It’s too early for EarlyBooking?

Autor: Affilired

Keep it clear: December is the best month to send us your Early Booking offers.

In the sales history of AffiliRed we have seen a clear trend in European countries, especially England and Germany, to make reservations for their holidays in January. In addition, the 10th top tourism destinations in 2017 for the Early Booking lovers were, by order of preference: Spain, Mexico, Costa Rica, Jamaica, Dominican Republic, Aruba, Maldives, Thailand, Emirates and Morocco.

If we tell you that the Early Booking is for you the key date of the year, believe us:

  • According to AffiliRed data, the average sales in January 2017 represented 20% more than the rest of the year.
  • Being the first has great advantages! The sooner you send us your offers and promo codes, the more visibility you will have among our publishers.
  • More time for us means more time to provide assistance to you promoting and strengthening your offers and promo codes.

Affilitip: before you start your Christmas Holiday, leave the Early Booking closed.
Start 2018 on the right foot and send us now your Early Booking deals!