Black Friday tourism sector

With Black Friday fast approaching, every sector is watching their markets closely to try and predict what will happen this season.

The unstoppable growth of this phenomenon means that expectations are always high, but a few uncertainties still remain, Black Friday doesn’t perform as strongly in all countries, nor do all sectors benefit the same way.

Faced with these uncertainties, it is interesting to take a closer look at the data made available by Google Trends and what it reveals about Black Friday within the travel sector. At Affilired, we searched the term “Black Friday” segmented by the travel category, this is what we extracted:

  1. The country with the highest number of searches for “Black Friday” worldwide last year was Spain.Google trends
  2.  “Flights Black Friday”, “Black Friday Deals”, and “Black Friday Hotel” were among the 5 most popular search terms internationally, during the last year.Google Trends 3

  3. Over the last 5 years, the number of searches for “Black Friday” has continually been increasing. According to the figures we extracted, Spain is the country with the highest number of “Black Friday” related searches. Google Trends 2
  4. The Spanish regions that have shown the greatest interest in Black Friday travel offers during the last 12 months were: The Canary Islands, Ceuta, Melilla, Baleares and Madrid.Google Trends 4
  5. In Spain, the top 5 most popular searches on Google during the last 12 months were “Vuelos Black Friday”, “Viajes Black Friday” and “Black Friday Hoteles”.Google Trends 5

* Throughout the process of extracting the data for the above report, the search term “Black Friday” and the category “travel” remained unchanged. However, the dates were varied between searching for: “during the last year” or “in the previous 5 years” and similarly, the location was varied between “Worldwide” or “within Spain”.



black friday 2018

The Travel Industry gets in on the act on Black Friday.

In the early days, Black Friday’s focus was the Retail sector. The introduction of Cyber Monday saw technological products join the shopping frenzy. However, nowadays Black Friday and Cyber Monday are no longer just about bargain price laptops and designer clothes: the Travel Industry is now in on the act too.

Although the Travel Industry was late in joining the bandwagon, that is Black Friday and Cyber Monday, and they soon made up for lost ground. Airlines, hotel chains and travel agencies all began by creating aggressive campaigns which raised the excitement levels over deals and discounts. What’s more, every year they strive to give their customers even more compelling and unique offers which of course benefit both themselves and their customers.

Is Black Friday such a good deal for Travel companies?

Currently, many people now book next year’s holidays during Black Friday and Cyber Monday.
Here at Affilired, we have seen Black Friday sales increase YOY since 2014 making it a key date for the industry where it now ranks alongside the Early Booking campaign. Data for 2017 shows that during this period sales increased by up to 30%. Furthermore, this trend is on the up, since more and more of the millennials are taking advantage of the barrage of offers and booking incentives that are available during Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Remember our tips

Excellent planning offers and discounts that are tailored to Black Friday and Cyber Monday are vital to the success of any campaign. So, our advice is don´t leave anything to chance, take a look at the tips we gave you in our previous post “Tips to sweep the board on Black Friday and Cyber Monday”, as well as remember to include the following key points:

  • You don´t skimp on your offer, anything less than a 30% discount is not considered as an advantageous offer.
  • The vast majority of reservations or purchases made by the Millennials are on the mobile phone, so remember the key to winning is mobile optimisation.
  • A trick to create excitement and drive sales is to put a timer or clock to countdown the days and hours remaining to grab that “bargain”.
  • Check your SEO. Content-rich snippets and keywords are well positioned, if they are, will soon capture the attention of your potential customers.
  • Simplify the purchase process and don´t ask for more information than is necessary even if they need to register before buying.
  • Keep in mind shopping cart recovery tools. Although it is normal during this period to have a high percentage of abandonment, it doesn´t necessarily mean that the sale is lost. With this handy tool, you can remind the user of the offer and redirect them back to your page to complete the purchase.

This year don´t make it easy for your competitors to take the largest slice of what is a very big cake; get in on the act, whip up the excitement for your Black Friday and Cyber Monday offers and special deals and watch your sales climb!