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Who is Noemí Cortés?

When AffiliRed mentions sweet it is inevitably our Administration colleague Naomi Cortés that comes to mind. She is sweet in character, sweet in appearance and what’s more, whenever we have the odd brunch in the office she prepares mouth-watering desserts to tempt us.But what we want to know now is if she also has a wild side!

  • Noe, we know that in your free time, you like doing scrapbooking, but do you have any other hobby that is rare?

Nope! I’m very conventional in every way. When I don’t do scrapbooking I like cooking cakes and I am now getting into the world of vegan food and hyper health food. I also like to learn about psychology, gardening, spending time with my dogs… in short, all very normal.

  • Did you have a nickname when you were small? If so, tell us the story behind your nickname.

Well, I had several, but the only one I’m going to tell you is that at home they sometimes called me “La Caballé” because when I was small I liked to sing opera! I was obviously very bad at it, but while doing other things I would do some operatic screams and without realising I was soon giving a concert. After a while my mother would say I had to stop, even though it made her smile that a 4-year-old could be interested in opera.

  • Tell us the 3 things that you have put on your Bucket List.

1. Take my daughter to Argentina so she knows where her dad was born.
2. Improve the languages that I already speak and learn at least one more.
3. Travel to at least to 3 countries on every continent.

  • If you could go to dinner with 3 people (alive or dead) with whom would you go and why?

1. Michelle Obama: I want to know what it was like for her to be the wife of the President who changed the course of history and what was her role during this time. I am sure that her influence would have been decisive and would like to know her point of view.
2. Laura Pausini: I want to know how it is that we have so much craziness in common.
3. The Pope Francis: I would like to know what a Pope thinks of this world full of contradictions, rebellion and hatred in which we live and what would he do.

  • If you could be a Supervillain, what would your name be?

No way! They always die or end up injured. I’d rather choose to proclaim about the goodness, love, generosity… in short, well you know what I’m like!

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