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Diego in the Orphanage

Since setting up its first office in Palma de Mallorca in 2009, AffiliRed has always tried to support and work with good causes.

affilired and Bal Niketan

As we all know that there are far too many causes to support, but we try to help the ones that are close to us. As you know we have an important division based in India and our CEO Diego Gomila was looking to help those children in India who live in poverty and inequality; to help them develop and mature into responsible adults. After several months searching for a particular charity a one he felt he could trust, Diego found one which he then went to see first-hand the fantastic and very important work that the Orphanage Bal Niketan is doing. They really do stand out from the other causes, because they not only take care of the child, but they are helping them to become rehabilitated and the most importantly, teach them how to live with dignity and to stand on their own two feet. It was these values that attracted and encouraged our CEO to become a part of this important project.

Orphanage Bal Niketan

AffiliRed begins its collaboration with Orphanage Bal Niketan of Panchkula which is a non-profitable organization on the 14th October 2016. The collaboration will consist in preparing a special lunch for all of them on the 13th day of every month, and also providing them with much needed goods such as clothes, books, medicines or any other things which are needed and used every day at the orphanage.

orphanate childs

The main goals of Bal Niketan are: to provide a home for abandoned children irrespective of their cast, sex or creed. Take personal care of them, give them a proper education, emotional security and in general, provide all the facilities that are needed to allow the complete rehabilitation of the children. They also take care of another important issue: the health of the little ones. Bal Niketan provides free medical assistance such as regular medical care (vaccination, dental care, first aids…).


For their hard work in child development, they were awarded the “National Award for Child Welfare” in 2000 which was a great recognition of the orphanage with its daily fight against child poverty and discrimination in India.

Orphanage Bal Niketan5In words of CEO Diego Gomila:

Social inequality has a long way to go. There are still too many obstacles to deal with, and it would be almost impossible to overcome them without external help, that’s why here at AffiliRed, we are trying to do our bit one step at a time.


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