The Program of the Month is: Lebua Hotels & Resorts!

Autor: Affilired

Hi Publisher! Let us introduce you to November’s POM!

We are really excited about this month’s Program of the month Lebua Hotels & Resorts!
There are so many good things to say about this merchant, in fact, the list seems to be never-ending; such as its award-winning collection, its international luxury and exclusive properties, its fine restaurants and bars. The Sky Bar in Bangkok is regarded by the New York Times as “the most stunning rooftop bar you’ll ever see” and Mezzaluna at Tower Club by Lebua was awarded two Michelin Stars in the First Michelin Guide Bangkok 2018… We could go on more, but we won’t.
It cannot be denied that all of this should be a highly attractive proposition for your users, there are lots of great features which Lebua Hotels & Resorts offer publishers who join their program.

Why did we select Lebua Hotels & Resorts as the POM?

Ever since Lebua Hotels & Resorts affiliate program was launched, its sales have increased by up to 300%! A clear sign of the great potential of the program, the key selling points are:

  • You can get 5% commission on each validated booking, which is something to consider when the average basket is around 400€.
  • It’s a chain with numerous and prestigious awards such as Trip Advisor Certificate of Excellence and World’s Best Luxury Hotel Brand by World Hotel Luxury Awards, which just goes to show how much travellers love this brand.
  • It’s exotic locations: Thailand, New Zealand and India are very much in demand worldwide. However, if your users are based in Germany, the United States or Japan we are sure your promotional efforts will get even faster results, as these are the key markets for Lebua Hotels & Resorts!

What does Lebua Hotels have to say to the publishers?

Affilired’s partnership has been an important part of our direct business strategy for many years. The team is knowledgeable, cooperative and helpful when designing new campaigns to achieve the best results. Our business has continued to grow with Affilired, and we are looking forward to achieving even greater heights through this partnership.

Suwanna Lokchetthaworn, e-commerce.

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