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Now that OMExpo 2014 is over, is time to reflect on our visit to what is considered one of Spain’s leading Digital Marketing Show. This year we’ve asked our colleagues from AffiliRed who attended the show together with Maria Serra, eCommerce for Viva Hotels, to tell us about their thoughts on this conference.

Susana Carbajales, Head of Operations & Publisher MGMT for AffiliRed, was a bit disappointed concerning exhibitors variety. Basically all exhibitors were email marketing companies, courier service and POS terminal suppliers. TouristMKT Forum content wasn’t as expected either.

Nevertheless, OMExpo still is a great event for networking, a perfect scenario to meet both top Spanish publishers and leading networks. Susana and David Garciolo met potential and current publishers as well as affiliate networks such as WebGains Spain and Trade Tracker Spain. Bonding and catching up business wise with these partners was one of our main goals at OMExpo2014 and this goal was met.

On the other hand, Maria Serra, from Viva Hotels also told us about her impressions about this year show. She agrees with Susana that exhibitors area wasn’t as interesting as other years and that most of the visitors were more interested in attending the conferences and learning about new trends. This is what Maria Serra highlighted to us about Omexpo2014: What is clear to me after two days listening to speakers at Omexpo2014 conferences is that these are the 2 key words for Digital Marketing right now: Big Data and Real Time Bidding (RTB). On the technical side there’s a lot already developed. So now it’s the time for us, as companies, to start organising all the great data we have of our customers and use them in a better way. The aim is to undertake one to one campaigns, this is, customised campaigns for every customer.

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