

At AffiliRed we work with a huge variety of affiliate networks, which means we have access to thousands of publishers with whom we can collaborate internationally. Although many affiliate networks perform an initial filtering of publishers, AffiliRed considers that these initial filters do not always meet the necessary criteria to promote our travel programs.

After more than 10 years of managing campaigns in the travel sector, we have developed a strict filtering process that has been adapted to the needs of the sector. This filtering process means that we can assure our advertisers that the publishers we select are both of high quality and are specialists in their chosen fields.

This process is known as «Affiliate Screening», and it is meticulously done manually at AffiliRed and is performed periodically by our operations department. It consists of evaluating each publisher using a selection process which aids us in determining if they are the right affiliate for our clients.

Phase 1. Preselection:

Although every publisher that joins one of the programs needs to belong to the Travel Sector, we also verify that they fall within other categories such as promotional codes or cash back specialists, which add value by increasing brand recognition and direct sales. When a publisher does not fall into any of the categories relevant to the advertiser, we either suspend their application or request additional information before continuing with the approval process.

Phase 2. Quality check:

Publishers who pass the previous requirement then go through to the second phase where quality control is performed. This phase ensures that publishers are of the required quality and that they comply with the terms and conditions set by the advertisers.

The Quality Check consists of the following points:

1. Records
A very important factor during the approval phase is the publisher´s track record of relationships and activities. At AffiliRed we have a database of publishers and their relationships with various advertisers. This helps us to determine beforehand which publishers are already known and trusted and allows us to streamline the selection process.

2. Traffic
To assess the potential of the publishers we analyse their data, assessing their monthly traffic streams, as well as the number of subscribers and / or followers on social networks. If we conclude that the publisher does not reach the minimum standard required, the publisher will not be approved.

3. Webpage Quality
The layout of the webpage is the showcase of the business, it helps to enhance the sale of the product. The layout needs to ooze confidence! It is imperative that the webpage has a striking design, with the correct distribution of the elements and information necessary so that the user can easily find what they are looking for. Any publisher who has a hard to use page with a poor design and serious flaws, such as the inclusion of broken links, is not going to be a publisher who will make notable promotional efforts for advertisers and therefore will not be accepted.

4. Content
Content, content, content! What would digital marketing be without content? But are all types of content equal? No, says the operations team, and what do we mean by quality content? Not just copy that is unique, original and relevant to the theme in hand, but it must be relevant to the products promoted on your website.

5. Additional information
At some point in the selection process certain doubts may arise which is quite normal. In these cases, we contact the publisher or the network to request more information, with the aim of clarifying our doubts about your website or promotional activities. All of the above points within the initial selection phase demonstrate the relevance of a site and are decisive in the final decision for approval and therefore access to promote the campaign.

Phase 3. Monitoring:

The process does not end once approval has been granted. While all the activities of every publisher are monitored, the newcomers activities are monitored even more closely:

1. Traffic Monitoring
Weekly checks on the volume of traffic sent by the publisher to the advertiser’s website. If the flow is very high at a certain period, AffiliRed verifies that it is not traffic that has been bought or obtained fraudulently. We also check the CTR and conversion ratios.

2. Sales monitoring
We check that the sales obtained by the publisher are lawful and that they have not resorted to AdWords campaigns or any other actions that have the intention of falsely obtaining greater traffic volume, known as affiliate arbitrage.

3. Referral
We verify that the origin of the traffic that the publisher sends to the advertiser comes from the declared websites. If necessary, we contact the publisher to request further information.
Once we have received enough data and have made the relevant checks, and after a certain period of time, the affiliate is placed on our database of trusted affiliates.

Phase 4. Revision:

Not only do publishers have to earn our trust, they also must keep it. All publishers are subject to periodic reviews by both the Account Managers and Affiliate Managers. By doing these checks we ensure we not only maintain rigorous quality control, but it also helps us to detect any synergies between different publishers that may allow us to develop new sales opportunities.

Phase 5. Data:

After 10 years of running performance campaigns, we have compiled enough information on traffic patterns to develop an algorithm to help us with this tedious task. The data is fed into our fraud tool, which then processes daily the information received, detects any abnormal patterns in the traffic or the conversions and alerts us if an anomaly occurs.

Our system monitors elements such as IP’s, browser, conversion ratios, traffic … and automatically notifies us when these patterns match those of other low-quality publishers.

This is what in general terms is Affiliate Screening. An exclusive process developed by AffiliRed for the sole purpose of filtering and therefore improving the operation of our performance marketing campaigns.



AffiliRed in New York

 AffiliRed will be in New York from 30th July to 1st August.

Laura Rodríguez, our Business Development Manager America will be representing AffiliRed at the New York Marriot Marquis during these 3 very busy days.

What is it about? Well, it’s the perfect place for digital agencies, publishers, networks, technology firms, bloggers and suppliers to show what they can do and what solutions they can offer to the Affiliate Summit East attendees.

Our main interest is get the most out of the networking events and the educational sessions delivered by the industry’s leading experts to learn all about the latest marketing trends. However, we don´t want to miss out on the opportunity of meeting up with some of the 5.500 plus attendees from over 70 countries.

We know there is an online tool to help us to connect each other, but please feel free if you are reading this post and you want to catch up! →

See you soon!



Our news

AffiliRed Awards 2017

2017 is a year of double celebration, the VI edition of the AffiliRed Awards and our 10th anniversary!

As if our annual awards event for the best marketing campaigns wasn’t enough, this year we are also celebrating a decade of AffiliRed.
A doubly significant ceremony with double the excitement will be held on 8th June 2017 at the Puro Beach Palma de Mallorca.

A special night, during which not only do we want to pay tribute to the professional excellence of our guests which continues growing year after year, but we also want to express our gratitude for the loyalty, friendship and confidence placed in AffiliRed during the last 10 years.

The AffiliRed Awards 2017 nominees are:

Baleària Alcudia-Ciutadella
db Seabank Resort + Spa
Riu Plaza Gresham Dublin
Riu Plaza New York Times Square
Autos Valls

Barceló Hotel Group
Be Live Hotels
NN Hotels
Hotels Viva

Autos Valls
Be Live Hotels
Ferrer Hotels
Oceania Hotels
Hotels Viva

Ferrer Hotels
Hoteles Santos
Mar Hotels
Rafael Hotels
Rixos Hotels

Barceló Hotel Group
H10 Hoteles
Iberostar Hotels & Resorts
Meliá Hotels International
Pestana Hotels & Resorts
Riu Hotels
Sandos Hoteles
Hotels Viva

¡Congratulations and good luck to everyone!

For more details about the Big event, visit the AffiliRed Awards 2017 official Website.


Our news

AffiliRed APAC Awards

On the night of May 4, the AffiliRed APAC Awards 2017 were held at the Compass Sky View Hotel in Bangkok.

Brilliant is the best way to describe the award ceremony in Bangkok. Perhaps it was the exotic location, or the cordiality of the attendees, or the enthusiasm for our 10th anniversary or just mix of everything but whatever it was, it created an atmosphere so special that made the gala flourish with magic and spontaneity.

In the midst of such a wonderful setting we announced the well deserved winners:

APAC Best Product Award

Plaza Premium Lounge Singapore Changi Airport.

AffiliRed APAC Team Award

Compass Hospitality

Best Attitude Award

Onyx Hospitality Group

APAC Best Rookie Award

Marco Polo Hotels

APAC Best Seller Award

Minor Group Hotel

We want to thank you not only for your attendance but also for collaborating and participating in this wonderful evening which not only commemorated the Best Performance Marketing campaigns but also our 10th anniversary.
We hope to repeat the experience next year with even more enthusiasm if that´s at all possible.

Our warmest congratulations to the winners!




AffiliRed en la WTL

AffiliRed asistirá a la World Travel Market de London 2016 desde el 7 al 9 de noviembre de 2016.

Este es el principal acontecimiento de la industria turística a nivel global. El lugar perfecto para conocer y tener la oportunidad de reunirte con los mejores profesionales y compañías del sector travel. Network, negociaciones y meetings son los valores fundamentales de la WTL 2016. Además, todos los sectores de la industria estarán representados allí.

La World Travel Market es un evento anual obligatorio para AffiliRed, que estará representada por nuestro Director de Ventas de Europa, Cis, América & África, Kike Fernández; y por nuestra Account Manager de Europa, Cis, América & África, Hasnae Briel. No podemos perder la oportunidad de vernos con nuestros clientes, amigos de la industria y también con clientes potenciales. Estaremos allí del 7 al 9, por lo que aún estás a tiempo de pedir una cita privada con nosotros.

Con el único objetivo de poder dedicar el tiempo necesario para comentar temas de interés y/o discutir nuevas oportunidades de negocio, pedimos que por favor, contactes con antelación a través de e mail con nuestro equipo de ventas:

¡Allí te estaremos esperando!




AffiliRed will be at the World Travel Market London from 7th to 9th November 2016.

This is the travel industry’s leading global event, the ideal place to meet all the top professionals and travel companies and have a chance to converse with them. Meet, network and negotiate are the core values of WTML 2016, also all the sectors of the travel industry will be represented at the event.

The World Travel Market is an annual must for AffiliRed. Kike Fernández, our Sales Director Europe, Cis, America & Africa and  and Hasnae Briel, our Account Manager Europe, Cis, Americas & Africa, will be there representing AffiliRed. We don’t want to miss out on the chance to catch up with clients, potential clients and industry friends!

So to arrange a private meeting to discuss potential business opportunities or any other issues you may want to chat about, simply contact via email:

See you there!



nuevo programa de afiliación

Publishers! Estamos encantados de terminar la semana con un nuevo e interesante programa de afiliación: ¡Marco Polo Hotels!

El nombre encarna a la perfección el carácter aventurero y la filosofía de Marco Polo.

No importa si tus lectores suelen viajar por trabajo o por placer, este producto se adapta a ambos perfiles. Pero lo que sí tienen que tener en común es la pasión por explorar, por ser viajeros voraces, emprendedores y amantes de la cultura. Porque lo que hace al producto especial son estos valores, de los cuales han obtenido la inspiración para construir el reconocido grupo hotelero de Asia y el Pacífico. En realidad, son uno de los grupos líderes de esta región, gestionando 14 propiedades en los mejores destinos como son: Hong Kong, China y Filipinas.

El grupo posee dos marcas diferentes de hoteles: Marco Polo Hotels & Niccolo. Ambos comparten la misma filosofía, pero Niccolo es un hotel de estilo urbano-chic con espacios modernos y sofisticados.

¿Quieres más razones razonables para promocionarlo?

  • Consigue un 6% de comisión sobre cada venta validada.
  • Promueve una compañía ganadora de varios premios.
  • Materiales promocionales de calidad: Banners, ofertas, códigos descuento, text links…
  • Todas las propiedades son de 4 y 5 estrellas.
  • Únete al programa de afiliación con coste 0.




affiliate program

Publishers! We are delighted to end the week with a new and fascinating affiliate program: Marco Polo Hotels.

The name embodies the adventurous character and the philosophy of Marco Polo, whose ethos of discovery inspired the company to create this amazing group of hotels.

It doesn’t matter if your readers are business or leisure travellers; if they share a passion to explore, to be global travellers, entrepreneurs and connoisseurs of culture then this product is suitable for all of them. Marco Polo hotels is one of the leading hotel groups in the Asia Pacific region, managing 14 properties in the top asian destinations such as: Hong Kong, China and Philippines.

The group owns two different brands: Marco Polo Hotels & Niccolo; both share the same philosophy, but Niccolo brand is an urban chic hotels with modern sophisticated spaces.

Need more reasons to promote it?

  • 6% commission on any validated sales.
  • Promote an award winning company.
  • All properties are rated as 4 or 5 Star category accomodation
  • Best quality promotional materials: Banners, Offers, voucher codes, text link etc.
  • No cost to join affiliate program.


cruceros Original

Publishers, vosotros sabéis mejor que nadie lo importante que es promocionar un buen producto para atraer a tus usuarios y aumentar las ventas.

Así que, desde AffiliRed, nos gustaría destacar y recordarte el programa de afiliación Original Resorts. ¿Por qué? Porque es el único completamente diferente.

Originals es un Resort solo para adultos localizado en algunas de las mejores zonas de Méjico como son Cancún y la Riviera Maya. Ofrece 3 propiedades, todas ellas establecen unos estándares comunes y amenities exclusivas. También proporcionan la atmósfera ideal para parejas y solteros que buscan la combinación perfecta entre sol, diversión y relajación.

Además de los Resorts, Original ha lanzado una línea de crucero muy especial, porque continua con la misma filosofía que la del Resort y ofrece una ¡altísima comisión!

¿Qué hace al programa tan «original» y único?

  • Altas comisiones – hasta el 11.5%!
  • Resort con concepto único. Sin competencia.
  • Alto valor y buena conversión.
  • Promocodes periódicos y tarifas exclusivas.
  • Múltiples productos para diferentes nichos.
  • Baja estacionalidad. Ventas todo el año.
  • Pago rápido.
  • Account Mánager siempre disponible para resolver tus dudas.


Original and cruises resort

Publishers, you know how important is to promote really attractive programs to entice your users and boost your website sales.

So from AffiliRed, we would like to draw your attention to the Original Resorts affiliate program. Why? Because it really is quite unique!

Originals are adults only Resorts located in some of Mexico’s top beach locations such as Cancun and the Riviera Maya. They offer 3 properties each with their own concepts and exclusive amenities. They provide the ideal atmosphere for couples and singles looking for the perfect combination of sun, fun and relaxation.

In addition to the Resorts, Original has launched a very special Cruise line with same philosophy as the Resort hotels and very high commission!

What makes the program so «original» and unique?

  • High Commissions – Up to 11.5%!
  • Unique Resort Concepts – no competition.
  • High order value and good conversion rate.
  • Periodic promo codes and exclusive rates.
  • Multiple products for different niches.
  • Low seasonality. All year sales.
  • Fast payments.
  • Dedicated account manager from Affilired.


2 nuevos programas en Glopss

Hola publishers, ¡tenemos 2 nuevos programas de afiliación disponibles para ti!

Únete a nuestro programa de afiliacion Meritus Hoteles hoy mismo! ¡Es fácil y sencillo! Y además una buena apuesta, porque Meritus Hoteles & Resorts es una compañía ubicada en Singapur, galardonada por sus más de 40 años de atención y cuidado a sus clientes. ¡Hablamos de un icono de la world-class en Asia!

Promocionando este interesante programa ofrecerás a tus usuarios la oportunidad de elegir entre 3 de sus excelentes propiedades localizadas en los destinos más demandados de Asia como son Malasia y Singapur. ¡No pierdas esta maravillosa oportunidad!

Necesitas más razones?

  • Gana un 6% de comisión sobre cada venta confirmada.
  • Consigue buenos paquetes promocionales durante el año.
  • Conviértete en nuestro afiliado sin coste.
  • Promociona una marca icónica en Singapur.

Ya está disponible en la red Glopss, ¡ve a por él!


El segundo es el programa de afiliación Tivoli Hotels & Resorts. Otra excelente oportunidad de ofrecer una alta calidad de producto y servicio. Consta de 14 propiedades, 12 se encuentran en Portugal, la mayoría de ellas en el Algarve, y otras 2 en Brasil. Con el que tendrás la oportunidad de promover entre tus usuarios, ¡un pedazo de verano durante todo el año!

Todavía se vuelve más atractivo si te fijas en los puntos clave de este programa:

  • 6% de comisión sobre cada venta validada.
  • Promueve hoteles de 4 y 5 estrellas.
  • Buenas ofertas, promociones y códigos descuento ofrecidos al usuario final.
  • Algarve es uno de los destinos más demandados por las familias y amantes del golf en Inglaterra.

¿Has decidido ya cuál de los dos vas a promocionar? Si tienes alguna duda, nuestro equipo de operaciones ¡estará encantado de solucionártela!



2 new programs in GLopss

Hi Publishers, we have 2 new affiliate programs available now for you!

Join our Meritus Hotels affiliate program today! It’s easy and free! And what’s more, it’s a fantastic deal as Meritus Hotels & Resorts is an award-winning company based in Singapore. It’s considered to be an icon of world-class Asian hospitality. Meritus has been providing grace, warmth and care to their guests for over 40 years.

By promoting this program you can offer your users the chance to choose from 3 excellent properties located in top destinations such as Malaysia and Singapore. Don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity!

Want more reasons?

  • Earn 6% commission on each validated sale.
  • Great promotional packages throughout the year.
  • Become our affiliate at no cost.
  • Promote Singapore’s most iconic hotel brand.

It’s already available on Glopss network, go for it now!

The second one is Tivoli Hotels & Resorts affiliate program. Another excellent opportunity to offer a high quality product and service. 14 properties, 12 in Portugal, several of which can be found in the Algarve, and with 2 in Brazil you get the chance to promote throughout the year a slice of summer to your users.

It even becomes more attractive if you look at their key points:

  • 6% commission on each validated sale.
  • Four and Five star category accommodation.
  • Great Offers, Promotions and Voucher Codes offered to end users.
  • Promote properties being city breaks and beach holidays.
  • Algarve is a popular UK’s destination for Families and Golfing Holidays.

So have you decided which one are you going to promote? If you have any queries, don’t hesitate to ask our Operations Team!


Our news

increase sales rate.

Advertisers often ask us what they can do to improve upon their affiliate marketing results.

What we need to remember is that affiliate marketing is based upon a relationship where everyone is a winner: the advertiser as well as the affiliate.

We provide the affiliates with a tool kit to optimize their performance, but to transform them into brand advocates we need to take the following into account:

Review your web design: Affiliates mostly work on commission based sales, so it is therefore very important to continually review the conversion process. The target conversion rate is one of the prime concerns when launching a promotion, it helps them to establish the profitability of the campaign. Affiliates don´t like telephone numbers to be too prominent, broken links, banners that distract the user from completing the sale and checkouts that are too complex or too drawn out.

Be proactive, carry out other advertising campaigns: Generally, by using different advertising channels you can generate synergies, the more your brand is known amongst affiliates, the easier it will become for you to recruit new and interesting publishers; it is easier for advertisers to generate sales when the brand is familiar to the end user.

Maintain a constantly updated and complete product catalogue: When announcing a new product launch, get your affiliates to promote it by the use of special offers and creativities. Use promo codes to publicize the offers, use deeplinks to send users to the product web pages and to make the syndication of your content easier, employ cobranded pages to reward your main partners and make use of personalized quality banners.

The cancellation rate shouldn´t be too high: At a maximum it should be no more than 20%. Your affiliates will soon become demoralized if they are not getting commission due to a high number of cancellations.

Do Business to Business marketing: Create relationships with your main affiliates, find out what they need, review your presence on the forums and publicize on social media to gain visibility amongst affiliates.

Pay on time: This is quite possibly the most important point. Payment on time is highly valued between affiliates whom have made an initial investment of both time and resources. The majority of affiliates prefer to work with advertisers that offer 30 day payment terms even though their commission rates might be slightly less than those who offer 90-120 days.

The tracking code is fundamental in performance marketing: Tracking codes are designed to register affiliate sales. It is very important to employ a trustworthy tracking system that is easy to maintain. If the tracking on your website fails, affiliates will soon notice, if the problem persists they may stop promoting you. On the other hand, it is important to establish a fair system for attribution and duplication, as this can represent as much as up to 30% of the sales and it is an area that is often overlooked.

Invest in your main affiliates: Buy sponsored slots on their web pages so that you become one of their favoured merchants and so they will remember you when they launch their own special campaigns.

As long as you follow these simple guidelines and that you nuture relationships with your affiliates, you will get them to be trully and powerful advocates of your brand, and this will inevitaly lead to the common good that advertisers and affiliates are looking for which is conversion.



Mama Shelter Hotel

You have too many programs from which to choose, but why do we recommend Mama Shelter affiliate program? Because this is an exceptional product and completely different. You will be promoting the coolest French hotel chain ever! With 5 properties located in Paris, Bordeaux, Lyon, Marseille and Los Angeles. Soon there will be another one in Rio de Janeiro too.

Mama Shelter LogoIf you have a look at their website, you will discover a new world perspective through their stunning design. And that the best French chef, who has 3 Michelin stars, is in their kitchen. If you are already feeling the attraction, imagine how your users are going to feel!  Trust us, It’s a safe bet!

The benefits that you will get are just the icing on the cake:

  • 6% Commission.
  • Website in 5 languages.
  • 5 properties in: Paris, Bordeaux, Lyon, Marseille and Los Angeles.
  • Best rate guaranteed.
  • Generic and exclusive voucher codes on request.


affiliate marketing Programme

Launching a Performance Marketing Campaign is hard working and expensive when the advertiser has to assume the overall setup and management.

Just starting of a single program on each territory of an affiliate network is pretty expensive as a first step, without even accounting the expenditures and maintenance involving all technical costs such as implementing and monitoring the tracking code. A good alternative is to hire the services of a agency specializing in this field, which will benefit both economically and also will save time in the team management.

The Performance Marketing Agency acts as an intermediary between the advertiser and the publishers (affiliates) or the affiliate networks. The agency is responsible of the designing and the implementation of the strategy in the affiliate networks, managing creatives, product feeds or even managing special advertising activities with publishers as well as being involved in certain technical requirements such as the verification of the tracking code or taking care of fraud control among many other tasks. Conditions of each agency may vary from the payment model to the services included or monthly fees, so it is important to take your time and carefully make a selection of the agency you will trust your campaigns to.

Given the big differences between the agencies offering their services lets take as an example of Case Study the company AffiliRed, a clear example of agency offering comprehensive services under a risk-free business model, this is, Cost Per Action (read CPA previous posts). So, AffiliRed is a agency specialising in the Travel sector, and is responsible for the global management of the programs, from setting up the programme in multiple networks to bearing the costs of these launchings in the networks, recruiting affiliates, verifying sales, etc and the advertiser will only have to pay for the results obtained for all this agency work.

This comprehensive programme management includes the creation of the program (time consuming) and all the promotional tools needed to launch the program, multiple network launching, according to the targeted market of each advertiser, technical support (tracking code testing, brand protection, fraud control), representation of the advertiser in key marketing events and summits and personalized account management which includes regular reporting of performance, unified billing, or a sales alert system.

Thanks to AffiliReds’ business model the advertiser can completely delegate the management of their campaigns to the agency and forget about monthly payments or any administrative costs resulting from the launchings. This is the reason why AffiliRed, which was established in 2009, has grown exponentially over the years and currently manages over 150 programmes for worldwide leading companies from the tourism sector. The company even has a delegation in India, specializing in the Asian Pacific market and created to be able to provide with the best support to its clients at all levels.


Our news

MArketing AffiliRed Awards

We are proud to announce that this year we have celebrated the 1st edition of the AffiliRed Awards in Asia!

As many of you might already know, Asia-Pacific is a key market for AffiliRed. Year after year we have been increasing our client portfolio in this part of the world, reaching agreements with leading travel companies on this side of the world.

It was only last year that Asia-Pacific Best Seller Award category was included in the overall AffiliRed Awards list, reflecting the increase of the performance of the campaigns of this side of the world.

The AffiliRed Awards are the way we thank all of our clients for their loyalty, great attitude and hard work in improving their Performance Marketing Campaigns Results.

The 1st edition of the AffiliRed Asia-Pacific Big Night took place at the lofty Medinii Restaurant, located on the impressive 35th floor of The Continental Hotel Bangkok. The host of this first an emotive event was Manoj K. Sheoran, our Asia Pacific Director, together with Diego Gomila, AffiliRed CEO & Founder and Eladio Gálvez and Nacho Jacobo as business partners.

This year, the Asia Pacific Awards recognized 2015 Best Sellers Advertisers. The shortlist was as follows:

  • Minor Hotel Group.

  • Dussit International.

  • Compass Hospitality.

The undisputed winner was: Minor Hotel Group, and the Group Director of Electronic Distribution, Mr. Marcus Cadena was there to receive this well deserved award.

But presenting these awards wasn’t the only purpose of the night. It was also organised to create a unique and interesting networking event, to enjoy and chill with some of the most important influencers of the travel industry on this side of the world.

If you want to know more about what happened last Friday, please visit the AffiliRed Awards site:

The AffiliRed Team wants to thank everyone who attended the night and to encourage everyone to keep on working hard to get your best results this year. We can only say that 2017 will come with a new Asia Pacific AffiliRedAwards Edition and fresh categories will be added to honour your efforts!

In addition, we want to extend our thanks to all the attendees who shared such a special night with us. We hope that you enjoyed as much as we did and hope to see you again next year!

Do not forget that next 9 of June we will be celebrating V Edition Europe AffiliRed Awards!



Arena camp program

Publishers, we have fresh and good news for you!

Stop wondering how can you boost your site and save some money for this Summer. The answer is easy: choose Arena Turist AffiliRed program! Available from now on in AffiliRed.

Arena turist program

What makes this program special and attractive for affiliates looking for top travel programs is that Arena Turist offers accommodation in Croatia, one of the most popular destinations this Summer.

You will have the chance to promote two award winning vacational resorts in Croatia’s coast: Arena Turist & Arena Camps, earning 6% commission on every confirmed sale. Voucher codes for Arena Camps are available under request, so don’t be afraid and ask our AffiliRed Operations Team for one!

You could join the Arena Turist  today or tomorrow, but don’t take any longer as this Summer the Mediterranean is highly demanded and global hotel availability is running out!


Publishers,Our news

This week all Trade Tracker Spain publsihers are invited to join a brand new program, as Ferrer Hotels Affiliate Program is already live.

Introducing a Hotel Chain offering all publishers 5 properties located in some of the most popular tourist destinations in the island of Majorca (Spain) such as Port of Alcudia, Ca’n Picafort or Cala Bona. All the hotels follow the «Fresh & Friendly» concept and have focused in offering sports-oriented hotels.

These are some key selling points of the Ferrer Hotels Affiliate Program:

  • No seasonality sales. Hotels remain open 10 months/year.
  • Sports Hotels specialists.
  • Website available in Spanish, English, German, French, Italian & Russian.
  • Set of banners in multiple languages and in constant rotation.
  • 6% commission over validated sales (average basket £554).

This is a great program for those publishers wanting to incorporate to their website fresh offers suitable to multiple markets.

Join the Ferrer Hotels Affiliate Program now and start earning commissions before the Summer Season is here!