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Affilired is the first Performance Marketing Agency to focus on the Travel sector. We have strategical & preferential deals with travel & leisure online partners and agreements with online advertising platforms in more than 20 countries.

Your brand can be potentially advertised on hundreds of websites worldwide, increasing your traffic and generating more sales.

Our business model is CPA (Cost Per Acquisition), so we will help your company’s revenue grow by driving direct sales to your website, and you will only pay a commission on each confirmed sale after the user has enjoyed of your services.

It’s a free risk advertising model, perfect for advertisers who want to gain international brand exposure and generate direct sales at a minimum cost.

Partner with us, we'll take care of the rest

Program start-up

  • Setting up of your Campaigns.
  • Product Feed Support.
  • Offer Feeds Distribution.
  • Unified Campaign Management.

Program Launching

  • Progressive launching in Networks.
  • Publishers recruitment and verification.
  • Announcements and Press Releases.
  • Proactive Affiliate Team Management.

Accounting Management

  • Publishers Loyalty Actions.
  • Continous Tracking Code Testing.
  • Recommendations on Conversion Rate Improvement.
  • Brand Protection.
  • Fraud Control.
  • Representation of your brand in Leading Performance Marketing Summits.

Personalized support

  • Access to your Control Panel.
  • Sales Validation Alerts system.
  • Monthly Performance Report.
  • Multiple networks unified billing.
  • Multiple billing by Company available.

What makes Affilired
different from an
affiliate network?

Affilired is not an Affiliate Network.

We are an innovative digital agency full of expert people ready to manage your Performance Marketing Campaign in multiple online advertising platforms and online solutions worldwide.



It’s free. You only pay on results.

Multi-network program management centralised in an expert account manager.

Better results


Time consuming and needs of expert knowledge

May have low results

No matter if you are a small or a big travel company. To ensure the success of your campaign, you will have to use certain tools and solutions. Here’s what we offer you:



    The principle of cash backs is simple: users will get money back on each made purchase. Savvy online consumers appreciate savings made through these online partners. Cashback sites can drive incremental sales when carefully planning your strategy.

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    About 70% of your customers might abandon your site before purchasing. There are Shopping Cart Recovery Solutions to remarket these users and increase your conversion rate.

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    Promotional Codes, Discount Codes, Coupon Codes or Voucher Codes are the names given to this excellent tool to drive users to your site. There are alphanumeric strings offered to encourage purchases on your website. It is a great tool to increase your brand exposure. We will recommend you seasonal codes and connect you with worldwide discount websites.

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    Top publishers use their database to promote top deals and promotional codes. We will distribute your outstanding offers to them and help you expand your international audience reach.

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    It is estimated that more than 11 million people use comparison sites. We have preferential deals with top suppliers that will allow online shoppers to compare rates.

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  • SEM

    Search Engine Marketing Campaigns or Paid Search (PPC) is a keyword advertising model that can be run on a CPA model, adding value to your PPC strategy. Affilired can either replace your in-house activity or fill the gaps of your actual strategy. Cost per clicks are absorbed by Affilired and you will only pay on results, assuring your ROI.

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    We will provide all your publishers with a file containing all the information of the offers and deals available on your website. We will distribute this feeds on .xml, .csv or RSS to the networks and top publishers on a regular basis giving extra exposure to your online promotions.


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    Also known as Data Feed, is a file that contains details about the products/services you sell. It can be easily distributed to networks and publishers might use them to create dynamic ads and product listing ads. A standard and specific travel product feed template has been set up for advertisers to make this task easier for you.

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    Text links are great for contextual marketing and an essential tool for publishers. They will display them on their web pages, emails, text ads... They are used to track referrals. Publishers can generate focused call to actions which may improve your CR.

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    Providing HTML banner options to your publishers will add freshness to your campaigns and may improve your Conversion Rate. We can assist you to create this powerful tool for building brand recognition.

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    Banners are still very effective tools when it comes to online promotion. Providing your publishers with a set of standard banners is one of the basic rules in Performance Marketing. We can help you provide attractive and effective creatives for your publishers.

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Our Clients

            Hotel chains, airlines, ferries, car-hire or leisure companies. More than 200 travel companies from around the world have chosen Affilired.


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