Western Division / APAC Division

What make us happy?

  • A happy life is made of daily valuable moments such as spending time with my son in a coffee shop, reading online newspapers early in the morning or reaching the “Unread email: zero” moment.
    Manoj K Sheoran
    Director Asia Pacific
  • Watching classics on Netflix with an extra large bucket of cheese popcorn.
    Nidhi Sharma
    Associate Director, Account Management (APAC)
  • I am happy enjoying street food with friends, taking fun pictures and spending time with my family. Easy!
    Pankhuri Sharma
    Account Manager
  • Meditating in the morning, spending the day with my family and finish the day with a good political debate, that’s my cup of tea!  
    Shailza Vaid
    Affiliate Network Manager
  • Spending time with my mother and making my workmates laugh makes me a very happy man!
    Devender Panghal
    Senior Software Developer (+ HR APAC)
  • Do you want to make me happy? Invite me to a well-chilled coffee and you’ll see me smile!
    Pooja Pallavi
    Operations Manager
  • Dancing is my passion and what indeed makes me happy. For me, it is not a hobby. Dance is life!
    Prerna Verma
    Affiliate Network Manager
  • For me, the closest thing to happiness is discovering new places while traveling and spending as much time as possible with my family and friends.
    Harjot Kaur
    Account Manager
  • I enjoy my evening walks while listening to loud music. It’s my disconnection time and I love it!
    Atul Jain
    Software Developer
  • Nisha Salhan
    I just love chocolates, movies and travelling... And if it's all together, then I'm in Heaven!
    Nisha Salhan
    Software Developer
  • What makes me happy and sleep better is knowing that I do my best every day.
    Sonali Rao
    Affiliate Network Manager
  • I love to climb the mountains to be soothed and healed. For me happiness means to be in the mountains. Hike more worry less!
    Nishant Kumar
    Account Manager Assistant
  • Spending quality time with my family and friends, especially with my son, is what makes me really happy!
    Richa Sharma
    Software Developer
  • Have you listened to any old Hindi Romantic Song? They touch my soul and make me feel happy, specially if I am with my husband and son!
    Raksha Kashyap