Western Division / APAC Division

What makes us happy?

  • I feel full of positive energy when gazing at the Mediterranean Sea from my beloved Menorca.
    Diego Gomila
    CEO & Founder
  • For me, the essence of happiness is making people happy! I enjoy cooking for my friends and watching them enjoy it!
    Oscar Riera
  • Alberto Baz
    Controller & HR Manager
  • I love the feeling of the waves and the sand on my bare feet and staring at the shooting stars on a Summer night.
    Ana Carmona
    Communications & Marketing Director
  • Give me a mountain and you’ll see a happy woman! I like trekking mountains, climbing mountains or even just staring at the mountains!
    Rosa Lopez
    Global Head of Administration
  • I’m a big fan of banal and primitive moments in life, just as in the film Amelie: I like to pet dogs, feel the sun on my skin and that moment before a concert starts.
    Cedric Vildosola
    Account Manager
  • House music and pizza? That’s my plan!
    Eduardo Salom
    Project & QA Manager
  • Driving my car with no set direction and singing as loud as I can make me feel fully motivated indeed!
    Nuri Ribas
    Accounting Manager
  • As a defender of the animal rights, nothing makes me happier than knowing when an animal has been rescued or knowing people devoted to the cause.
    Vanessa Moreno
    Accounting Assitant
  • Nothing makes me happier than waking up with my daughter jumping on my bed and going out to the pictures with my partner!
    Patricia Calahorrro
    Accounting Assistant
  • There are many things that make me feel that life is worthy such as watching a film with a great plot twist or enjoying the peacefulness of a rainy Sunday in Winter in good company.
    Vicente Reynés
    Accounting Administrative