Edu Vs Edu

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This month we are changing our “Who´s who” post for “the Battle of Eduardo’s”. Our 2 main protagonists are antagonists (or so we think). We have Eduardo Salom, our Software Developer. He is sensible, classy, a music lover, a man of few words and meticulous in his work Verses Eduardo Besga, our Sales & Marketing Executive. He is the loud Eduardo: a complete dram queen always on the go, a true trackie lover who speaks his own language and very creative in his work.

They do seem quite the antagonists, don’t they? But are they really that different from each other? Let’s see their answers to our little questionnaire!

  • Let’s start with your childhood. Which was your favourite toy or game as a kid?

Edu Besga: I was known as the roller skate boy. I always used to skate down the slopes, spin around the streets and hooked on cars…I was a bit reckless at that time.

Edu Salom: My favourite toy was an Amstrad CPC computer. Do you remember them? Those which had a cassette tape and a monochrome screen. I used to spend hours copying the codes from a Basic Book my parents gave me together with this computer. I felt a real sense of power writing down those codes, although to be honest I had no clue about what I was programming.

  • Who was your teenage crush?

Edu Besga: A friend called Gloria. Her parents ran a toy shop, so I’m afraid that it was more a selfish platonic love.

Edu Salom: I had a crush on all the beautiful pop singers from that era: some of the Spice Girls members, Natalie Inmbruglia, Shakira, Maria Carey… although I must admit that I had a special crush on Alicia Keys. For me, she wasn’t the prettiest but her music was a great influence.

  • How do you see yourself in 20 years time?

Edu Besga: I see myself as a very interesting old man working out in the gym. 😉

Edu Salom: Relaxed, with an epic pot belly and enjoying of good music in my swimming pool.

  • What’s the craziest thing you’ve done?

Edu Besga: Parachuting! I am afraid of planes, but still I got on a plane to do some skydiving!

Edu Salom: Being a DJ has been the craziest time of my life without a doubt. It was a great 12 years, full of madness and experiences. Have you heard of Magaluf or Arenal in Mallorca? Need I say more?

  • Which sort of clothes would you never ever wear?

Edu Besga: Skinny jeans are not for me. I hate feeling trousers tight round my legs. That’s why I always prefer to wear tracksuits or comfy clothes.

Edu Salom: You will never see me wearing a miniskirt and high-heels. I don’t like wearing tracksuits unless I´m doing sports.

  • What’s your irrational fear?

Edu Besga: I’m afraid of flying on a plane. I can do parachuting but the thought of being on a plane for hours just freaks me out. I even get anxious when I go to an airport.

Edu Salom: To fail and not being able to accomplish my dreams.

  • Which is your hidden (and confessable) talent?

Edu Besga: I know how to do some jaw-dropping magic tricks with cards. When I was a kid I took a magician course with Juan Tamairz, a famous Spanish magician.

Edu Salom: without a doubt Doing head massage and what’s more I even enjoy doing them!

  • Which super-power would you like to have?

Edu Besga: Super strength. I’ve always wanted to have enough power to punch holes in walls or to participate in an arm wrestling contest or a weight-lifting contest and beat everyone easily.
Edu Salom: I would like to control time! There are moments I would just love to hold on to forever.

  • Which is your favourite motto or mantra?

Edu Besga: Groucho Marx once said: “Those are my principles, and if you don’t like them…well, I have others”. I like it because it gives you the feeling that you can avoid all conflicts and stick to who you are.

Edu Salom: No pain, no gain!

  • Which celebrity would you like to take to dinner?

Edu Besga: More than with a celebrity I would like to dine with Dubbing actors, such as the ones who put voice in Spain to SpongeBob SquarePants or any of the characters of South Park and listen to the curiosities of their work.

Edu Salom: I would like to take Luis Sampedro. He is not a celebrity as such and he passed away but still I loved his outlook on life and the economy. It would be amazing just to sit with him and talk about current issues.

  • What is that thing that people think of you at first sight and is not true?

Edu Besga: People always think I’m crazy…but really I’m an extroverted dreamer.

Edu Salom: I don’t know right now, you tell me…. However, a few years ago people would always say: Please don’t get upset with what I’m going to ask you … you are gay, aren’t you?
I never got mad with this question really. I actually thought it was really funny.

  • Can you describe your fellow Eduardo in 3 words?

Edu Besga: Quiet, persuasive, a participator.

Edu Salom: Crazy, funny and very rough.