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Donación de AffiliRed a la Fundacion RANA

Everyone against child abuse

The RANA Foundation is a non-profit organization from the Balearic Islands, whose aim is to prevent sexual abuse of children. The foundation was established in 2005 after the initiatives of a group of people from different cultures and professions, who were concerned about the incidences of sexual abuse and the need for preventive programs and campaigns to raise awareness on this issue.

This year, in AffiliRed we have become aware of this cause and wishes to help with a Christmas donation of € 3,000 to support the work of the RANA Foundation, which includes: the prevention and action in cases of violence and sexual abuse against minors, the promotion of children rights, to raise public awareness in order to prevent all forms of violence against children and the defense of gender equality amongst children by means of several educational programs aimed at adults and children.

With this contribution, AffiliRed wants to thank RANA all its work in child protection throughout the Balearic Islands by means of awareness-raising activities, workshops and prevention tools. By the same token, the company explains the need to help not only by financing, but also by promoting their work, especially with regards to their numerous Christmas activities that the Foundation offers to raise funds and increase social awareness.

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elesquivabalasPosted on5:34 pm - Dec 24, 2015

No se puede ser más generoso.!!
Gracias a todo ese equipo tan fresco!!!