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Affiliate Marketing

Advertise your brand on hundreds of webs to increase your qualified traffic and generate direct sales.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is a form of advertising in which you (the merchant) pay the publisher (the affiliate) for successfully driving sales to your site and then give them a commission on every resulting sale.

Why do you need Affilired?

It's Free

No upfront costs. No monthly fees.
You only pay a commission on generated sales

Multi-Network Connection

Your brand will be integrated with multiple international partner affiliate networks.

Expert Team

Our experienced team will manage the campaigns to ensure the success of your affiliate program.

We Make Affiliate Marketing Easy

  • Setting-Up and launch of the program across multiple platforms and partners worldwide.
  • Offer consulting and distribution.
  • Recommendations on Conversion Rate Improvement.
  • Dedicated Account Manager.
  • Publisher recruitment, verification & loyalty.
  • Sales opportunities management.
  • Brand Protection
  • Fraud Control.


  • Advanced Technical Support.
  • Tracking Code Testing.
  • Access to Control Panel.
  • Monthly Reporting.
  • Multichannel Unified Billing.
  • Automated Cancellations API available.

Benefits of Performance Marketing

Low-Risk Advertising

Affiliates do the promotion and merchants only pay for conversions.

Marketing Insights

Learn which campaigns perform better and apply them to other marketing channels.

Brand Awareness

Affiliates will do the hard work to promote your brand. Even if they don't convert, you will get that brand exposure for free.

New Audiences

Connect and engage with new audiences thanks to affiliates database and reach international potential customers at a very low cost.

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