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Performance SEM Campaigns

Increase your sales with SEM Campaigns and pay only for results.

Search Engine Campaigns with unlimited budget

We make your online business grow with international SEM campaigns. Get the best positioning in the main search engines of the world and connect with your customers in record time. Pay only a commission on each sale.

Why do you need a good SEM campaign?

Increase Traffic

You will increase traffic to your website with the goal of turn it into sales.

Boost Sales

Influence in your customers' choice behavior and boost your sales over your competitors.

Increase Brand Recognition

You will increase your brand recognition among your potential customers.

With Afilired, you only pay a commission on generated sales

Benefits of Hiring Affilired

We are experts in driving sales to our clients through international SEM Campaigns


Stop paying for useless clicks. We take care of the investment and you will only pay a commission on each sale we generate on your website.


We can increase sales in new markets. Make sure that users always finds your brand, regardless of the country of origin. I

Keywords in
Local Language

We manage the campaigns in the language of your potential customers, thus increasing the chances of them finding you over your competitors.

All Search

Not everything is Google. We have experience to place your brand in the top positions of the most used search engines in different countries: Bing, Yahoo, Pesquisa, Baidu, Yandex....

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