Deep Links: Why they are so important to the world of Performance marketing.

Autor: Affilired

Deep links: a great way to improve your conversion rate.

What is a deep link? A deep link is any embedded link that directs the user past the home page to a specific location, service or product on the website.


Especially in Performance Marketing, deep links are a very useful way of increasing the Conversion Rate.
How do they work? To put it simply, Affiliates insert a link into your website, email, banners, social media or any other form of promotion, and this link will take the user directly to the place on the advertiser’s website where they will find the offer, bypassing the home page. Because the user is taken directly to what they are seeking rather than wasting time searching the likelihood of making a conversion is increased.

Using deep links to optimize affiliate campaigns, enhances the user’s experience of your website allowing them easy access to the information or offer they are seeking, therefore, helping to increase conversion rates and even more importantly improving the engagement and loyalty of the user. In addition, deep links provide search engine access to related content, which promotes indexing, therefore, enhancing SEO of the affiliate’s website.

Implementing deep links on a mobile phone requires special attention, even in such a limited screen real estate the user can go from looking at a promotional email to the advertiser’s website, and perhaps to their social networks as well, all in under 10 seconds. This means that whole process once the user clicks on the link must be as efficient, comfortable and as fluid as it would be on a desktop computer. There cannot be any broken links or slow browsing, because this would have a direct effect on both the bounce rate and user experience and therefore the conversion rate. Every click is a step forward towards a goal fulfilled; any failure on the pathway towards the goal could result in a lost opportunity.

Whilst we are on the theme of mobiles, it is worth mentioning that there are 3 different types of deep links for apps: basic, deferred and contextual.

Basic deep links can be inserted in virtually any online channel: web, mail, SMS messages, social media… They work as we have explained above, if the user clicks on the link they are transported directly to the product or promotion on the advertiser’s website, but it works slightly differently when they are redirected to an app they don’t have installed. In this instance they are redirected to the download page and once installed, are transported to the home page rather than to the product directly.


Deferred Deep Links do not require the user to have the corresponding app installed. It is only after the user installs the app and automatically launches it does the deferred link take the user to the product or service without them having to search for it.

Deep contextual links are very much like basic or deferred links, but they are more evolved, they can record information about the user: who they are, from which campaign they were referred from, which affiliate referred them, the promo code they want to apply and so on.
These types of links are complete, they give the user a much more personalized and targeted experience and at the same time allow advertisers to gather information, for example, their advertising campaigns are performing.

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