AffiliRed takes part in the Oxfam TrailWalker.

Autor: Affilired

We are off to Euskadi 20th and 21st of May to walk 100km in under 32 hours!

It sounds crazy? Well we don’t think so, we took up the challenge of Oxfam Trailwalker for a very good reason, same as many other companies: to help beat the poverty and injustice around the world, an ambitious goal, but we believe in good deeds and what’s more, we love to be involved in them.
The challenge consists of walking 100 km through the Euskadi mountains in groups of 4. We get 2 teams! The most interesting part is that we need to start and finish together, as one team. So our first challenge is going to be to train every week all together until we can walk and breath as one. But this isn’t the only part of the challenge, in order to participate we need to raise 1500€ in sponsorship from now until 19th of May 2017. But we aren’t just going to ask for a donation that’s too easy an option, what we want to do is raise awareness of the poverty and injustice facing people all over the world and then for you to make the decision whether you want to sponsor us or not.

KNOWLEDGE IS POWER! did you know that…

  • In Chad the 65% of the populations hasn’t got access to clean water?
  • In Sahel more than 2 million people face the starvation each day?
  • More than 65 millions refugees need homes, food and daily necessities?
  • Around 5 million people live in areas of conflict and war without access to food, clean water and the sanitary arrangements are non-existent?

These are just some of the projects where the donations will go to, every cent raised will go towards helping these people.

If you would like to join us in this new challenge, here’s how to donate:

  1. Click on the links and choose a team!

  1. You will see our company profile, once there, click in the yellow button “DONATE NOW”.
  2. Follow the instructions. It’s easy and completely secure!

We really do appreciate your generosity and solidarity, but those who will benefit from your donation will appreciate it even more!

Thank You!