Online marketing managers should all be aware of affiliate marketing, since it is a type of advertising that stands to benefit merchants and publishers alike. One of the key factors for merchants is to know how to attract publishers and establish a good relationship with them. Here are our top tips for getting it right:

  1. Make a good impression: Take care over the descriptions of your company on the networks as well as the creativities you plan to offer to your future partners. A good first impression is vital. Look for methods associated with affiliate marketing such as forums and blogs, to reach more potential partners. Whenever possible, include a link on your website to information about your affiliate page and where your affiliates can sign up.
  2. Offer competitive terms: Take a close look at the terms offered by other companies in your sector in relation to brand building, commission offered, cookie duration, validation and frequency of commission payments and promotional tools available to their affiliates. Try to better the terms offered by your competitors as this can be a strong argument for attracting top-level publishers. On the other hand, if your affiliate programme has too many restrictions it will not be very attractive to publishers, as they will see little possibility for promotion and will turn to other brands or advertising tools.
  3. Think about your product and website: make sure your product offers something unique and valuable to users and that your site is easy to browse. If you have a good conversion rate, your publishers will see the benefits of doing more promotions. Think about your customer. If you sell internationally, using various currencies and payment methods on your website will improve your chances of being promoted. On the other hand, if you use different languages on your site, you will attract publishers from more countries.
  4. Use the tools that are available to you: keep up to date with new tools and trends in online marketing. Publishers are constantly evolving and launching innovative projects and tools. Getting to know publishers and their needs will give you a competitive edge over other merchants.
  5. Run seasonal campaigns: Be aware of seasons and events in the key markets, many of them, such as Black Friday, Easter Week or Summer have a direct impact on sales. Make a marketing calendar and design campaigns that respond to the needs of your target markets.
  6. Identify the best affiliates and keep hold of them: The Pareto principle also applies in the world of affiliate marketing. 20% of publishers generate 80% of the revenue. Identify this 20% and form personal relationships with them, offering them exclusive benefits such as increased commission, discounts, cobranded pages, etc. They will remember you in their special campaigns and this will have a direct impact on sales.
  7. Keep in regular contact with affiliates: if publishers see that you regularly send news, messages, offers, discounts and updates on your creative aspects, they will see you as an advertiser interested in developing your affiliate programme, making subscribing to it an attractive option for them.
  8. Find out who are the main affiliates of your competition and try to attract them: affiliates that are good for your competition will definitely be good for you too. There are various tools available to find out which are the main affiliates; use these tools and convince them to join your programme by offering exclusive benefits.
  9. Pay commissions on time: remember that publishers are in this business for the money and often take a long time to see that their sales are validated. Do not keep them waiting for payment.
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