Affilired and Mirai Complete API Integration to Optimize Booking Management for the Hospitality Industry.

Autor: Ana Carmona Lundy

Today, we’re excited to announce the successful completion of our API integration with Mirai, a leading booking engine in the travel industry.

For over a decadem Affilired has forged a fruitful partnership with Mirai, strengthening the direct online sales channel through commissionable digital campaigns for several of Mirai’s clients.

After months of meticulous planning and rigorous testing, Affilired’s development team has successfully achieved API tracking connectivity with Mirai’s booking engine. Through this API, all confirmed or cancelled bookings in the Mirai booking system will be automatically synchronised with the Affilired dashboard.

The primary goal of this integration is to streamline and optimize booking management processes, significantly reducing the workload for e-commerce departments. By integrating the API, we mitigate the risk of errors and challenges associated with duplicate booking management.

While the collaboration between Affilired and Mirai has already spanned a decade of success, this new integration respresents a significant milestone in improving booking management and simplifying reservation procedures for our clients.

With this integration, Affilired and Mirai reaffirm their commitment to delivering innovative and effective solutions to the hospitality industry. This collaborative effort results in smoother and more enriched reservation management, optimizing campaign management for our partner hotel chains.