Announcing our “new look”!

Autor: Affilired

We are rebranding, creating a new look to bring a smile to your face.

Towards the end of 2017, we assigned the task of redesigning our visual brand identity to the Inventum Agency. The brief we gave them was that our new brand identity was reflect Affilired’s extensive DNA, matching each new element or aspect to our new identity with the existing corporate values and activities that make Affilired what it is today.

The trial and error needed to refine and iterate the design were all part and parcel of perfecting a new identity to reflect the very best of Affilired, at last, after all the hard work, we are proud to announce we have a new corporate image.

Affilired brand restyling

The details of our new look have been changed to convey an Affilired which is stronger, more dynamic but yet at the same time reflecting a warmer relationship between ourselves and our clients. However, the one detail which remains unchanged is the colour RED. This has been with us from the very beginning, representing our positivity, vivacity, energy and passion, all elements which are so important in Affilired’s day to day operations.
We recognised that the tone of our new look is slightly more subtle, it symbolises both our standing in the performance marketing industry and the length of the journey we have travelled since our inception in 2007.

Our new visual identity has been updated across all of our existing online and offline assets such as web, blog, social media, corporate merchandising, signs, promotional material and others, bringing our brand identity bang up to date.
We knew that the time was right for a new look, we choose one that was not too radical but that reflects our global presence and is capable of strengthening our worldwide image.

We placed special emphasis on bringing the all-important human touch to our new look with is why we chose “FFI” which symbolizes two people joining their hands in friendship.

new logo

Changing our brand image goes beyond just the visual, it is also a cultural shift, changing the way everyone at Affilired communicates both offline and online, it will affect us from the inside out. It has already made us smile, we hope it will do the same for you.