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Students from IES Arxiduc Lluis Salvador were treated to a masterclass by our CEO Diego Gomila on 16th December 2016.

I want you to dream!

With this motivational opening sentence Diego began his coaching session with the students from IES Arxiduc Lluis Salvador.

Diego had been invited by the Economics teacher at the school to give a talk to the baccalaureate students about his business acumen and the success of Affilired, however Diego, a firm believer in that professional success is directly linked to personal valves, decided rather than doing a simply purely professional talk he would do a impromptu coaching or motivational session with the students.

He talked about the simple and basic things like his beginnings, when and where he began his working career and how it developed and how each of his decisions, most of them right ones, led him to where he is today; getting the message across that belief in oneself is the key to success as it helps to remove the barriers and the negativity that prevents us from advancing further and achieving our dreams.
Because as he said:

Knowledge is almost as important as a positive attitude and a desire to learn.

The classroom was crammed full with students and teachers listening intently to Diego’s words and advice, they were eager to ask questions and to discuss further for almost an hour, clear proof that Diego’s talk had captured their imagination. It was not only the students that gained from the session but Diego himself found it a very enriching and uplifting experience; that for a short while he had created a special bond between his words of motivation and the students ,something we are sure neither Diego or the students will forget for quite some time to come.

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