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“Performance Marketing is where advertisers, working through an agency, deliver creative to publishers who accept payment (usually through an affiliate network) as a result of an action taken by the end user.” – Scott Medlock, Administrator of the AffSpot Affiliate Forum and Blog.

Also called a Publisher or Reseller, it is an independent entity (either an individual or a company) that promotes an advertiser’s products and/or services on their website. In return, they receive a commission on the sales or leads generated. The affiliate displays the advertisers’ ads on its own website and promotes them with its own resources, receiving a commission when an internet user makes a purchase or fills in a form.

Do you want to pay other companies to help you sell more on your website and generate more traffic? Then you are an advertiser. Also known as a Merchant, it is a company that sells a product and/or service online and accepts online payment or form completion.

Affiliate networks provide advertisers with a platform to promote their brand. They offer both advertisers and affiliates a platform through which both parties can benefit. Advertisers enjoy a convenient and effective payment gateway to compensate their affiliates and upload all the promotional tools available to them. Publishers find a catalog of online companies to choose from in affiliate networks.

CPA stands for Cost Per Acquisition. It is an advertising model that stipulates the payment of a fixed amount or a commission for each action performed on the advertiser’s website. This is the business model used by Affilired, with a commission on sales generated being the only cost that advertisers have to take into account when choosing AffiliRed as their partner.

Also called a Product Catalogue or Data Feed, it is a file containing all the information relevant to the product or service offered on the advertiser’s website. This file must be supplied by the advertiser to Affilired. Publishers can build ads using these files. The use of Product Feeds will increase the advertiser’s exposure.

A Cookie is a small text file that is sent to your browser when you view a website. It helps to remember important information about this website, such as your chosen language. It also helps us improve our services by measuring the results of our campaigns. Cookies play an important role in our business, and Affilired uses them in various ways. Our Privacy Policy is public and can be found here (link to Privacy Policy).

The Conversion Rate is the percentage of users who have performed the desired action (made an online purchase) on the website. It is calculated as follows: CR: No. of sales generated / Visits. What is the Commission Payment? This is the amount that the affiliate will receive for each sale directed to the advertiser’s website. We recommend that you check with Affilired’s Sales Department to see if the commission you wish to pay is competitive enough to achieve optimal results.

EPC stands for Earnings Per 100 Clicks. It is easily calculated by dividing the total commissions generated by the affiliate by the total clicks generated over the same period of time.

The EPC is commonly used by both affiliates and affiliate networks as an indicator of the performance of the programs they are promoting and the programs that can provide them with the most profit.

Affiliate networks often use the EPC for program categorization.

A Tracking Code is a unique code associated with the advertiser’s website. Recording sales is at the heart of performance marketing.

Although Affilired specializes in the tourism sector, we have expanded our portfolio to online shops that wish to benefit from our long history in performance marketing.

As our business model is based on CPA, it is essential that there is a payment gateway or booking engine on our clients’ websites.

Another essential requirement to be met is to have a minimum amount of traffic to your website. The reason is simple: At Affilired, we take care of all the previous expenses to set up the campaigns and make the necessary investment in paid campaigns, such as SEM or Display. Therefore, it is necessary to ensure that the campaigns we manage will have a return. In addition, if you are interested in launching an affiliate campaign, traffic is a very important indicator to be taken into account by affiliates, who also use their own resources to promote your website. Ideally, you should have a minimum of 10K visits per month.

We encourage you to contact our Sales Department or complete our Advertiser Form so that we can review your website carefully before moving forward.

Affilired will work hard to promote your programme on different networks and recruit high-quality affiliates. However, keep in mind that it will depend on several variables such as the commission you offer your affiliates, the promotional tools you make available to them (offers, promotional codes, banners) and your willingness to build relationships with your best affiliates. Your assigned Account Manager will be your right hand in this and will recommend all the necessary actions to make your affiliate programme a success.

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