Artificial Intelligence Applications in Performance marketing.

Autor: Affilired

Broadly speaking, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the simulation of human behaviour by machines.

It is present in virtually every aspect of our daily lives, but what interests us most about AI, is how can we apply it to Performance marketing?

The impact AI has on digital marketing is, above all, the power to process the enormous amount of data collected on a daily basis much faster and more accurately than a human ever could. In addition, the information is perfectly organized and segmented allowing us to take full advantage of the data gathered.


This said, the question for us now is how can we apply Artificial Intelligence to Performance Marketing?

  • Currently, chatbots are the most popular website application. Many companies have integrated chatbots into their websites due to their ability to interact in real time with the user. In many cases chatbots are the first contact between the user and the brand.

    Integrating chatbots into an online business is now synonymous with offering quality customer service 24 hours a day. The chatbot´s response is instantaneous and simultaneous; interacting with multiple users concurrently.

    Although chatbots still have limitations, thanks to deep learning, the more information they process, the more they learn about consumer behaviour, allowing them to predict the consumer´s needs to the point of recommending relevant products to them based on their interests.

    Performance marketing can take great advantage of chatbots, their ability to learn and predict human behaviour allows them to offer or suggest appropriate products or services to the user in a cost-effective manner.

    In the case of an affiliate, for example, when a potential customer visits their website and interacts with the chatbot, depending on the questions posed and the answers received, the bot can decide which affiliate program link to send to the user thus facilitating the user´s search process and creating a strong user engagement.

  • Artificial intelligence plays a big part in programmatic advertising by automating the purchase of advertising audiences, the user is impacted with highly segmented ads, which are applicable to them, thus helping to facilitate the conversion.

    If, for example, the user makes a reservation at a hotel, the deep learning algorithms analyse each step that the user has made along the way and will then offer the user related ads that complement the purchase made, such as car rental from the location where they made the reservation. Moreover, as we have previously said, the more data obtained, the smarter the programmatic advertising becomes over time, thus increasing the optimization and ROI.

In short, AI brings to our industry :

    • The ability to know the tastes, desires and expectations of the consumer.
    • To offer the users what they desire on the most effective channel and at the ideal moment.