The program of the month is: Hotels Viva!

Autor: Affilired

Say hello to Spring with our latest POM, Hotels Viva.

Hotels Viva and Resorts is a hotel chain with 20 years of experience of hosting families, sports enthusiasts and anyone who enjoys relaxing surrounded by the fascinating Mallorcan landscape.
The chain has 4 types of hotels depending on the type of experience guests are looking for: family hotels, sports hotels, relax hotels and adults-only hotels.

Why have we choosen Hotels Viva & Resorts Program this month?

  • Get 6% Commission on each validated sale, which comes to a pretty penny when you consider that the average booking is around 2030€.
  • So far in 2019, sales have increased by 200% in comparison with 2018.
  • It is an active merchant throughout the year, the chain usually launches Seasonal Promotional Codes and Offers. With Easter fast approaching don’t forget to check out their Special Offers that you will find in its affiliate program.
  • The chain manages 7 properties targeting 4 types of guests: families, sports lovers, adults only and relaxed travellers.
  • You have the opportunity of promoting a new property Hotel Son Jaumell, a rural hotel that stands out both for its enviable surroundings and its restaurant run by a Michelin Star chef.
  • Their principal markets are Spain, Germany, Holland, U.S.A and the United Kingdom, useful information to keep in mind if your users are mainly from these countries.

What does Hotels Viva & Resorts have to say to the publishers?

When it comes to conducting affiliate marketing campaigns, Affilired is one of the best-established partners for Hotels VIVA. At Hotels Viva we especially value Affilired’s knowledge of their user’s digital behaviour, with their unique emphasis on holiday reservations, we entrust them with our affiliation campaigns in all our main issuing markets. Affilired offers us a wide variety of tools and technology to optimize sales results through our direct channel, allowing us to choose the tools which best suit the needs of the moment, it is the variety and flexibility that makes our relationship with Affilired stronger year after year.

Cati Cardell and Pilar Cladera. E-commerce of Hotels Viva.