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Performance Marketing is the perfect strategy for retailers looking for a low cost yet effective business model.

Affilired offers you an effective business model

The dynamic growth of e-commerce has shifted the balance of power to the consumer. Launching a state-of-the-art digital media business is hard. And it is even harder when you don’t have the resources to build and maintain your online campaigns, especially as the retail sector continues to change and grow.

We specialize in managing performance based online campaigns. We invest in the campaigns and we drive results.  Our clients only pay a commission on the sales generated.

It’s a risk-free advertising model.


Customized solutions to boost sales


Health & Beauty

Home & Garden

Party Supplies



It is a risk-free digital marketing strategy as you will only have to pay a commission on the sales we drive to your site.

Why Affilired?

Whatever service or product your brand offers, Affilired not only will help you increase your conversions, but we will also help you to reach a larger audience.

Dedicated Account Manager

We will advise you on each step and recommend you the best marketing decisions to help you scale your results.


No costs involved. No hidden fees. You only pay a commission over each validated sale.


We will handle all the campaign set up and monitor everything for you to make sure your business grows.

Customer Care

Monthly meetings and full support from your dedicated account manager to coordinate actions to ensure the success of your campaign.

Get Started

Interested in learning how our Performance Marketing Solutions can help your business grow?

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