AffiliRed launches new programs in its latest new venture with TradeTracker Mexico.

Autor: Affilired

Affilired is joining the TradeTracker Mexico to take advantage of the emerging and very buoyant market in Mexico.

The decision to join TradeTracker Mexico was only a matter of time, as it offers a huge potential market for e-commerce with more than 42 million internet users with a yearly average of 16 million dollars spent online. AffiliRed simply couldn’t ignore these figures, so we decided it was time to launched ourselves onto the market with the capable hands of TradeTracker Mexico.

TradeTracker México
Via TradeTracker

Make the most out of a huge market where demand is always on the up by promoting some of these new programs:


Información de interés:

  • More than 500.000 hotels.
  • Worldwide properties.
  • Average basket 234$.
  • 6% commission.

2. H10

Useful information:

  • 58 hotels.
  • More than 20 destinations.
  • Average reservation cost 1.120$.
  • 6% commission.

3. NN

Useful information:

  • 10 hotels.
  • In the centre of Barcelona.
  • Average reservation cost 580$.
  • 6% commission.

4. Sandos

Useful information:

  • 8 hotels.
  • Located in Mexico, Tenerife, Lanzarote and Benidorm.
  • Average reservation cost 1.954$.
  • 7% commission.

5. Sercotel

Useful information:

  • 226 hotels.
  • More than 100 destinations.
  • Average reservation cost 246$.
  • 6% commission.