Fasten your seat belts as airlines compete for the new surge in business blowing in from the east.

Fasten your seat belts as airlines

There is no doubt that the future looks very good for the aviation industry. Having recovered from one of the biggest crises in aviation history with global lockdown we’ve had fuel prices, labour shortages and global economic uncertainty. But most airlines have rolled with the punches and now they’re back.

With Asia Pacific now re-opening for business it is estimated that around 3.8 billion passengers will take to the air this year, generating $498 billion in revenue. These figures according to the International Air Transport Association. Compare that to 2019 during what many might describe as the last golden age of travel with 4.5 billion passengers taking to the skies (according to ICAO) and you can see why there’s an excitement around the industry. The market is returning – and with a vengeance.