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See you at OMExpo 2018!

AffiliRed will be at OMExpo 2018.

As much as it is definitely impossible to attend all the amazing online marketing shows that take place every month, OMExpo is definitely one of the events we can’t miss. This is, without doubt, one of the most important events for the digital marketing professionals in Spain and the South of Europe.

For AffiliRed it is an essential meeting point to have contact with some of our Spanish partner affiliate networks and top publishers. This year our Head of Operations David Garciolo together with Account Managers Miguel Ángel Vidal and Cedric Vildosola will be travelling to the so-called “Digital City” on the 25th April.

It will certainly be an exhausting day with many meetings, but having these face-to-face meetings are extremely productive and both our partners and advertisers benefit from them.


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