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Top 10 Digital Marketing Agencies reward

MarTech Outlook appoints Affilired among Top 10 Digital Marketing Agencies in Europe

This is the first time Affilired has been named to this list, based on a survey of other agencies across Europe.


We are proud to announce that Affilired has been named a Top 10 Digital Marketing Agency in Europe by the prestigious industry publication, MarTech Outlook.

MarTech Outlook is a leading online and offline publications which includes latest news and trends in the Digital Marketing Industry. It is a unique platform for digital companies to spread news about their innovative solutions to a targetered audience. Martech Outlook lists out the top-shelf servicesolutions available in the market after going through a massive research and analysis by our industry experts.

“It’s an honor to be recoginized by such an esteemed publication”, said Diego Gomila, CEO & Founder of Affilired. “We are proud that our hard work in helping travel brands leverage direct bookings through our unique performance based solution has been recognized by the digital industry”. Affilired stands out amongst its peers in the Digital Marketicn space, highlighting the Performance Based solutions such as Performance SEM Capmaigns, Programmatic Solutions, and onsite solutions. You can read the full interview to Diego Gomila here.

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