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New implementation with Trade Tracker Poland

This week AffiliRed has launched new travel programs to cover this emerging market.

AffiliRed is always on the lookout for new possibilities and new opportunities within the affiliate market. After several months of analysing our data, we have identified a clear trend in the increase of online bookings coming from Poland. According to our data, the preferred destinations are Canary Islands (Spain), Italy and Croatia. We think that this trend will continue to rise and therefore have decided to go live on TradeTracker Poland affiliate network.

We start off our partnership with TradeTracker Poland by launching the programs of Lopesan and Agoda which are already live in the network. These are the first two programs of many more to come.

TradeTracker is one of AffiliRed’s preferred European affiliate networks. Why? Well, there are several reasons for this: it is a network that gives us the possibility to launch campaigns by country and its integration with our platform is optimal, something that is reflected in the good results obtained by each of the campaigns launched in the different trade tracker networks in Europe.

And coming soon we will be launching new programs in TradeTracker MENA (The Middle East and North Africa). The launch of travel programs in this geographical area will give us the opportunity to finally cover these countries which have great sales potential through the quality partner that TradeTracker is.


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