Over the last weeks our Operations Team has been very busy getting a set of brand new and interesting Asian Travel Programs. Publishers who are interested in monetizing their Asian – Pacific traffic have a great opportunity here as all these programs are already live on Glopss Affiliate Network. In this post we are going to list the 5 new programs live including a brief description. If you want to learn more about these programs you just need to click on the link and you will be directed to our Program Description site.


AMARA Hotels & Resorts: This new program offers publisher 4 First Class properties in the following destinations: Singapore, Sentosa, Bangkok (Thailand) & Shangai (China). Affiliates generating direct sales to their site will earn 6% commission over each validated sale.

attitudeAttitude Hotels: Affiliates joining this program will have access to a great and reasonable hotel chain in the Mauritian Islands. Attitude offers 10 three and four star hotels spread in different islands, and they offer affiliates 6% commission and the option of requesting Voucher Codes through AffiliRed’s Account Manager to help them with the promotion.

gulfGulf Hotels: publishers looking for unknown destinations may be interested in promoting Gulf Hotels Program. This hotel chain manages 7 luxury properties in Bahrain and Tanzania, and coming soon new properties will available in Dubai. Sales generate a high average value and affiliates generating bookings in their site will get a 6% commission.

mbkMBK Hotel & Tourism: Introducing a renowned brand in Thailand, currently offering affiliates the promotion of exclusive properties Layana Resort & Spa (in Koh Lanta Yai) and Pathumwan Princess Hotel in Bangkok. As an affiliate you will get 6% commission, a high average value and promotional tools adapted for affiliate marketing.

SonevaSONEVA: if you are looking for an exclusive and luxury product, SONEVA has what you need. This is by no means a very interesting program offering breathtaking properties in the astonishing Maldives Islands, also introducing  Soneva in Aqua, an ultra-luxury yacht. Bookings generated in this site have a very high average value and affiliates get rewarded with a 6% commission.

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