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The program of the month is: Hipotels Hotels and Resort!

Hi Publisher! Your May’s deal is Hipotels Hotels & Resorts.

Why did we choose them?

A family run chain that, for more than 40 years, has been offering excellent service to its customers. Their values, consistency and high quality to price ratio have helped to consolidate their standing in the hotel industry as a brand you can trust.

Hipotels offers different types of hotels: all inclusive, for families and only adults, they also provide business and luxury services such as wellness & spa, golf…
So, whatever your type of user is, you can be sure that Hipotels has something for them.

So, what is in it for you?

  • The average basket is 1.800€, a good enough reason to start promoting it!
  • 6% on each validated sale. Considering they are one of our merchants whose sales remain constant throughout the year, it is a safe bet!
  • You have 27 properties to choose from, located in Mallorca, Cadiz, Lanzarote and Cancun. All very popular destinations and therefore, highly in demand.
  • Its main markets are Germany, the United Kingdom and Spain.
  • Hipotels is a very active advertiser throughout the year. For this Summer’s deals take a look at their affiliate program!

What does Hipotels have to say to the publishers?

Thanks to the knowledge and experience that Affilired has in the user’s online behaviour, they are able to offer a great variety of tools to improve conversions in our direct channel. For this reason, we trust them to manage our affiliation campaigns within the markets we are active.

Moisés Barbero E-commerce.

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