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Affilired at the eCommerce Tour Mallorca​

ecommerce tour mallorca

Affilired at the Ecommerce Tour Mallorca

Now that Summer is over, it’s time to get back to the hectic time of events, trade shows and business travels.

Although we usually talk about events in the mainland or accross different countries, we are extremelly excited to announce that the Ecommerce Tour arrives to our home.

This next Friday 7th October the show will be held in Mallorca, at the amazing Palma Aquarium.

It was early this year when Alberto Serra just arrived to Affilired and decided it was time to participate as speakers in the Ecommerce Tour in Valencia. The experience was so good, that when the event organizers consulted us about the feasibility of holding this event in Mallorca, we practically begged them to come.

So, it is a pleasure to announce that Affilired will sponsor and participate as Speaker at this coming Ecommerce Tour Mallorca

Don’t miss this chance of networking with top ecommerce shops and travel companies and learn from the leading professionals of the island what’s next in the ecommerce industry.

Our session will be at 12:35, just after the coffee break!

Find all the information bellow:

Ecommerce Show Palma de Mallorca

Where: Palma Aquarium

When: Friday, 7th October, from 10:00am until 14:30pm

Get your free tickets here!


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