Fund Raising for Oxfam Intermón.

Autor: Affilired

100 km, 32 hours, 2 teams, one goal: Drinking Water.

¡We are training hard, we are slogging our guts out, we are super focused and we are 100% motivated!
We have everything we need to reach our goal and we are ready to collect the amount we need to take part in the TrailWalker Euskadi 2017. The only motive is missing is the one we need from you!

Every great thing in life has been made by a fusion of likeminded people with hands and their energy. This project is not an exception, between us we will walk as one so that Oxfam Intermón’s “Water Project” becomes a reality.

Don’t get confused, we are not begging for handouts we are asking for equality, for respect and for basic rights such as access to drinking water… we feel that this is the right way to show the world that there are issues on which we all agree.

You can walk with AffiliRed without breaking out in a sweat!
We did this funny video to boost our charity donation within Spain via mobile texts. However, for those kind souls who wish to join this amazing solidarity project, here’s how to donate:

  1. Click on the links and choose a team!

  1. You will see our company profile, once there, click in the yellow button “DONATE NOW”.
  2. Follow the instructions. It’s easy and completely secure!

We firmly believe that solidarity is contagious.
Help us to keep believing! 😉