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Affilired presents an excellent solution for boosting your direct bookings:
Performance Based Digital Marketing.

In today’s travel industry, online marketing plays a pivotal role, and driving direct bookings has become essential. However, many travel brands face the challenge of investing in multiple platforms without achieving satisfactory results.

However, with Affilired’s Performance Solutions, you have a fantastic alternative to generate direct sales. Here’s how it works: we cover all the advertising costs, and you only pay a commission on the validated bookings we bring to your site. This means you can focus on increasing your sales without worrying about upfront expenses.

Partnering with Affilired can lead to a more cost-effective and efficient way of driving bookings, ultimately maximizing your revenue. Let us handle the campaigns for you, so you can concentrate on what matters most – providing exceptional travel experiences to your customers.

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We are passionate about travel and we have been in the industry for over 20 years.


You will only pay a commission on bookings validated at check- out. Don’t pay for cancellations.

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Our team will manage the campaign from end to end, fully customized to drive success.

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