Affilired becomes a 360 service online Marketing Agency with the integration of Denomatic

Autor: Affilired

Affilired incorporates Denomatic, a Digital Marketing agency specializing in Programmatic and Paid Advertising Channels.

In recent years, Programmatic Advertising has become increasingly important to the management of campaigns handled by Affilired and throughout all this time Denomatic has positioned itself as a great Programmatic Advertising partner, driving increasingly improved results in all the campaigns they’ve collaborated on. This is why Diego Gomila, CEO and Founder of Affilired, has announced the incorporation of Denomatic.

Affilired is now in a stronger position to meet the demands of an ever-changing market and therefore more competitive.

Denomatic is a marketing agency specialized in programmatic advertising created in 2015, which owns a solid portfolio of 173 clients only in the travel sector. They specialize in the management of advertising campaigns in the main online payment channels such as programmatic advertising, PPC, social networks, email marketing or metasearch.

These services will be now added to Affilired’s portfolio, allowing the company to expand and diversify the levels of services and solutions it offers to current and potential customers; with this merger, Affilired will go from being a Performance Marketing agency specializing only in the travel sector, to become a 360 Online Marketing Services Agency.

This incorporation of Denomatic into Affilired aims to take advantage of the different specializations of each company. Together, the new combined organization will be more successful at helping companies compete in a wider variety of sectors within the competitive online world.

We have incorporated Denomatic to take advantage of synergies, allowing us to become more competitive by offering a greater range of services, both for Affilired customers and for those from any other sector.

Diego Gomila, Affilired CEO.

With the incorporation of Denomatic into the Affilired group we have consolidated ourselves as a 360-travel agency providing a comprehensive and quality service. It is a great opportunity to become an extension of the Marketing department of our clients. We have the tools, the knowledge and the passion to get the most out of any budget.

Adriana Area, Managing Director of Denomatic.