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Affilired offers you an effective business model

For two decades, we have been pioneers in offering our clients a business model that ensures online visibility and increased sales at a very low cost. This is the Cost per Acquisition model.

At Affilired we take care of managing and optimizing Retail campaigns through different channels: SEM campaigns, Affiliate Marketing or Programmatic Advertising.

We take care of everything, you only pay a commission for each sale generated!

Affiliate Marketing

Affilired makes Affiliate Marketing easy. We will take care of everything and you will only pay a commission on the sales generated.

All it requires is a good working relationship between the affiliate, the consumer and you. The approach is simple: to offer good products to your publishers so that in turn they will promote your performance marketing program, thus sending a large amount of traffic to your website which then converts into sales.

How it Works

1. The user accesses the affiliate’s web page.
2. They click on the advert.
3. The click takes them to the advertiser where they make the sale.
4. The advertiser pays the affiliate the commission on the confirmated sale.

Why Affilired?

Dedicated Account

We will advise you on each step and recommend you the best marketing decisions to help you scale your results.


No costs involved. No hidden fees. You only pay a commission over each validated sal


We will handle all the campaign set up and monitor everything for you to make sure your business grows.

Customer Care

Monthly meetings and full support from your dedicated account manager to coordinate actions to ensure the success of your campaign.

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