“El Buen Fin” is just around the corner!

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Boost your online sales with our tips.

“El Buen Fin” meaning “the good end” is 4 days of shopping madness during which Mexicans can buy almost anything at huge discounts, delivering deals that they won´t find throughout the rest of the year. Think of it as Mexico´s equivalent of “Black Friday”.

The words OFFER, or SALES appear everywhere during the 17th to the 20th November. It is 4 days of shopping frenzy during which it is estimated that, on average, each Mexican spends 7,000 pesos (500 dollars).

Every year during this period, sales increase between 5% and 10%. Can these sales figures be beaten? Yes, we believe they can! But remember, “El Buen Fin” might help your sales to soar, but it won´t happen as if by magic. You need to find the time now to plan an effective marketing strategy for “El Buen Fin” Campaign.

Tips for El Buen Fin:

  • Differentiate yourself from your competitors:
    If everyone is following the same path, then encourage yourself to seek new one. In marketing terms, this means being creative, not only with the designs and texts that announce your offers and discounts, but also with your strategy.For example, everyone, as well as your company, will be using social media and email marketing but you need to ensure your campaign stands out amongst the rest by, for instance, being coherent. You should always communicate the same message. Likewise, use tools that are not normally used by everyone to generate increased interest, such as Coupons and Promocodes.
  • Don’t leave people feeling indifferent about your promotions and discounts:
    Your customers will have waited for a whole year to make significant savings on their purchases. Don´t offer them the same old discounts or promotions that are available throughout the rest of the year, you will simply be giving away sales to your most direct competitors.If you choose to offer Coupons and Promocodes, then give discounts that really make a difference, anywhere from 30% to 70% is ideal. Don´t forget: you have the advantage, you have at your disposal huge affiliate network databases that allow you to reach a larger number of users than you would just by sticking to your own database to perform email marketing or by just targeting your own RRSS followers.
  • Assertiveness is power:
    This is a unique opportunity to be clear and concise in all your messages and in all forms of media. Avoid confusing the user! Let them know at a glance what your message is about, what is the discount and how long it is valid for.

Time limiting the campaign is another must; it creates a sense of immediacy. If the consumer believes they can leave for it week and still get their purchase at the same price, then they will buy it later.

  • Analyse the situation:
    Strategy without analysis is useless. If you have analysed the data and the results of your previous campaigns, then you will have an in-depth knowledge of your customers profile thus enabling your strategy to be increasingly effective year on year.If you have not done it before, then now is the year to start measuring your ROI. This will let you know what has worked best and will allow you to get to know your public better, so that for next year most of your strategy will be ready to go.