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Laminopathy is a rare desease, in the group of congenital muscular dystrophies. It is characterised by different grades of hypotonia in the first months of life, delayed motor development, extreme muscle weakness, serious breathing problems and heart deseases. Heart complications are the main cause of death among patients.

Andres Marcio Foundation, children against laminopathy, is a non-profit organization with the main aim of scientific research about laminopathy to extend the life of children who suffer this illness and, of course, to find the cure for it. The organization supports patients and their families as well as designing awareness campaigns to make this desease visible in society.

Last Christmas, AffiliRed wanted to colaborate with this foundation and we have made a donation for this cause. We want to invite you all, companies and people, to colaborate with this cause too, with donations or by disseminating related information.

Thanks to Andres Marcio Foundation for its excellent job.

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