Leakage points refer to any instance in which a publisher may potentially loose their commission due to an untracked sale. Publisher spend lots of time and money sending traffic and sales to the merchants site, and leakage points are killers for a good performance of a program. It is crucial to agree hiding certain leakage points in order to make the program attractive to the publihser.

The main leakage points are:

  1.  Phone Number: This is the most common leakage point. Many customers decide to buy while navigating, but finally decide to purchase by calling to the telephone displaid on the advertisers site.
    For example, when refering to travel sites, Call Center prominent telephone numbers must be hidden, whilst smaller telephone numbers, such as hotel contact telephone numbers, can be displaid as they don’t often represent a major problem.
  2. Links to other services: Very often the merchant includes 3rd party links, such as links and banners to offer complementary services which aren’t tracked, such as transfers, flights, etc. which may induce final customer to abandone the main site. It is essential that merchant and publiser and / or agency agree which complementary services will be tracked previous to launching.
  3. Links to external sites: It is also common to find many merchants promotion additional companies or products, which also must be hidden.

By using simple technology, it is relativity easy to hide leakage points and this should be confirmed while merchant and agency ot publisher are in the process of contracting. The merchant should be aware that implementing these measurements will guarantee a minimum success of the Perfomance Marketing Campaign among publishers.

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