DonCupones: coupons are the final push forward for users with doubts

Autor: Affilired

DonCupones is one of the top coupons websites in the Spanish market. Thanks to its over 800 agreements, DonCupones offers free coupons codes of Great Brands and hospitality establishments (Rakuten, Amazon, Lufthansa o Barceló Hoteles) to help people to save money. A million users are already saving up to 70% off in many different products, going from an Asos dress to a trip to the Caribbean. Juan Carlos Hurtado, Website CEO, answers to all our questions about Performance Marketing.

How did you get into the Performance Marketing business?

It was with DonCupones that we got to know the ins-and-outs of the Performance Marketing business as we work on all remuneration models and we test new tools and products every now and again.

What was your first success in the sector?

Achieving white label agreements with Libertad Digital or Rastreator was a challenge as it enabled us to provide advertisers with an added value. Managing to attain 1000 customers was a stiff challenge and we have achieved this recently.

Is Performance Marketing the same as Affiliate Marketing? Do they follow different trends?

We always work on a Performance basis and this includes affiliates, so we could say that everyone’s a winner because advertisers will only have to pay if they sell.

How important do you think Performance Marketing is for the Travel sector? What advice would you give to an Travel advertiser to boost a campaign?

I believe that the Travel sector is the most suitable for affiliate marketing as it is to work on a performance basis, as the consumer or customer will always research information about the hotel, the cruise or the destination on the internet, so is important to incentivize the affiliates of blogs, coupon sites or comparison sites so that they have as much visibility as possible.

I think it would be a mistake not to work in the Travel sector as it enables us to achieve major visibility in a short space of time through many affiliates. The advice I always give is that US and UK trends have to be followed as they’re a step ahead of us and know which products are working best. I also believe in innovating and trying out new things whenever it does not entail too high a cost.

What would you say to advertisers who think that coupon sites may devalue their brand?

I’ve heard this question many times and I always try to make them see that this is not the case. Coupons’ sites make an important contribution to the user’s final decision to purchase as having or not having coupons may influence us to buy or not to buy. Let’s say we are the final push forward for those who have more doubts. The users set great store by achieving additional savings and only coupons’ sites can offer this.

How can coupons’ sites help an advertiser?

I believe in providing the advertiser with added value in such a way that it does not have to choose its top affiliates by sales’ figures. Here at DonCupones we go a little bit further and we have a total of 3 white-label brands plus additional email marketing actions, press news or videos on YouTube to end up offering our customers a full package.

On English speaking markets purchasing with coupons is totally implemented amongst consumers; how is the trend progressing on the Spanish market?

True, but on English-speaking markets they are many years ahead in terms of e-commerce figures, so as a online shopping in Spain starts growing, we will also see a major increase in the use of coupons by consumers.

What type of coupon works best at DonCupones? What would its basic features be?

The best discount coupon is the one which works by % as we are not limited to a fixed amount and the discount varies in line with the sum of money spent by the user. Including Free delivery as a promotional code is also very highly rated by online users.

What sets DonCupones apart from other discount websites?

Contrary to other discount websites located in Germany or the Netherlands, we can claim to know the local market inside out and we know which brands work best at any time, enabling us to provide the users with what they are looking for at any given time as well as getting to know their tastes to focus our efforts on achieving said discounts.

By contrast with other coupon sites, we are backed up by the publishing media, comparison sites and renowned blogs with which the white label works and this allows us to expand the offer when we launch campaigns so that advertisers can achieve added value.