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This week AffiliRed interviews Chutima Fuangkham, Director Digital Marketing of
ONYX Hospitality Group to hear first-hand customer experience.

ONYX Hospitality is a leading hotel management company in Thailand. The company currently owns 25 properties across this country with 4 different brands: Amari, The Mosaic Collection, Ozo and Shama

– What was the problem you needed to solve and how did AffiliRed solve it?

‘AffiliRed has assisted ONYX Hospitality Group with concerns such as our strict use of brand term advertising; limitations on using some promo codes; and setting up accounts for other websites who want to join ONYX Hospitality Group’s affiliate program. Responding in a timely and professional manner, AffiliRed always resolves any issue or inquiry we have.‘

– What did you particularly like about AffiliRed approach to Performance Marketing? Was our solution unique?

‘As a performance-driven company, we appreciate that during our quarterly business reviews AffiliRed focuses on recommendations to improve our online performance. By providing network analysis, conversion rate improvements, multiple language support and easy reporting tools, AffiliRed has helped ONYX Hospitality Group improve performance over the past year.’

‘Affilired fits a niche nicely. Most distribution channels we have are more expensive and compete with the direct channel in the same markets. Affilired can focus on other markets and locations as well as sites that are more difficult for us to reach. So, they bring incremental revenue from more difficult to tap sources. It is performance oriented and gives us brand exposure on the top.’

– How would you summarise the experience as a whole?

‘AffiliRed provides solid support, quick responses, easy to manage systems and helps generate incremental revenue in secondary markets.’

– Would you recommend the business to others?

‘Yes, we would recommend AffiliRed to other partners and hotels. ‘

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