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Mireia, Communication Department

We are delighted that for our final interview of 2017, we are speaking to Mireia Martínez, Communication & Marketing Executive and one of the latest additions to AffiliRed.
A multitalented artist who can not only come up with a piece of copy so funny it will have you rolling with laughter but also with an amazing illustration that is worthy of a place in the finest art gallery. Dynamic, active and a breath of fresh air, always the first to sign up whether it is for a volleyball championship or to keeping the team’s spirts up whilst having no sleep during the 100km Oxfam trail walk. But, take care, this whirlwind comes at a price: it devours everything in its path. Let’s see what else we can discover about Mireia.

  • We know you love to eat everything but what is your favourite midnight snack?

I like sleeping just as much as I like eating so, when I sleep, I don’t tend to wake up to eat and vice versa. However, there is one thing I don´t dare keep in the house and that is Nocilla, because I love it so much I eat as if it were yoghurt, plus I eat it with everything.

  • Imagine, if you could teleport anywhere to any moment in history, where would you go and why?

I would go to the Jurassic period to see if it is really true that T Rex had those stupid tiny arms. According to the scientists, he moved fast but with this huge head and its peculiar bone distribution it’s only logical that it would fall right over, so something doesn’t quite add up with this part of history.

  • If you could choose to take one thing to a desert island what would it be and why?

Easy, a 3D printer. That way I can print everything I need in a flash. A hammock, a house, a meal and a servant robot that does the fishing, cooks the dinners, does the massages….

  • What is the best and worst advice you have ever been given?

The best advice I have been given was from my grandma during my rebellious phase “Mireia, you don´t just live for today you live forever”

The worst was from an ex-friend who told me to never use deodorant as it gives you cancer – hence the “ex”.

  • And the traditional question to end the year on, if you could have one superpower… What would it be and why?

I wouldn´t mind having various powers, like flight, invisibility and mind reading but the one I´d like most is slightly more down to earth; the ability to eat the greasiest fast food and the wildest deserts in the world (just like the programme Man v. Food) without gaining an ounce of weight.
I would call it, the “metabolic-superpower-to-burn-fat”!


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AffiliRed Sales Director

If anyone can explain in a clear, simple way and with universal examples what is Performance Marketing, how to improve the online visibility of a brand, what are the most “cool” promotional tools at the moment, how to improve the usability of a website or what is trending in the online tourism sector it is, without doubt, Enrique Fernández.
As Sales Director at AffiliRed, we could say that he has more titles than the Queen of England, as he is at the forefront of the European, African, CIS, North America, South America regions… His southern Spanish charm combined with a voracious appetite for learning makes “Kike” a very special person. So, it’s on with the “almost” last “who is…” of 2017!

  • Kike, to cut straight to the point. If you could have one super-power, what would it be and why?

So, I’d like to be able to teleport so I could visit different sites each week, travel ecologically and save time waiting in airports… The only small problem with teleporting is that in case of an accident my head could end up one place and my body another.

  • If you had the chance to go to drink a beer with a famous celeb, who would it be and why?

I am not a fan of any celebrity, so I would definitely go drinking with AffiliRed’s Marketing Director, Ana Carmona. She is the perfect person to go out drinking with, as she likes a few drinks, her conversation is scintillating and perhaps we would end the night singing “highway to hell” on the karaoke.

  • Can you come up with a slogan or mantra that you would like to apply to your life.

I like “Don’t be evil”, but I think that´s already taken… So, another one would be “Live in balance”, since it’s important to maintain the balance between our different lives, professional, personal, family. And of course, balance in the business world is also important.

  •  What secret talent do you have and one that most people are unaware of?

“I see dead people”…and if you want to know something really special, for quite a few years I have done Capoeira, which is Brazilian martial art that combines elements of dance, acrobatics and music. I also write short stories and I’ve won a prize.

  • What is the strangest item you have ever been given?

A few years ago, for my birthday my friends gave me a roll of toilet paper whilst singing a song. And of course, that song was “Roll with it”.


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Head of Development David Rivera.

Today we are catching up with David Rivera, our Head of Development. First impressions don’t matter with David as at the beginning you will meet a very serious and meticulous person, which he is when it comes to his work. However, when you get the chance to peel him away from his keyboard you will find that behind this very diplomatic façade lies a very kind-hearted person who is always willing to help and who often bursts into laughter several times a day. David is also known for his expert fingers, not only when it comes to improving and developing the Affilired programmes but also when it comes to giving massages!

  • David, which is the song you often listen to in the office when you are concentrating but would never openly confess to liking?

I listen to heavy and very powerful music mainly, my favourite bands are Extreme, Guns & Roses, Iron Maiden, Metallica … but I must confess that I sometimes listen to Pop and yes, I have been secretly listening to Monica Naranjo’s hit “Sobreviviré“.

  • Imagine you had to go to a desert island and you could only take one thing with you. What would it be?

Baby wipes!

  • What’s your go-to-bed midnight snack?

Salted biscuits with hummus! Yummy, yummy!

  • What’s the weirdest gift you’ve ever received?

Instead of the weirdest let me tell you about the most hated! Someone gave me a CD with the Greatest Hits of the Boss (Bruce Springsteen). I really don’t like him at all nor his music. I had to put on a smile and say thanks! Which was quite hard to do!

  •  If you could have any one superpower, which one would you choose?

I have always dreamed of flying, just spreading my arms and being able to fly anywhere. So that´s the superpower I would choose: to fly (and not to crash land!!)


Nuestras cosas

Head of account manager en AffiliRed

Peluches de unicornios multicolores, muñequitos de Miss Kitty, purpurina, ropa brillante y collares tamaño XXL… Si alguna vez habéis coincidido con ella en alguna reunión o evento de AffiliRed, ya habréis averiguado a quién vamos a entrevistar hoy.

Por fin llega el cumpleaños Paola Walker, probablemente la Head of Account Managers más dicharachera que agencia de publicidad haya conocido. Empezamos destapando que a pesar de su apellido de origen escocés y que parece recién llegada de algún salvaje pueblo nórdico, Paola es una auténtica Mamma italiana.

  • Paola, sabemos que te gusta el rosa, la purpurina y todo lo que sea brillante en general, pero ¿eras así de pequeña o eras más bien una tomboy?

Más allá de lo que puedo recordar, siempre me ha gustado jugar con Lego y con Micromachines. Además vestía de azul y la gran mayoría de mis amigos eran chicos. Cuando cumplí los 14 años empecé a jugar a fútbol y a montar en moto. Así que, definitivamente, más bien era una Tomboy.

Pero de repente, cambié. No recuerdo bien cómo o cuándo sucedió, creo que fue una combinación de factores que se unieron durante mi adolescencia. Recuerdo un cumpleaños en el que mi tío me regaló mi primer par de zapatos de color rosa brillante. Fue entonces cuando empecé a cambiar de imagen, ya que me interesaba más parecer la Princesa de Rosa que un jugador de fútbol. Desde entonces, siempre tengo que llevar algo que sea brillante o rosa.

  • ¿Tienes alguna fobia extraña?

Bueno, no es exactamente una fobia extraña, pero sí una gran fobia. ¡Aracnofobia!
Amo la naturaleza y todos los animales en general, pero no puedo con las arañas. A veces tengo ataques de pánico cuando veo alguna, todo me empieza a dar vueltas y siento que me voy a desmayar. ¡Así de mal lo paso!

  • Si te enviasen a una isla desierta y sólo pudieses llevarte un objeto y una persona, ¿qué y quién sería?

Me llevaría cinta adhesiva porque puedes usarla para casi todo. Puedes construir una casa, una taza para beber agua e incluso puedes confeccionar un vestido. ¿Que cómo sé todo esto? ¡Soy adicta a series de supervivencia!

Por otro lado, preferiría llevarme a un animal más que a una persona, ya que no puedo vivir sin mi amada perrita Blondie. Es la que me da felicidad a diario, mi verdadero amor, además me lo paso muy bien con ella. Es el único animal capaz de calmarme, no importa lo mala que sea la situación.

  • Ponle un título a la historia de tu vida.

Princesa por Sorpresa
Porque tuve una drástica transformación de tomboy a una amante del rosa y el brillante.

  • Y la última, si pudieses ser una heroína o una villana, ¿quién serías y por qué?

Por supuesto me gustaría ser Wonder Woman, porque es fuerte, inteligente y extremadamente femenina. Sin embargo, sugeriría un cambio de vestuario para esta heroína: más rosa y brillantes en su atuendo, ¡por favor!


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Who is devender panghal

Today we are talking to Devender Panghal, one of the most experienced members of AffiliRed´s Development Department. His commitment to work, his excellent managerial skills and his close collaboration with the rest of the team have made him a true leader in our APAC Division.

Possibly, one of the key reasons for making Devender responsible for HR at AffiliRed’s APAC Division is his eternal and very contagious smile.
Let’s get to know him a little better.

  • Devender, the first question we would like to ask is: which toothpaste do you use to get such a brilliant-white smile?

I have used the same toothpaste since I was a kid. But, what I think is really important is not the whiteness of my smile but how special you can make someone’s day simply by smiling at them.

  • Who (or what) are you fan of?

I have been a huge fan of Mr. Amitabh Bachchan ever since I was a child. He is a very famous Bollywood actor, I have seen all his films. Not only he is a great actor but he is also known as a great poet.

  • What three things are still left on your bucket list?
  1. I would like to improve my English and be able to speak it more often.
  2. I love driving cars so, buying a big SUV car and driving it from Kashmir to Kerala is definitely on my list.
  3. I would like to be more active in my country’s politics.
  • At which store or on which object would you like to max-out your credit card?

Well, since I am a real foodie person I would go for food especially sweets, as well as clothes and shoes!

  • And lastly and something we always like to ask. If you could have a superpower, what would it be?

If I could have a superpower I would like to be able to go back in time and be able to stop it. I would go back to my childhood and pause the time. I miss those days when I was happy all the time, just having fun with my friends and family and not caring about future.


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Taruna Dogra

There is a belief that artists are chaotic and disorganized. Well, Taruna Dogra, our APAC Operations Manager breaks the mould. She is the artist of the APAC office without a doubt, she draws, creates typefaces, designs dream-catchers… But in her daily work she is very organized, fast and very efficient.

Surely with such an interesting profile, we will discover many more interesting things about her…

  • Choose a movie title for the story of your life.

“Life is Beautiful” is the best movie title, it sums up perfectly how I feel. I believe that we all are actors in our own lives, so why not make it beautiful and live happily.

  • What is the oldest thing in your refrigerator?

Chocolates. Yes, you heard right, it’s chocolates… but only those which I don’t like (especially the ones which have been gifted to me and have strange flavours). But the truth is that I love chocolates so much that even though I don’t like them I can’t bring myself to throw them away. So, if you ever come to my house you will always find odd flavoured chocolates lurking in my refrigerator.

  • What is the nerdiest thing you do in your spare time?

The nerdiest thing I do in my spare time is “Art & Craft”. I really enjoy doing crafts so whenever I have spare time I try my hand at new stuff like mandala stones, Egg craft…

  • Do you have any strange phobias?

I get scared of the slow Internet connection on Friday nights when I want to watch a movie. 🙂

  • If you could have a superpower, which would you choose?

I would like to have the superpower of Omnilingualism. So, that I can travel to any country without the fear of not being able to speak or understand the local language.


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NOemí Cortés

When AffiliRed mentions sweet it is inevitably our Administration colleague Naomi Cortés that comes to mind. She is sweet in character, sweet in appearance and what’s more, whenever we have the odd brunch in the office she prepares mouth-watering desserts to tempt us.But what we want to know now is if she also has a wild side!

  • Noe, we know that in your free time, you like doing scrapbooking, but do you have any other hobby that is rare?

Nope! I’m very conventional in every way. When I don’t do scrapbooking I like cooking cakes and I am now getting into the world of vegan food and hyper health food. I also like to learn about psychology, gardening, spending time with my dogs… in short, all very normal.

  • Did you have a nickname when you were small? If so, tell us the story behind your nickname.

Well, I had several, but the only one I’m going to tell you is that at home they sometimes called me “La Caballé” because when I was small I liked to sing opera! I was obviously very bad at it, but while doing other things I would do some operatic screams and without realising I was soon giving a concert. After a while my mother would say I had to stop, even though it made her smile that a 4-year-old could be interested in opera.

  • Tell us the 3 things that you have put on your Bucket List.

1. Take my daughter to Argentina so she knows where her dad was born.
2. Improve the languages that I already speak and learn at least one more.
3. Travel to at least to 3 countries on every continent.

  • If you could go to dinner with 3 people (alive or dead) with whom would you go and why?

1. Michelle Obama: I want to know what it was like for her to be the wife of the President who changed the course of history and what was her role during this time. I am sure that her influence would have been decisive and would like to know her point of view.
2. Laura Pausini: I want to know how it is that we have so much craziness in common.
3. The Pope Francis: I would like to know what a Pope thinks of this world full of contradictions, rebellion and hatred in which we live and what would he do.

  • If you could be a Supervillain, what would your name be?

No way! They always die or end up injured. I’d rather choose to proclaim about the goodness, love, generosity… in short, well you know what I’m like!


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Kalpna Chauan

Let’s talk today to Kalpna Chauhan. She is our Senior Affiliate Network Manager based in our Asia – Pacific Division. We know she is considered to be the Best Rangoli Designer at our offices in Chandigragh. Just in case you didn’t know, Rangoli are traditional Indian decorations and the talent you need to make them is reflected in Kalpna’s personality: she is positive, straightforward yet very creative. Now let’s get to know her a bit more:

  • Kalpna, what did you want to be when you were a kid?

When I was a kid I was a great dreamer. I first wanted to be a doctor but then as I grew up I realised that I wanted to become an Artist. However I went on to  change my mind again and dreamt of being an Architect or try something in Interior Design.
In my spare time I like sketching, so I guess in that way I am making my childhood dreams come true.

  •  What’s your favourite mid-night food?

Chocolate Ice-cream, Masala Maggi or sometimes Popcorn.

  • What is one of the things you would put on your “bucket” list?

The bucket list is huge but to sum up few:
– Travelling to the places I have never been before, I think travel broadens your mind. It allows you to move out of your comfort zone, meet new people and to live the life to the fullest.
– To buy a dream house, which is almost on everyone’s bucket list. A home that I can decorate to my taste.
– To make Sketching my profession.

  • What is your favorite movie quote?

I can talk English, I can walk English, I can laugh English… because English is a very Funny language. Namak Halal Movie.

  • Lastly, who is your favorite super hero and why?

Picking one favorite superhero is tough. I have several facourites each one for very different reasons and they all are good because they are realistic, they come across as real people.


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Eduardo Besga vs Eduardo Salom

This month we are changing our “Who´s who” post for “the Battle of Eduardo’s”. Our 2 main protagonists are antagonists (or so we think). We have Eduardo Salom, our Software Developer. He is sensible, classy, a music lover, a man of few words and meticulous in his work Verses Eduardo Besga, our Sales & Marketing Executive. He is the loud Eduardo: a complete dram queen always on the go, a true trackie lover who speaks his own language and very creative in his work.

They do seem quite the antagonists, don’t they? But are they really that different from each other? Let’s see their answers to our little questionnaire!

  • Let’s start with your childhood. Which was your favourite toy or game as a kid?

Edu Besga: I was known as the roller skate boy. I always used to skate down the slopes, spin around the streets and hooked on cars…I was a bit reckless at that time.

Edu Salom: My favourite toy was an Amstrad CPC computer. Do you remember them? Those which had a cassette tape and a monochrome screen. I used to spend hours copying the codes from a Basic Book my parents gave me together with this computer. I felt a real sense of power writing down those codes, although to be honest I had no clue about what I was programming.

  • Who was your teenage crush?

Edu Besga: A friend called Gloria. Her parents ran a toy shop, so I’m afraid that it was more a selfish platonic love.

Edu Salom: I had a crush on all the beautiful pop singers from that era: some of the Spice Girls members, Natalie Inmbruglia, Shakira, Maria Carey… although I must admit that I had a special crush on Alicia Keys. For me, she wasn’t the prettiest but her music was a great influence.

  • How do you see yourself in 20 years time?

Edu Besga: I see myself as a very interesting old man working out in the gym. 😉

Edu Salom: Relaxed, with an epic pot belly and enjoying of good music in my swimming pool.

  • What’s the craziest thing you’ve done?

Edu Besga: Parachuting! I am afraid of planes, but still I got on a plane to do some skydiving!

Edu Salom: Being a DJ has been the craziest time of my life without a doubt. It was a great 12 years, full of madness and experiences. Have you heard of Magaluf or Arenal in Mallorca? Need I say more?

  • Which sort of clothes would you never ever wear?

Edu Besga: Skinny jeans are not for me. I hate feeling trousers tight round my legs. That’s why I always prefer to wear tracksuits or comfy clothes.

Edu Salom: You will never see me wearing a miniskirt and high-heels. I don’t like wearing tracksuits unless I´m doing sports.

  • What’s your irrational fear?

Edu Besga: I’m afraid of flying on a plane. I can do parachuting but the thought of being on a plane for hours just freaks me out. I even get anxious when I go to an airport.

Edu Salom: To fail and not being able to accomplish my dreams.

  • Which is your hidden (and confessable) talent?

Edu Besga: I know how to do some jaw-dropping magic tricks with cards. When I was a kid I took a magician course with Juan Tamairz, a famous Spanish magician.

Edu Salom: without a doubt Doing head massage and what’s more I even enjoy doing them!

  • Which super-power would you like to have?

Edu Besga: Super strength. I’ve always wanted to have enough power to punch holes in walls or to participate in an arm wrestling contest or a weight-lifting contest and beat everyone easily.
Edu Salom: I would like to control time! There are moments I would just love to hold on to forever.

  • Which is your favourite motto or mantra?

Edu Besga: Groucho Marx once said: “Those are my principles, and if you don’t like them…well, I have others”. I like it because it gives you the feeling that you can avoid all conflicts and stick to who you are.

Edu Salom: No pain, no gain!

  • Which celebrity would you like to take to dinner?

Edu Besga: More than with a celebrity I would like to dine with Dubbing actors, such as the ones who put voice in Spain to SpongeBob SquarePants or any of the characters of South Park and listen to the curiosities of their work.

Edu Salom: I would like to take Luis Sampedro. He is not a celebrity as such and he passed away but still I loved his outlook on life and the economy. It would be amazing just to sit with him and talk about current issues.

  • What is that thing that people think of you at first sight and is not true?

Edu Besga: People always think I’m crazy…but really I’m an extroverted dreamer.

Edu Salom: I don’t know right now, you tell me…. However, a few years ago people would always say: Please don’t get upset with what I’m going to ask you … you are gay, aren’t you?
I never got mad with this question really. I actually thought it was really funny.

  • Can you describe your fellow Eduardo in 3 words?

Edu Besga: Quiet, persuasive, a participator.

Edu Salom: Crazy, funny and very rough.


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Ana Carmona Birthday

Today’s protagonist is Ana Carmona or “Dinamite Anita” as she is known around here, as she’s a bit of a time bomb that can go off at any moment! As well as that she is also half English and Afillired’s Communications & Marketing Director.
Passionate about surfing, the beach, Bali and loud music groups, those that she likes to delight us every day with her perfectly out of tune hum… Jokes aside, she is a veteran here at AffilliRed and has a lot to say. INTERVIEW INSIDE!

  • If you could be the leader of a band which band would you choose and why?

I would be a disaster as leader: I’m tone deaf, I’m ham fisted with any instrument and have a tendency to fall off high places like stages! Now, what I’d really like to do is go on stage and dance like crazy with Soulwax, or stick my tongue out with Kiss or do some epic jumps to the sounds of Tame Impala!

  • If you were invisible, who would you spy on?

Mmm well a few years ago I would have said otherwise, but right now I’d love to able to spy on my daughters while they are in the nursery…

  • What is your secret mania?

I need to put all the cutlery into groups when I put them in the dishwasher, so the forks with forks, the spoons with spoons… but once they are clean I just throw them all together into the drawer!

  • If you could travel in time, which would you choose the future or the past?

To the past, to meet my paternal grandfather, go to a Nirvana concert and see Woodstock live, including the mud!

  • What is your favorite word?

Whisper; the sound of it is so pleasant and makes you want to … whisper.

  • If you could be an animal, what would you be?

A Lion: spending most of the day sleeping in the fresh air and the rest of the time eating or making love… and of course having a long mane, just like me!


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Meet Nuri RIbas

Today we meet another member of Affilired´s central office in Spain. We are chatting with Nuri Ribas, Accounting Manager and a lover of “singing at the top your voice” in the car when no one is listening.

  • Nuri, let’s start with the most important, which song do you like most to sing in private but would never dare to sing in public?

OK, let me tell you that I would never sing in public LOL, but when I’m alone, it all very much depends on my mood. Could either be melodies or rock … I don’t have a defined taste in music, I like a little bit of everything. Ah, except jazz, I don’t know what it is about this style of music, but I don’t like at all, it makes me very nervous.

  • What is your mantra or your favorite saying?

“What John says about Peter says more about John than Peter”.

  • Tell us who did you have a crush on as a teenager?

Easy, I was crazy about Tom Cruise! I couldn’t fit anymore photos of him into my photo album. I know the movie Top Gun off by heart, including the dialogues LOL.

  • Imagine that you are going to a desert island and you can only take one object with you, what would it be?

Although it sounds like a cliché, I would take a good book.  I am terrible when I am bored, so it needs to be one that keeps me entertained and can be re-read over and over again.

  • Never go out without…

I have to admit that I find it hard  to  go out without my  mobile, even though on the  odd occasions when  I  have  left it at home, I´ve felt  a kind of liberation throughout the day which isn’t a  bad thing, a sobering thought!


Our news


We say hello to April by celebrating Rosa López‘s birthday.

So, who is Rosa? She is our Global Head of Administration. We just love her relaxed and sensible personality as well as the macrobiotic food she always brings in the office. Apart from being the most elite runner, she is an avid climber of the Mallorcan cliffs. She is also our in-house yogi and teaches us how to bend and not break!

  • Rosa, let’s start with your Yogi side, which Mantra would you recommend for when we wake up?

OM NAMAH SHIVAYA. This mantra helps to connect with ourselves. You should sing it 108 times nonstop. At the begining it can get a bit tedious so you can start with a multiple of 108, but 27 is the minimum, as it is important to respect this mystic number. How can you do this without losing track? You need a “mala” (a type of bracelet), as each mala has 108 beads to help you counting. You can also get a bracelet with just 27 beads.

  • Choose a movie title which sums up the story of your life.

I don’t think there’s a film which describes my life, but I can tell you which film has had the most impact on me, and which also shares my vision of life: Mr. Nobody.

  • What’s the strangest hobby you have?

I’m afraid to say I have very normal hobbies, but never have enough time for all of them, so I read, learn about different musics, experiment with different flavours in the kitchen and I also do sports (there are lots still to try out). Perhaps what they all have in common and that could be classed as a bit peculiar is that they are all connected to what makes me dream. I like everything that’s got to do with dreams. I’m deeply fascinated by Jean Pierre Garnier Malet and “The Doubling of Time Theory” and The Toltec Active Dreaming Technique.

  • Can you tell us which three things are still left to do on your bucket list?

To see a glacier, to try hang-gliding and to swim with sharks.

  • If you could have a superpower, which would you choose?

Obviously, I would choose to fly. But I’d supplement it with travelling and dreaming (she says with a big smile!)


Our news

Devender AffiliRed

This year year AffiliRed will be celebrating its 10th Anniversary, and we are proud to say that some of AffiliRed’s earliest members of staff are still here with us. Devender Panghal, Senior Software Developer has just marked 10 years’ service with our company. He launched our APAC Offices together with our APAC Sales Director, Manoj K.Sheoran who placed his trust in this highly qualified developer right from the very beginning. Here’s some of his thoughts on how the last ten years have been for him.

Great learning

AffiliRed has provided me an opportunity to research and develop new ideas in IT. I’ve also had the chance to interact with the other teams, such as Sales or Marketing which has been fun and continues to be fun even now.

Manoj and I, our APAC Sales Director, have known each other since we were at college and what I can say about him is that he still treats me like a friend, and that’s the generally atmosphere that you find here at AffiliRed, everyone here is very friendly; no matter whether you are senior or junior, everyone is treated with respect. We all feel like we are part of a big family, and that’s a great life lesson. 

New Challenges

During the journey of the last 10 years I’ve faced many challenges in Development and developed new solutions successfully. I´ve had experience of various posts during this time: Content manager, SEO manager, Software Testing, Linux Admin and R&D Tech, each time gaining great experience.

Dream Come True

One of the major milestones for me during this decade was travelling to Spain on 2014 to spend some time at our headquarters. What I enjoyed most about it was spending time with the team there and gaining insights to how AffiliRed operates. One of the best moments was a Quiz game which was played at our farewell party. It was so much fun.

I can only conclude with a message of gratitude: Thanks AffiliRed for an amazing decade together!



Our news

Operation Manager AffiliRed

Today, we are meeting up with Miguel Angel Vidal, AffiliRed Operations Assistant Manager. He deals with affiliates online and offline (yes, we have pictures of some affiliate parties to prove this!). Although he swears he is not an Otaku, we do know he is a big fan of Japanese culture and a true devotee of Linkin Park music.

  • Arigato Miguel, we usually ask which super power would you like to have, but in your case we are also going to ask you which anime or manga character would you like to be?
    To be honest I have no idea, I’ve never thought about it before. If I had to have a super power I think I ´d like to have tele transportation, which would be great! With this super power I could visit lots of places around the world. Regarding an anime or manga character… any that can fly really! I hate waiting at airports!
  • If you were stuck on a desert island and could only bring 3 things, what would you bring?
    That one is easy, I ´d only need to take Doraemon’s magic pocket of… Gosh… I really am a freak!
  • If you had the chance to meet a famous person, who would it be and why?
    That’s a hard question… I ´d like to sing a few songs with the Linkin Park members and then hang out with them after the show to get to know how they are in person.
  • Tell us something about you that people would be surprised if they knew.
    I play the piano… and I’ve recently started writing a book. I’m not going to say another word about me; I need to keep some secrets.
  • What is the first thing you would do if you won the lottery?
    Disappear.  🙂