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As experts in Performance Marketing, we are going to show you 5 solutions that will help to increase your sales quickly, effectively and offer a high return on a low investment.

Within the e-commerce and online marketing environments of companies’ specializing in tourism, you will find that their strategies’ primarily aim to increase the conversion rate on their websites. In general, attracting quality traffic and obtaining a greater number of bookings or direct sales usually, requires a high investment in both time and money, and even then, the desired results are not always achieved. There are many obstacles to face such as: disparity of prices, seasonal effect, offers which either differ little from each other or are poorly specialized, weak brand positioning etc.

But, What is Performance Marketing?

It is often confused with Affiliate Marketing, and although they are related, they are not quite the same. Performance Marketing is a type of online advertising where clients pay only when a series of previously defined objectives have been achieved, whereas Affiliate Marketing is just one of the multiple actions that can be carried out within Performance Marketing. Starting at this point, we would like to recommend the following actions to help you increase your direct sales and gain brand awareness, they all represent great value for your investment!


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