marketing mistakes

Affiliate marketing campaigns have the potential to boost sales and increase revenue significantly.

However, for most campaigns to be a success, it is essential that advertisers learn in-depth exactly how affiliate marketing works, thus avoiding the most common mistakes that advertisers quite often make.

As affiliate marketing experts with more than 10 years of experience in the sector, we are going to share with you the most frequent mistakes made by advertisers, so that hopefully you do not repeat them, thus achieving maximum performance from your affiliate campaigns.

1.Lack of a consistent strategy.

One of the main reasons why sales are often lost, and why your campaign fails to reach its optimum level, is down to the lack of strategic annual planning.

We constantly see how advertisers launch random promotions, without any prior planning. BIG MISTAKE! Before even launching a program in the networks, you should prepare a calendar for each of your markets, with all the dates of interest for your company and for your potential clients such as: Christmas holidays or Easter, start of summer vacations, relevant national holidays, the well-known Black Friday, Mother’s/Father’s day etc.

The purpose of this calendar is that you can be ready in advance for these dates by preparing specific material that will be of interest to your potential customers, thus attracting them to your website, which in turn, will generate sales. At Affilired, this task is the job of your Account Manager who will recommend the relevant dates and will ask you to send the material needed for the campaign, ideally at least one month in advance, which allows them to distribute the material among the affiliates in time.

An important part of the strategy is to be forward-looking. Remember, just as the saying goes, it is the early bird that catches the fattest worm.

2. Not taking care of your advertising creativity.

The brands that dominate the market are those that have an ongoing maintenance strategy throughout the year.

It is imperative that the creatives that accompany your campaigns are constantly brought up to date by offering fresh original banners, which are in accordance with the campaigns that have been previously established in your strategic annual planning. So, there is no mismatch between your creatives and your campaigns.

3. Not making the most of the synergies in performance marketing.

While it is true that over time your affiliate program will eventually start to work by itself, this doesn’t mean you should stop trying to improve it.

Submerge yourself in the world of performance marketing tools, there is a huge range available, use them with your program/s along with other actions that can also prove very useful such as programmatic advertising, SEM to CPA campaigns by affiliates, onsite engagement tools etc.

Follow the advice of your Account Manager and give your campaign some vroom!!

4. Not considering the publisher to be part of your team.

The relationship with your publishers is vital to achieving maximum exposure of your brand and for your offers on their web pages. You should regard the publisher as an ambassador for your brand, pamper them, be fair in the deals you make with them and with the commissions as well. The basis of successful affiliate marketing is the collaboration between all parties.

For instance, you can encourage your top publishers by offering them a special commission to increase per sales volume, free accommodation in exchange for a specific revenue on specific dates or simply offer them exclusive codes to position your company above your competition.

5. Believing that the return on investment is immediate.

There is a belief that affiliate marketing makes sales soar, and so it does, but not overnight, like most things in life success takes time.

You should keep in mind that when a campaign is activated in the different networks, the time required to achieve a high volume of conversions depends on external factors. If you observe your campaigns closely in certain networks, you should ask yourself questions such as «Is my brand well known in that market?» «Are my offers or is the commission attractive enough for the user? Or, how can I get the affiliate to give my promotion some extra special attention?»

Whatever the case may be, let yourself be advised by your Account Manager and keep in mind that even taking into account all of the above points, a program normally takes a few months to stabilize and begin to be profitable. Patience is the key.

6. Measuring results ahead of time.

Once the program starts working as it should, ideally you should keep it active, the longer the better, because it will be from that point that your revenue should begin to grow.

But that does not mean that you should start measuring results from month to month because seasonality must be taken into account, performance varies greatly depending on dates. The correct thing is to compare at the end of the year the volume of sales achieved with respect to the previous year, it is here you can see the real progression and you can measure the ROI of your campaign/s.



types of publishers

The publishers are essential to the affiliate marketing ecosystem.

They are the ones that promote your program among their thousands of users. Your conversion rate depends on them and therefore the success of your campaign.

At Affilired, we hand pick our publishers meticulously checking their credentials and ensuring they always exceed the minimum requirements demanded of them.

Although there are many types of publishers, given the specific type of campaigns that we manage here at Affilired (we specialize in the tourism industry) we usually interact with the following types:

Content Publishers:

These are publishers that create specialist, valuable and quality content frequently, intending to offer information and advice on specific products or services to their users. They generate great confidence among their readers thanks to the number of years they have been offering their own streams of verified and unique content, which gives them the ability to influence the user with their final decision to purchase.

  • Content Publishers are one of the best affiliates to work with, especially if, as an advertiser, you want to disclose information about your company like a new product or service. In addition, they have very segmented audiences based upon their specific types of content.

types of publishers

Review Publishers:

These publishers are a variant of the Content Affiliates. They do very complete reviews on products or services, evaluating the positive and negative points. Moreover, the pages published by these affiliates tend to position very positively in search engines’ results.

  • The great advantage they offer to advertisers, besides those discussed above, is that a potential customer can, in advance, know in precise detail how their shopping experience will be played out. This information can be of great value and helps to increase the conversion rate considerably.

publishers types

Promotional Codes Publishers:

These sites offer coupons for an online discount across a large number of brands typically classified by categories, thus allowing the user to easily find the discount they are looking for. For example, they can easily search for coupons for holidays or for flights.

  • The Promotional codes are a great platform to boost your products. They are gaining in popularity thanks to the rise of online shopping and the desire of a growing sector of the user whom are experts in the digital environment and demand to buy at the best possible price.

voucher codes publishers

Cashback or Loyalty Publishers:

As their name suggests, these are web sites where the user receives money back when making a purchase via an affiliate link. The refund is a reward for the user in return for buying certain products or services. It works like a portfolio in which the user accumulates money (cash) that can be used to purchase other goods or services. The percentage of cash to be returned varies depending on the advertiser. They are normally membership-only sites.

Cashbacks sites can be highly desirable tools to use in your business because your brand is not devalued by widely available offers and they also satisfy the discerning customers by offering a type of «hidden» discount.

types of publishers

PPC Publishers:

PPC publishers are those that carry out SEM campaigns using their own invested capital, following a previously established policy, that is to say, bidding on the keywords, which have been designated as relevant to their brand and target market, usually a combination of search engines and countries which are suited to the brand.

  • The use of PPC publishers is usually restricted to partners who are fully trustworthy. Their main benefit is that advertisers do not have to make blanket PPC investment in all countries, allowing them to concentrate their efforts in particular markets. These are publishers that can generate a lot of traffic as long as they follow the rules and procedures that you have outlined for them.

publishers types



performance marketing agency

Affiliate performance marketing agencies facilitate, simplify and optimize the work of advertisers.

As we discussed in our previous Affiliate networks post if as an advertiser, your main objective is to increase sales or direct bookings on your website by promoting a product or service, then, Affiliate marketing is a highly effective digital marketing strategy.

You probably already know how Affiliate marketing works, but if not, take a look at this simple info- graph which shows how it works in a short and simple way.

But the one thing that we have failed to explain in depth up until now, is the role of the marketing agency plays throughout the whole process. While some advertisers venture into the world of affiliate marketing by managing everything in-house and working directly with networks, others entrust the management of this operation to agencies specializing in affiliate marketing. The dilemma is: do you choose to go it alone and do it in-house, or do you hand it all over to a specialist agency? Before making a final decision, it is worthwhile considering several key points.

6 Reasons to entrust your affiliate marketing campaigns to a specialized agency:

  • Maximum optimization and time saving.

At first glance, it can appear to be more profitable to incorporate affiliate managers who assume in-house management, but we need to ask, can they do the same work as a whole team dedicated to that same task?

At the beginning, Affiliate marketing requires a heavy investment in time, since launching a new program is not easy and requires prior experience in order to be able to complete the entire process successfully.

Whereas, when you work with an agency, you have at your disposal a group of experts that will invest all their time and energy into your campaigns. Thanks to their experience, they are able to manage and constantly monitor your campaigns, making sure that the best tactics are applied, and any possible problems are solved in the fastest and most effective way. In addition, they have a wealth of valuable data that is very useful when it comes to optimizing your campaigns.

  • Management of multiple affiliate programs and networks.

With some affiliate networks, the payment of fees for the launch of a program or monthly fees is normal. There are even some networks that require a minimum monthly return to continue working with them. Then there are agencies that have preferential agreements with the networks and that take charge of such payments, as is the case with Affilired.

With regards to the invoices, bear in mind that if you manage the campaigns with each of the networks yourself, the payment of the invoices can be an arduous task for the accounts department. You will have to pay the invoices of the hundreds of affiliates that can potentially generate sales one by one which can be very time-consuming. In the case of Affilired, we offer an «all-in-one» solution, where the data from your campaigns is unified into a single panel and from which you will receive a unified invoice.

  • Management of publishers.

The recruitment, validation and management of publishers is perhaps the lesser known but equally important task. Before launching your program, you must ensure your chosen publishers are able to relate to your target audience, are aware of its existence and then you must convince them to promote your programs. And, it gets worse, it doesn’t stop there! You have to provide the publishers with a constant and consistent feed of promotional material  so that they continue the momentum and keep your campaign alive. Plus, you will need to maintain a relationship with each of the publishers, especially those of higher value to you. As part of this process, you will need to continually validate the quality of their work and of course, constantly foster their loyalty. And don’t forget! This process must be repeated with each of your chosen networks.

Whereas, agencies have an affiliation team that is exclusively dedicated to this very process and, in the case of Affilired, after years of experience in the sector, we have already established very close relationships with some of the most important publishers on the international scene which makes working with them so much easier.

  • Simple and efficient technology to measure and control sales.

Agencies usually develop their own technology capable of managing and controlling all active campaigns. In Affilired, for example, we have a platform where you can see the evolution of all your active campaigns in different networks and on which you can validate or, if required, even cancel sales.

As an advertiser you would be working directly with the networks entering each of their platforms on which your programs are active, to control and validate the various sales, this translates into a significant increase in the time spent managing multiple platforms.

  • Mayor ROI, lower investment.

At Affilired we use a CPA model or cost per acquisition, that is, you pay once you have achieved a previously established goal. With Affilired, this could be a sale or reservation of your product or service.

The advantage of this model is that your campaigns are constantly active, enhancing your brand image and attracting qualified traffic while you pay nothing, the initial investment is made by us, and, as we have said, you only pay a percentage once you have obtained a sale. This way, your ROI is always assured.

  • Awareness of sector trends.

All agencies are usually very active at the industry events; this is where they learn the latest trends in technology and tools to apply to your campaigns. It is a relatively small and tightly knit sector in which everyone knows everyone else (publishers, suppliers, networks, agencies), where knowledge and advances are shared and reported back to clients. The sector not easy to navigate if you are on your own and doing everything in-house; an agency can open doors where a lone advertiser cannot.

You will find Affilired present at all the most important fairs that are held worldwide throughout the year. This way we can tell you all the latest news; making sure you never miss out on what the latest trends nor what the latest campaign tools are.



Hipotels Hotels & Resorts

Hi Publisher! Your May’s deal is Hipotels Hotels & Resorts.

Why did we choose them?

A family run chain that, for more than 40 years, has been offering excellent service to its customers. Their values, consistency and high quality to price ratio have helped to consolidate their standing in the hotel industry as a brand you can trust.

Hipotels offers different types of hotels: all inclusive, for families and only adults, they also provide business and luxury services such as wellness & spa, golf…
So, whatever your type of user is, you can be sure that Hipotels has something for them.

So, what is in it for you?

  • The average basket is 1.800€, a good enough reason to start promoting it!
  • 6% on each validated sale. Considering they are one of our merchants whose sales remain constant throughout the year, it is a safe bet!
  • You have 27 properties to choose from, located in Mallorca, Cadiz, Lanzarote and Cancun. All very popular destinations and therefore, highly in demand.
  • Its main markets are Germany, the United Kingdom and Spain.
  • Hipotels is a very active advertiser throughout the year. For this Summer’s deals take a look at their affiliate program!

What does Hipotels have to say to the publishers?

Thanks to the knowledge and experience that Affilired has in the user’s online behaviour, they are able to offer a great variety of tools to improve conversions in our direct channel. For this reason, we trust them to manage our affiliation campaigns within the markets we are active.

Moisés Barbero E-commerce.



Affilired and Deep links

Deep links: a great way to improve your conversion rate.

What is a deep link? A deep link is any embedded link that directs the user past the home page to a specific location, service or product on the website.

Especially in Performance Marketing, deep links are a very useful way of increasing the Conversion Rate.
How do they work? To put it simply, Affiliates insert a link into your website, email, banners, social media or any other form of promotion, and this link will take the user directly to the place on the advertiser’s website where they will find the offer, bypassing the home page. Because the user is taken directly to what they are seeking rather than wasting time searching the likelihood of making a conversion is increased.

Affilired Deep LInk

Using deep links to optimize affiliate campaigns, enhances the user’s experience of your website allowing them easy access to the information or offer they are seeking, therefore, helping to increase conversion rates and even more importantly improving the engagement and loyalty of the user. In addition, deep links provide search engine access to related content, which promotes indexing, therefore, enhancing SEO of the affiliate’s website.

Implementing deep links on a mobile phone requires special attention, even in such a limited screen real estate the user can go from looking at a promotional email to the advertiser’s website, and perhaps to their social networks as well, all in under 10 seconds. This means that whole process once the user clicks on the link must be as efficient, comfortable and as fluid as it would be on a desktop computer. There cannot be any broken links or slow browsing, because this would have a direct effect on both the bounce rate and user experience and therefore the conversion rate. Every click is a step forward towards a goal fulfilled; any failure on the pathway towards the goal could result in a lost opportunity.

Whilst we are on the theme of mobiles, it is worth mentioning that there are 3 different types of deep links for apps: basic, deferred and contextual.

Basic deep links can be inserted in virtually any online channel: web, mail, SMS messages, social media… They work as we have explained above, if the user clicks on the link they are transported directly to the product or promotion on the advertiser’s website, but it works slightly differently when they are redirected to an app they don’t have installed. In this instance they are redirected to the download page and once installed, are transported to the home page rather than to the product directly.

Difference between Basic Deep Link and Deferred Deep Links.

Deferred Deep Links do not require the user to have the corresponding app installed. It is only after the user installs the app and automatically launches it does the deferred link take the user to the product or service without them having to search for it.

How Deferred Deep Link works

Deep contextual links are very much like basic or deferred links, but they are more evolved, they can record information about the user: who they are, from which campaign they were referred from, which affiliate referred them, the promo code they want to apply and so on.
These types of links are complete, they give the user a much more personalized and targeted experience and at the same time allow advertisers to gather information, for example, their advertising campaigns are performing.

If you would like to know more about the Deep Links or other promotional tools that Affilired has at its disposal, please do not hesitate and get in touch with our team via the form on our website and we’ll tell everything you need to know!



Programme of the month

As a publisher, searching for the right travel program on our site, having more than 200 options to choose from can be a bit overwhelming.

There are thousands of excellent hotel chains and other travel online companies out there, and it is possible some are unknown to you. But that doesn’t mean that these programs aren’t interesting for you. As we work very closely with the advertisers, working hand in hand with the e-commerce to offer you the best promotions, deals, voucher codes… (depending on the client). We thought that it might be a good idea to introduce you to some of the best programs we manage on a monthly basis «POM», pointing out the essential data to help you decide whether or not to add them to your promotion.

So, this month’s program is: Xcaret Hotel!

Overview of this program

Hotel Xcaret Mexico resort is a new concept of All-Fun Inclusive at Riviera Maya, which includes unlimited access to their Parks: Xcaret, Xel-Ha, Xplor, Xplor Fuego, Xoximilco and Xenses, as well as deluxe tours to Xenotes and Xichen.
Awarded for its eco-integrated design inspired by Mexican traditions and hospitality. This brand focuses on high-level customer services, offering their guests nature and adventure experiences, a mystical sanctuary, beauty and relaxation treatments.
Since they began their program in January 2018, their sales have been notably increasing.

Why have we selected Xcaret Hotel as POM?

Commission: 6%
2,014€ Average Basket.
Very attractive set of banners.
A highly collaborative Merchant.
Highly Attractive services and location for your users.

What does Xcaret have to say to the publishers?

Your users will book an All-Inclusive resort, shuttle to the airport, full access to Experience Xcaret’s nature parks and exclusive online offers.
Affilired has the best implementation technology, management and performance marketing professionals with an easy implementation.
It has helped us to achieve our sales goals by sending qualified traffic.

Michel Cervantes. B2B E-Business.

If you would like more information about this program, please contact



Affiiliate Marketing

Promoting affiliate programs is one of the best possible strategies to monetize your website or blog.

If you are cautious about the content you post and you carefully choose programs which you think will interest to your readers the most and then share them on social networks, then well done! Good on you!
Social networks are the perfect tool to boost sales. But, are you exploiting them to their fullest potential? It’s time to check it out!

This is a big field but there is little information about how to do it well. There are no precise formulas and as so often is the case the only option is trial and error. But not to worry, help is on hand! We know some good practices that will shorten your path to success:


If your strategy is based on launching tweets with direct links to your product or sending Direct Messages with the same content, then STOP!
You’re doing a great disservice to your business, marketing and you. The basic rule with Twitter is to create a relationship with your community, so that each tweet sounds as if it is coming from a real person and not from a robot that never stops spamming. That the tweet comes from someone who cares and genuinely wants to help. The million-dollar question is how to create that confidence?

Creates lists. Both public and private, as both will help you.

  • A private list is ideal to control the public interest. It is a bit like «spying» on what they post, what interests them, with whom do they interact… it is another way of picking up on their interests without them knowing.
  • The public lists allow you to organize the audience in more specific and relevant segments. In addition, for many it is also a recognition, by being public: they know that they have been added and at least they know that you are interested in their content…
    The best way is also to follow them (many will return the follow). This way you can create a closer relationship and launch offers or discount codes, but sparingly, for example by combining them with other more informative and interactive tweets.

How to swell the lists?
You need to monitor the words and phrases related to the products that you are selling and know what is being said about it so you can find new prospective leads and add them.
The ultimate goal is to sell, and like in everything else, we trust the person we know, even if it is just via twitter, rather some stranger. True?


It is a natural platform for e-commerce. Pinterest users flock to it to find ideas on fashion, decoration or travel. Until not too long ago affiliate links weren’t allowed..but now you have a free hand! The only thing you have to do is to optimize your profile in order to don´t spam and annoy your followers.

To optimize your profile you have to:

  • Show the product you are selling at a glance. Describe in detail your business and create boards by themes. It is important to use keywords in the titles of your pins, so that they are the first to appear when someone does a search.
  • Choose which product you want to promote and add it to the appropriate Board. Once done, edit the pin by writing the description that best describes it using keywords and adding the website affiliate link and save it.
  • Increase the exposure. A good way to drive traffic to your products is to share it across other social networks. But having said that, you must make sure that the board is at its optimum and that it shows not only products that you are wishing to sell, but there are plenty of ideas and solutions related to the product.


This social network is beginning to get really interesting for affiliate marketing, as up until now, you could only add your products links, which weren’t clickable unless you post it in your Bio, and then only one link was permitted. So, this meant you needed to think hard about which product you wished to promote. But now, things have improved because you can add links to your Instagram Stories that direct your followers straight to your product. Just what we have been waiting for! Haven’t you? Most influencers and publishers are now using this strategy.

How to add a link to your Instagram Stories:

  • A business profile.
  • Minimum 10k followers.

Do you fit the bill? Then if so, use that advantage to the max! If not, then it is time to start working on your Instagram account!


This is the platform on which you are sure to find your target. The sheer numbers of users is its greatest advantage, but one must know how to find the right niche and exploit it.
If you have a profile with enough users folowing you, who already know your blog and your products, then it is best to them create a fanpage. The vast majority will follow you if you advertise it well. It is the perfect place to share your content and interact with your community.

As with the rest of the networks, don’t just concentrate on sales but advice and provide solutions of interest. An advantage of the fanpage is that it allows you to measure the reach and popularity of your posts. So if a post has had some relevance, then use it by promoting it to get new potential customers thus increasing your sales. Another option is to create Facebook Ads with an affiliate link to the product and taking into account very carefully the images you use to promote it.

If you do it right, you’ll see that social networks are more than just entertainment. They are literally a gold mine of information and, as we all know, information is power!



Regal Hotel

The exotic destination of Hong Kong can be promoted via the Regal Hotels affiliate program.

Regal is a well-known Asian hospitality brand and an award-winning company. What’s more, they are also an international recognized hotel group known for their sustainability programs. Currently you can let your users choose among 8 different high quality properties based in Hong Kong.

Take a look at their key selling points, and start promoting now!

What´s in it for you?

  • Get 6% commission on each validated sale.
  • Updated promotional tools such as banners, offer feeds and voucher codes.
  • 5 Star Luxury properties.
  • One of the largest Hotel Groups in Hong Kong.
  • Target: Business and leisure travellers.




affiliate marketing Programme

Launching a Performance Marketing Campaign is hard working and expensive when the advertiser has to assume the overall setup and management.

Just starting of a single program on each territory of an affiliate network is pretty expensive as a first step, without even accounting the expenditures and maintenance involving all technical costs such as implementing and monitoring the tracking code. A good alternative is to hire the services of a agency specializing in this field, which will benefit both economically and also will save time in the team management.

The Performance Marketing Agency acts as an intermediary between the advertiser and the publishers (affiliates) or the affiliate networks. The agency is responsible of the designing and the implementation of the strategy in the affiliate networks, managing creatives, product feeds or even managing special advertising activities with publishers as well as being involved in certain technical requirements such as the verification of the tracking code or taking care of fraud control among many other tasks. Conditions of each agency may vary from the payment model to the services included or monthly fees, so it is important to take your time and carefully make a selection of the agency you will trust your campaigns to.

Given the big differences between the agencies offering their services lets take as an example of Case Study the company AffiliRed, a clear example of agency offering comprehensive services under a risk-free business model, this is, Cost Per Action (read CPA previous posts). So, AffiliRed is a agency specialising in the Travel sector, and is responsible for the global management of the programs, from setting up the programme in multiple networks to bearing the costs of these launchings in the networks, recruiting affiliates, verifying sales, etc and the advertiser will only have to pay for the results obtained for all this agency work.

This comprehensive programme management includes the creation of the program (time consuming) and all the promotional tools needed to launch the program, multiple network launching, according to the targeted market of each advertiser, technical support (tracking code testing, brand protection, fraud control), representation of the advertiser in key marketing events and summits and personalized account management which includes regular reporting of performance, unified billing, or a sales alert system.

Thanks to AffiliReds’ business model the advertiser can completely delegate the management of their campaigns to the agency and forget about monthly payments or any administrative costs resulting from the launchings. This is the reason why AffiliRed, which was established in 2009, has grown exponentially over the years and currently manages over 150 programmes for worldwide leading companies from the tourism sector. The company even has a delegation in India, specializing in the Asian Pacific market and created to be able to provide with the best support to its clients at all levels.



New program: plaza premium lounge

AffiliRed launches the first ever affiliate program specialized in providing Premium Airport Services!

Plaza Premium Lounge program is a different yet very interesting product to promote! Plaza Premium Group is the pioneer and industry leader in providing Premium Airport Services. If your users are looking for a great holiday, why don’t you offer them this extra to make their travel exceptional? When booking in Plaza Premium Lounge your users will benefit of: Airport Lounge, Airport Transit Hotel, Airport Meet & Greet Service, and Airport Dining in 35 different airports around the world.

Would you like to get more? Here you have 5 reasons why you should choose this program:

  • You will get 6% commission on each sale.
  • Renowned group in offering Airport Services.
  • 130 locations in 35 airports around the globe.
  • Dedicated Account Manager to assist you in the promotion of this program.
  • Lounge in Glopss, but coming soon to, AWIN USA and some UK networks.

Get the most from our Plaza Lounge Affiliate program!