The Program of the Month is: Falkensteiner Hotels!

Autor: Affilired

Hi Publisher! Let us introduce you to this month’s POM!

As we mentioned in our previous POM posts, we know how hard it can be as a publisher to decide which of the travel programs managed by Affilired is perfect for you.
So, we thought we would lend a helping hand and introduce you to a different program every month.

This month we’ve hand-picked the Falkensteiner Hotels Affiliate program. Want to know why we chose it to be October’s POM? Then keep on reading.

A quick outline of Falkensteiner Hotels affiliate program.

With more than 60 years in the business, employing over 1700 people with 34 properties located throughout Austria, Italy, Serbia, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Croatia.
What began as a little family guesthouse has become a prestigious international hotel group thanks to its passion, commitment, strong values and roots.
“Welcome Home!” is more than a greeting at Falkensteiner Hotels, it’s their motto!

So, why have we selected Falkensteiner Hotels as this month’s POM?

  • As a publisher, you will earn 7.5% of commission from each validated sale, not bad considering the Average Basket Value is 1.400€!
  • Since the program was launched in 2015, their revenue has been steadily growing.
  • It is an internationally renowned hotel chain which over the years has received more than 30 awards.
  • Consistently achieves a high level of guest satisfaction due to their high standards of service.
  • Affilired Account Managers have highlighted how proactive and collaborative this merchant is, so if you have any suggestions to push Falkensteiner Hotels sales, we are ready to listen!

Read what the Head of Accounts has to say:

The Falkensteiner Hotels account is a really great affiliate program to promote. This campaign has seen its revenue increase throughout 2018, thanks to a very well-defined Promotional Planning and Strategy which they’ve shared with Affilired, it is this positive flow of information that has allowed us to jointly create a long-term plan of action which is currently being applied across several different campaigns.
Paola Walker.

A word from Falkensteiner:

It’s a great pleasure to work with AffiliRed. The whole team is very cooperative, flexible and always helpful in making the best out of any situations. We really appreciate their efforts and we are looking forward to a successful, long-term collaboration.
Sonja Fresacher.