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Tracking System improvement implementation

Introducing first-party cookies and cross-device tracking.

What’s it all about?

On the one hand, we have introduced first-party cookies to improve affiliate traffic measuring, keeping us up to date with the industry’s latest trends. This allows us to be much more precise in terms of obtaining information, in order to avoid losing data.

On the other hand, we have also developed a multi-device or cross device tracking with a deterministic function. The purpose of these upgrades is to offer you a transparent environment, able to create connections between different devices. These connections enable us to know when a user has interacted with your website using one of our links, at what time and on what device was the purchase made. All within a predetermined time interval.

Why have we done it?

The project arises in response to new trends regarding third-party cookies, where browsers like Safari have implemented new policies regarding this, and also, with the aim of adapting to the new multi-device user paradigm.

Only with the correct data can we analyse, understand and correctly assign the values of our campaigns.

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