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AffiliRed and Ve Interactive agreement

Ve Interactive, the Tech Company specialising in eCommerce conversion optimization and AffiliRed join forces in order to make profitable the online presence of the Hotel Industry.

Tourism business has gained a remarkable presence in the online field and today this industry leads the eCommerce market in terms of volume of turnover. However, average transaction abandonment rates in this sector are among the highest ones in the online market mainly due to that decision-making processes in travel and tourism are usually longer and  to the great existing offer that invites consumers to compare.

In order to reduce shopping cart abandonment ratio and to enhance the competitiveness of hospitality websites, AffiliRed and Ve Interactive have decided to join forces by integrating their respective areas of expertise. More than 70 Hotel Chains in Spain, Latin America and Europe are currently optimizing their online conversions thanks to the collaboration between AffiliRed and Ve Interactive and it is expected that this figure increases considerably in the coming months.

Alex López, Managing Director for Ve Interactive Spain, affirms: The collaboration between AffiliRed and Ve Interactive will bring positive results for the Tourism Sector. Thanks to Ve Interactive Solutions, our Hotel Chain clients are strengthening its direct sales channel thanks to the optimization of the conversion rate up to 20%

Enrique Fernández, Sales Director for AffiliRed, ha apuntado: This partnership will bring added value to our clients who will benefit from a better online conversion within the global services in the management of the Performance Marketing Campaigns offered by AffiliRed

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